Lee Wallace and Steven Gerrard…


With today’s news that Lee Wallace’s football career as much as his Rangers career is in hanging in the balance, we cannot help but feel a sense of deep regret and bitterness about how this has all panned out.

While we will never know the truth of what happened in that dressing room, unless of course he or Miller or their ex-manager speak out, nevertheless it seems to us Wallace has been thrown out with the garbage in a truly ruthless manner which speaks volumes of how the club has not managed his situation with any compassion, fairness or loyalty.

Let’s not forget just what Wallace gave up – sure, the stories were that his missus was expecting (he now has two young children) and moving to England in 2012 would have been a lot of hassle at the time.

But it wouldn’t be the first time it had happened and yet he did stay completely loyal to Rangers in the lower divisions and gave up the best years of his career. He sacrificed any chance of being a Scotland international.

Few fans were unhappy when he finally earned the captaincy.

And yet here we are present day and Wallace has been scrapped, and now looks in genuine trouble if reports of yet another procedure are true.

The club simply hasn’t supported him on any level, which makes a mockery of his own support to the club.

We find it hard to believe Lee Wallace did anything beyond speaking his mind to his ex-manager, if he even did that. He doesn’t strike us as the type who really goes throwing his weight around.

And yet, he faces surgery, and ergo the inability to find a new club due to being unable to take/pass a medical.

We may be speaking with our hearts here but he doesn’t deserve this – and yet he’s gone from hero to club pariah.

How did Lee Wallace go from vaunted club captain to banned and ditched?

Of course there’s a further twist in that new manager Steven Gerrard may actually want him – aside Declan John Rangers have no viable option for left back, and Wallace is certainly capable. We are yet to see how he assesses the whole squad, not just Wallace.

But hero to zero? It defies all logic.


  1. 100% agree let’s hope Rangers have a turn of heart I’ve watched this guy give his all through the leagues and he deserves all our support. Club and Fans.

  2. Well said on top of the injury he and Miller have been left on the outside waiting for the inept management and board to come up with the reason why they have been suspended how long does it take to ask the people who were in the dressing what they witnessed by the silence from the board it would appear that there is no case to answer another example of how low the standards at Rangers have sunk under the present boards stewardship

    • Whether they are right or wrong there are HR processes to go through and they can take time. The fact that it is taking so long indicates to me that proper investigations are being made. You are jumping to conclusions with no evidence to go on. And they can't go blabbing the details whilst there is a potential disciplinary issue hanging in the air.

  3. If u give a f**k and shout it loud enough, watch yer back! mabye we learned tae except shite and waste millions doin it. I would have done the same. miller and wallace should have been first picks for they games instead of watching heartless b******s no triyng.souness butcher ect all had these moments of madnesss which is why they were succesful. what have we won?

  4. I would like to agree, but can't until I know what went on.

    To offer support before knowing what happened leaves me, and IN, open to accusations of backing someone who is in the wrong.

    I like Wallace and thank him for staying when the TBs(Traitorous B*st*rds) walked. But I can't give a blank cheque so will reserve judgement.

    Rangers will be here when we are all gone


    • No blank cheque asked for. This whole procrastinated affair should have been sorted out and finished with, next day. Typical of bullshit ego's of Robertson et al. The do fuck alls. Shower of wankers. As dynamic as dogshit.

  5. Sorry he made his bed, He's not suspended for nothing simple as that.
    If U cross the line and abuse the manager UR in deep shit.
    If anybody on here does that to there manager what's the outcome??

  6. Wallace and Miller are clearly subject to a disciplinary procedure for apparently breaching club rules. I’m sure that had this been imposed by Murty alone then as happened with Miller before they would have been reinstated once that manager had been sacked.
    It looks to me like the board or a member of it such as Mark Allen or the Chief Exec, have taken this action. I’m sure the players themselves will know why they’ve been suspended and will be subject to an NDA. This must remain a confidential matter between the suspended players, their representatives and the director(s) involved. It’s nobody else’s business.
    Loyalty is about doing your job, getting paid what you are due and abiding by Company rules.

  7. No class Board has treated Wallace appallingly, and his loyalty to the club should be rewarded through their support when he now needs it most. Also I have to say why does it take rangers so long to deal with these matters. It was the same with the Barton saga. Dragging things out just feeds the tabloids, and impacts on the team for an uneccessary length.

  8. Any player stepping over the line with the Manager of Glasgow Rangers must be shown the door regardless of who the manager is or what the player has achieved. This player has been paid many millions of pounds by the Club for pulling on our jersey. Best job in the world and certainly no hardship. Privileged.

    The “you stayed loyal so we are in your debt” pish doesn’t wash in the real world. If he played for 5 year for nothing that might be different, likewise if he was a real top player and asset…but he’s neither.

    Our club has made him a multi millionaire so no sympathy due. If he was over the line, possibly not for the first time, he should be ejected. Simples.

  9. 100% Agree!
    Wallace has been Treated like Dirt!

    He should be Reinstated to 1st Team
    He should be Kept at the Club

    …And He is one of my Favourite Gers players of the last 10 Years 😀👌⚽

  10. The thing is that any manager of the Gers should be able to handle whatever is thrown at him. He should be in control of the dressing room. All last three managers lost it and lost their jobs. Players and children are not at fault, managers and parents are.

  11. How can u say he's been treated badly when you don't know what he done. Rangers have made him a rich man. And to be honest he really isn't good enough for us going forward.

  12. Wallace stayed loyal to the club because it was the best offer he had at the time .In 2012 he was a step above a fringe player .He was played handsomely to play in the lower leagues against players .on a fraction of what he earned ,time for him to go

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