PHOTO: Josh Windass and Scott Allan holiday in Dubai

PHOTO: Josh Windass and Scott Allan holiday in Dubai

Wes Foderingham and Josh Windass have ended the season in a manner which may not entirely thrill either fans or new manager Steven Gerrard, by jetting off to their holidays to Dubai with rival Scott Allan.

While in itself being mates with opponents is nothing new, the flagrant manner of the posts all over their social network accounts certainly is, and it is hardly endearing to watch your team members partying it up with an opponent who borderline assaulted one of their team mates who had just returned from a two-year injury hell.

Allan has a history of friendship with Rangers players, with everyone knowing about the Andy Halliday alliance, but the rather crude manner this content has been posted in is hardly likely to endear either of them to their new manager.

Perhaps both know/think they won’t be part of Rangers’ plans moving forward and that they’ve earned a holiday. Sure, maybe they have.

But highlighting a jovial holiday with a (hated) opponent only two days after he tried to maim your buddy really is quite absurd and shows a real disregard for the supporters.

Keep it quiet, guys. So much for being subtle.

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  1. When they arrive back in arrivals hopefully the 3 of them won't be Rangers players anymore💣😎

    • Well said. If any Manager has a history of a relationship ala Gerarrd and Rodgered that should stop the second they become employees of Rangers.

      If a Player continues to have anything other than contempt for ANY opposition player then it in my view is Gross Misconduct

      Chase them to heck.

      Lets face it guys, not one performance of any player met Rangers standards

      If indeed a player has a Good game at Ibrox it never appears to last from whistle to whistle.

      Let them all go before pre season training and allow those 'Fringe' players Stevie Lets go hasn't had the chance to see be assessed.

      I doubt many will pass his test.

    • Disloyalty to a team mate. I think Windass puts himself before the team. You can see it when he charges at goal, head down and doesn't pass to team mates in better positions. He's like a glory-seeking blinkered pony. He needs to understand what loyalty is. He has none and i'm sick of him. All flash and no cigar.

  2. Windas is as good as sold. So stuff him. And fod must know he’s been found out. How he kept andwick our I will never know. The guy is much better. Prob as good a shit stopper, and def commands him box much better and can actually catch a ball. Yeh his kicking isn’t great but klos couldn’t kick a ball either

    • I agree that Jak Alnwick I'd give him another run, with a COMPLETE new defence and midfield and frontline and subs

      I read someone mention Wallace to come back?

      NO NO NO. Lets Progress not go back to failures

  3. Yeh get them to fuck shows what they 2 think of club fuck right off
    And tell allan go play aeroplanes with popcorn fannies

    Shite like this will no longer be tolerated by the big man at ibrox watp🇬🇧

    Lets go!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  4. For God's sake move on….. Some of my best friends are Selik supporters as a tee the majority of my relatives. So ducking what…. If any, or all of, these players doesn't have a future at our club then it should be about a lack of football ability: nothing more! And we wonder why clubs of EVERY persuasion hate us!

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