Key Rangers striker in race for fitness v Aberdeen


Jason Cummings could be set to miss tonight’s trip to Pittodrie with illness, and Rangers are assessing his condition.

The 22-year old Nottingham Forest striker has not enjoyed the best spell of his career at Ibrox so far, with a lack of favour from his ex-manager, but has started the last two matches.

Removed early against Kilmarnock last weekend, Cummings is facing a sweat to be ready and available for the crunch clash in Aberdeen, and is a huge doubt to do so.

Jimmy Nicholl and Jonatan Johansson are set to take their second and second last match in charge of Rangers tonight, and would rather have all their players available for selection, but Cummings may be joining the absentee list which has started to dramatically grow over the past couple of weeks.

Naturally he isn’t suited to the 4-2-3-1 which seems to be getting retained under the caretaker management duo, so in truth unless the formation is altered, it probably isn’t that big a miss.

But nevertheless Rangers want as many options at their disposal as possible and Cummings’ talent is without question.

We will see tonight if he makes it.


  1. Am not sure if SG will keep Cummings he is like the nearly man and we could get better am sure of that,but hey its not up to me i just think that maybe yous see some thing better in him then good.

  2. Heres a team for tonight to fuk the sheep good and proper. 3-0

    Tavi Alves Bates Rossiter
    Goss McCorie
    Candias Docherty Murphy

    Windass & Cummings would totally disappear against them so as U say no great loss there. Dorrans has been total rotten since the day he arrived.
    Don't give no pish he's playing out of position, truth is he's out of his depth just like the other 2 and the 3 of them will neve pass Stevies acid test💣🔚

    A win tonight could have us in Europe come 10pm tomorrow nite, that's all I give a fuk about till June 1st😎

    • Robbie

      Agree with most of it. Also want Docherty in. But think sheep aren't Celtic, so Windass will turn up, so would have him ahead of Goss

  3. slightly different point, wish they would try murphy in cf position as his pace and ability to go by defenders as well as holding it and brnging others into it. has played that role with motherwell. remember lovenkrands scoring 2 against septic after a torrid time out on the left, i would have given young middetn a shot on the left wth candieas right to pull them all over the place. no gonnae happen tho!

    • I agree Scooby I think he'd cause chaos. Thought that at last few games defenders can't touch him in the box…good feet far above the level of SPL defenders challenging him…good spot

    • cheers james, pity the people who are paid coaches can't see it. for all his effort wee morelos frustrates the f*****g life oot me.

  4. I'm a big Cummings fan..I think he could get even better and considering what we would have to pay to get him SG will look at it . We have to win tonight to stuff it right up McInnes another direspectfull arse We should be embarrassed!!!! Think on ya loser !!! also to distance ourselves from Lennons mob..who I think will draw with Hearts

  5. Think we're better off with el buffalo upfront up too a couple months ago he is in my opinion a brilliant young stricker few bad games and most off us want too sell off on the cheap not me he needs confidence back only is too get back too scoring a lot on here say he's not as good as Cummings hes is.are problem isn't scoring its a shocking defence really hope Martin dosent play the worst we've had in a while and that's saying something

  6. I still think Morelos is excellent. Future Columbia international, maybe if he finishes the season off with two hatricks he’ll make the squad. :p

  7. Watch Liverpool that's the system…3-4-3 with high press and lightening quick hard working players…we may have some already in the squad…turns to 4-3-3 at a blink. Takes fast,fit,intelligent and hungry players to do that.

    • That's wit annyos me james, canny change it in a instant. nae hysical presence up top until mc Crorie wins that challenge and scores.they could have taken off holt or goss, put halliday in mc Crories role for the last 10-15 and put ross up to win headers for cummings and morelos to feed off.Also, tav never a RB , would be far better wth a natural RB behind him. candieas would be better no.10 than windass, so many not played to their strenthgs and yet they can't or don't seem to try this out @ murray park. why?

  8. kenny mcLean! proffesional pride or no, he did nae hof get tore intae us. chip on shouder or what?

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