Rangers fans accuse club of making significant error….


The captaincy issue has been a thorny one with Rangers fans over the recent years. Lee McCulloch undeniably overstayed his welcome as the leader on the pitch, and while Lee Wallace was welcomed as his replacement, he too came under fire for his ability in the role.

With Wallace’s future at the club unclear (we’ll leave that for another article, folks) James Tavernier was ‘appointed’ the ‘new’ captain (we say that, he basically showed up one day with the armband on) and now fans are starting to question the slide of performances as coinciding with his promotion.

In truth there are a dozen reasons why Rangers have been so monumentally bad in recent weeks, one of which could be down to the new deals dished out earlier in the spring, but the 27-year old right back, who has been linked with a switch to the English Premier League with Swansea, Everton and Burnley said to be keen, has not won everyone at Ibrox over with his captaincy.

Initially vaunted as absolutely the right choice, and praised to the high heavens, his displays, like everyone else’s, have struggled dreadfully recently, and it is unclear frankly how respected he is at the club by his fellow players.

Certainly liked, we are less sure if he is a player his colleagues look up to and get inspired by, which was most definitely an issue of contention with us when the captaincy was up for discussion.

We advised, in all our hallowed wisdom, Russell Martin as the new choice. Thankfully not everyone listens to us! But Tavernier has hardly covered himself in glory either.

To put it bluntly, there are few squad members who are captain material. All of those who (arguably) qualify are either banned (Wallace and Miller) or not in contention (Alves and Martin).

It is all far too many cooks and essentially no chefs. And there is a real lack of leadership on the pitch – that much is obvious without knowing much about football.

We have lots of players needing to be guided, but no patriarch on the pitch telling them what’s what.

And that lack of figurehead is a real bugbear – how many Rangers players look up to James Tavernier and follow his example?

Is there any coincidence the four most ‘valid’ captains we have are either frozen out, banned or not favoured?

It’s a growing problem, and it’s one of many.


  1. I said it at the ibrox Celtic game. We lack a leader on the pitch. We always thought Wallace was to quiet but obviously not with his suspension. For all hailday isn’t the best we have. He wears his sleeve on his shirt and has no problem giving people a mouth full.
    Docherty is also the same and with the morales spat he to me should be our captain. Age doesn’t matter. But his heart is in the right place and def will let people know if he isn’t happy with them on the pitch

  2. The one player I believe we missed the most this season is Ryan Jack. IMO he was becoming a ranger. You know this to be true by the fact he wad targeted the way he was. His aggression is most desirable in a team full of utter wimps. He was coming into his game. Yes he had flaws but nothing that couldn't be nurtured. He was IMO the most natural captain we had in an underwhelming team. He would gave been my choice as captain. For me a captain must come from central defence or central midfield. Nowhere else.

  3. I Think Tav is Better option than Miller Martin and Alves but not Wallace

    I slso think Docherty would be a magic choice! 👌⚽

  4. Just thought I would correct the penultimate paragraph, which should have read:
    "Is there any coincidence that the four most 'valid' captains are either banned, crap or both?
    Tav is a reasonable choice but would get nowhere near the armband if we had any real leaders – and I don't mean fakers like Miller, Alves and Martin. Doc is a couple of years away and his all round game isn't good enough yet to carry the armband as well. You'd like to think Dorrans would have enough about him given his experience, but he too has been very disappointing.
    Regarding Tavs dip in form – take a look at the rest of them since the 2-3 game. Very strange…..

  5. Pressure has and always will be exerted on everyone at the club when the microscope is magnified in the wake of the team not winning football matches. That’s the be all and end all. Always has always will be.

    Every man and their dug over the past 6 years can rhyme aff coaches, Directors, shareholdetrs, who holds what title to whichever asset or carpark. I couldn’t even name the peados assistant manager or could pick him out in a lineup. Absolute shite all of that. Bullshit. Media hysteria, papish propaganda ….social fucking media….blame whatever ye choose…

    I note again that no c**t was talking about all that shit when we went on our best run just there. Not a cheep.

    Let’s all get away from the circus and back to fitbaw ffs

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