Liverpool legend describes Rangers as ‘attractive’…


Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson has joined the proverbial queue of positivity over Steven Gerrard’s proposed move to Rangers by calling the Ibrox side ‘attractive’.

Speaking ahead of the potential appointment, the long-time Match of the Day pundit confirmed that Gerrard really wouldn’t want to manage in the English Championship, implying such a division was below the former England captain, but that Rangers would be attractive and he would believe he could close the gap.

He said:

“It is no good him moving to Under-23s – they are a mish-mash of players, with some who don’t play for the first-team. So then in his own mind, he has got to go somewhere. I don’t see him getting a Premier League job, so do you go to the Championship? I am a massive Preston North End fan and see so many games, and I am thinking if I am Stevie, I don’t go anywhere near the Championship. But Rangers, all of a sudden, I think it is attractive.”

Lawrenson is only saying what dozens of others are, that Gerrard and Rangers fit better than most people realise, and that with the right backing, the former Liverpool legend and Champions League winner could help close the gap.

He went on:

“The big thing is the recruitment. If they can get that sorted, and have a real chance of getting very close to Celtic, I think ultimately that is what he thinks he can do. We know Celtic are the dominant team and their wage bill is far in excess of any of the other teams. But at the very least, I am pretty sure he will have assurances in writing, in terms of his backroom staff, the money he can spend and the wage bill. Graeme Souness wrote the other day that ‘Stevie, you have absolutely no idea what it is like’. Well, he probably hasn’t, but that is not such a bad thing. Can you imagine Rangers players being coached on the training pitch by Steven Gerrard? He walks into the dressing room and he immediately commands total respect.”

Just like Souness himself did all those years ago.

This whole thing could fail. We well know this. But the ingredients for a success are definitely there. Gerrard needs backing, and if he gets that, which he surely will, he has every chance of managing to bridge the gap.

It’s also wrong to argue we shouldn’t expect overnight success. Souness went straight into management from the pitch and managed it, with a budget. Walter took back over in 2007 and managed it with £2M.

As Lennon says, if he’s half as good a manager as he was a player…


  1. I’m concerned that once again the negotiations are dragging on and in the full glare of the press and media which will once more make outr great club look foolish if Gerrard walks away. The other difference with Souness is that we went out as a club and got our man and within hours of it breaking to the press he was unveiled. There is a lack of professionalism and class with the way the current administration conduct their business, with the PR Dept an unmitigated disaster at every turn. Here’s hoping that we get this over the line and before Saturday – but if Stevie G is not revealed as the new Rangers manager by Friday I fear the worst.

    • Dexter.
      Stevie was having a few shandys last nite in Rome after the Liverpool game, negotiations later today and paraded Friday.
      Keep calm my friend!!

  2. As stated in previous article comments. The only folk that think this is a bad move is ex-celtic players/managers. They are shitting it. Yeah they might have more money in the bank than we do. But lets face it they are as good as they're going to get without spending £10m+ on a player. Considering we're only 13 points behind (despite losing 9 points in the OF games) shows how quickly the gap can be closed. Get a few solid free transfers in. Spend a few million on a solid defence and someone creative and we'll be there or there abouts. Remember we were the top scorers in the league with a shambles of a team until sunday. Imagine what we can achieve with a few decent signings and a bit of good management. I'd happily not win an OF game next year if we win the league and get a shot at the champions league again. Once they don't have the champions league cash the wheels will start to come off. Especially with brendans wage eating up a huge chunk of the budget.

  3. I think Lawros actually implying that the Championship is too difficult for a 1st job not that it's a worse standard than SPFL which quite frankly it isn't. Wolves and Fulham are better than Celtic never mind us. Are they better Clubs hell no we are Rangers but anyway..

    My main point is what you touch on is correct with regards to backing. He only succeeds with that otherwise this whole circus is a pointless exercise to sell Season Tickets and satisfy sponsors and the brand. Walter Smith required about 10 million pounds in Season 1 of the 3 in a row (don't know where the 2 million came from). We lost Prso etc. and when you think of Walters recruitment it was 1st class. He knew what he needed and signed: 2.4m Cuellar 2.25 m McCulloch 2m Whittaker 2m Naismith 1m Cousin 1m Beasley and added a lot of decent free transfers to build up the squad and most notably signed Steve Davis on loan before we signed him the year after for 4 million.

    Back then the difference was we were in the Champions League, and although we managed to sell Hutton for 9 million and Cuellar for 8 it also allowed Smith to reinvest each season after in players like Miller, Bougherra and Jelavic to keep the Titles coming.

    What I would say is I am not confident at all we have the finances any where near the 10-20 Gerrard will need for transfers alone in his 1st Season. I genuinely hope I'm wrong. I don't agree with Commons and the pish he said where we need 70 million but Walter built a spine on about 10 million and added to a squad when we already had top players like Mcgregor and Ferguson.. We need a FULL SQUAD.

    The 2nd thing is Mark Allen. When you see the players Walter brought in most of them were a complete success, his choices and served our Club so well. I understand Gerrard will have a bit of pull about the name but at the end of the day you can't polish a shite and hope that bringing in unknowns for 1 million and 2 million like Pena Cardoso and Herrera again will work. Those 3 cost close to 5 million and Herrera currently commands I'm told over 30k a week. I don't trust Mark Allen to get another recruitment drive right.

    I hope I'm wrong on so many levels and maybe Mark Allen has a few rabbits in the hat and we have this so called 25 million investment coming but he needs to prove his worth because last Summer he didn't and when you look at the signings in January of Russell Martin, Cummings and Goss… his eye for a top player is pretty poor. The only asset we signed last year was Morelos and even then it was Johansson that identified him and Caixinha Candeais. I'll give him the benefit of Declan John because that was great business.. I hope his homework is done because he's going to need another 10 of those!

    • Mark Allen didn't buy anyone last summer as he wasn't at the club. All the summer guff was Pedro.

      He only recruited a scouting team six months ago so this will be the first glimpse of how good they are…they better be good!

  4. where is the money coming from foe players?
    2 directors have left & king is looking for investment. To me that sounds like no-one at the moment wants to invest and they are actively looking.
    So as it stands we don't have the money to provide him with a budget for new players

  5. He will also have many offers of support if need be inside and outside the club , mc Allisters experience will be invalubale. I thought i was losing it by suggesting he pulls the boots on until i heard bellamy say the same. now that would be a leader on the park, could imagine the first game against them as gerrard captains the gers, whit a story!top that mhanks?

  6. It seems that Lennon and Brenda are yet again taking it in turns to slag off Rangers in the press . Why don't they confine their comments to their own fucking clubs ?
    And why is nobody at Ibrox saying anything about it ? Rogers can't say anything to the media without bringing Rangers into it , trying to make out he's the voice of reason , but always with a nasty little edge on it . The fucker thinks he's the top dog of Scottish football . Never would have got away with it in Walter or Sounnes' day !

  7. Roll on sat and unvile Stevie g, if Carlsberg done Saturday that would do for me 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧watp

  8. Rangers are "Attractive" because on their day they are better than 3 quarters of the championship! 😂 and also they are a bigger club than most of the championship

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