“Jail time” – Eight things we learned about Rangers v Hibs

“Jail time” – Eight things we learned about Rangers v Hibs

After quite possibly the greatest SPL match ever seen, there are no shortage of talking points. Ibrox Noise takes you through eight key things we think we noted after the 10 goal epic in Edinburgh.

1: Rangers players do have character. It’s a disgrace that it took us going 0-3 down to show it, but if there’s been a ballsier display by a Rangers team in recent memory, you’ll need to remind us of it. Hibs tore the side a new one for 21 minutes, then the sleeves rolled up and the chronically missing character we’ve lacked for years finally appeared and (most of) the team fought the way we expect our Rangers teams to fight.

2: Russell Martin is probably the worst defender to ever ply his trade in Govan, and we’ve suffered the likes of Emilson Cribari and Ross Perry in the lower divisions. This guy is disgracefully bad, and it’s even worse that he’s been a first-pick since he signed. How he’s managed to keep getting selected despite repeated mistakes, calamities and evident incompetence is as big a mystery as the absence of Greg Docherty.

3: David Bates won’t be missed. This match exposed his true uselessness – from bombscare penalties to being lost time and time again, he’s a rubbish defender who flirts with mediocrity. Rangers deserve much better than this.

4: Sean Goss lacks bottle. We loved this guy earlier in the season, and while he can spray a pass and has good composure, he is wildly missing when it comes to the midfield needing to get a grip of games. That said, he’s been in and out of the side since the Old Firm at Ibrox so that probably doesn’t help.

5: The decision to ditch Bruno Alves has probably cost us way more than it gained. He’s not the messiah we hoped he was, but he’s the best defender at the club and has been criminally underused while bombscares like Bates and Martin started instead.

6: We have to admire Jason Holt’s contribution today – he’s not good enough for Rangers, but he has always worked hard and always given his all – his goal helped the fightback and while his red card was absolutely idiotic, nevertheless he was a major reason we came out this tussle with a point.

7: Scott Allan has truly burned his Rangers bridges. If he was ever a ‘boyhood Rangers fan’ then he isn’t now – his attack on Jordan Rossiter would be jail time on the street, and he celebrated goals with the gusto of someone who clearly hates us as much as we now hate him. We admire his ability, true, but his character leaves us cold.

8: Jak Alnwick has done more in the past three or four games to convince than Wes has his entire time at Ibrox. The fact that so few fans have a bad word to say about the ex-Port Vale stopper compared with the division over Wes says it all. Alnwick probably isn’t good enough for Rangers, but he’s a tonne better than the number one.

We probably missed a bunch. What ones you guys and gals got?

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  1. Anwick should be back up to McGregor next season hands down, and Martin has still had w Scotland call up since he’s been with us 🤦‍♂️ But we have some good young players which makes the future look great

  2. As much as it pains me to say this, there is no way back for Rangers. Never again will we win the league, and maybe an odd cup win will be the scraps we get in the future. WE were a great football club, but i am honest in saying that was that. Steven Gerrard or anyone else wont change this fact either – Celtic are too strong, far better and have the money to keep ahead of us. At least i admit what is staring us all in the face.

  3. Good to see Rossiter back. Albeit not for 90 minutes but its good to see a central midfielder who prefers to do his job instead of playing hide and seek for 90 minutes like some of the current crop

  4. I dont admire anything about that dirty bstard allan,hes a secondbester, assaulting a player just back from injury,straight red,please dont associate that scum with our club

    Watp lets go!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  5. You left out Windass, personally i hope slippy Steve keeps him and installs the same mentality he has.

  6. Based on today, I think I have to agree in principle with each and every point.
    Not sure Martin is the worst, but no way he is good enough. Alves and Bates would have been better. Alves would coach Bates, who would do Alves' running for him. But Bates' limitations clear today.
    How Goss played ahead of Docherty beggars belief. Even I knoew it would be a battle and while Docherty loves that, we know Goss doesn't. Won't be missed.
    Holt good enough to stay as squad player next season, but should probably move for a game. Appreciate his effort and commitment.
    Scott Allan – nothing to add
    Jack Alnwick, as you say fans are not split. Says it all. Cheerio Wes, let's take the money, buy McBurnie

  7. Goss is terrible and has been since Falkirk game at Ibrox, why he started instead of Docherty I'll never know! Rossiter is the future, everytime I see him play he impresses so much. Top player, top attitude, just class, potential captain if he can stay fit.
    We need a defence! If Tav could defend he would be worth £20 million!

  8. watching a game like that just shows how many starting players need to be replaced. Tav, Rossiter, Murphy, candieas, John maybe morelios. that's it the rest if they get kept nothing better than squad players. going to be tough to get rid of a lot of the others but we all know they are just not good enough.

  9. Can honestly say….this one was one of our greatest comebacks EVER…
    The player who made the huge comeback was…..James Tavenier!!
    He IS the one Rangers player, we should NOT transfer..
    Still,think we need a good right back…i would play Tavenier in the mid-field.
    He has REALLY improved greatly since becoming our captain…
    As for that shitbox for a referee DALLAS.. he should NEVER be allowed to referee again,his decisions that were critical..were ridiculously wrong…

  10. Find it hard to disagree with any of the points, but just to emphasise no 7 how that ,******stayed on the park beggars belief ????

  11. 1. It was a massive effort and fair play the lads dug in and pulled it bk! 👊⚽💙

    2. Can we not Send him Bk Yet? 😣
    Plain and Simple …He is Shite!

    3. Thank God Bates is Leaving …Pure Pish Anyway 😅👏

    4. A Good Wee Player but needs to develop his game more …and we are not the club to do it at …Cya Sean 👌

    5. Hes by no means the quickest and he aint exactly Cannavaro but trying to get past Alves is like trying to get past a Tank 😄👊⚽

    6. Im a Fan of Holty! 😁👌
    I would keep him for Effort Alone

    7. Allan is a fkn overrated A**H*** and it should have been an Automatic Red
    Boy aint a Bluenose! 😬👊⚽

    8. Always Said that Jak is a better keeper than Wes! Think he should be given a chance at no.1 or at the very least be kept at the club to be the number two for Mcgregor or someone

  12. Point 9. Jason Cummings is a junior league player at best.
    His First touch is atrocious for a supposed professional footballer and his decision making under pressure is even worse.

    Point 10. How the hell Martin ever managed to get a game with Rangers boggles the mind.
    No pace, shite distribution, constantly gets caught out of position and the wrong side of his oppisition player.
    To think we let Danny Wilson leave to bring Martin says a lot about the judgement of our scouting department.

    Point 11. To any fan that walked out at 3-0 down yesterday, get away tae fuck, youre no longer needed or wanted, youre just as big of shite bags as the cunts we got hiding oot on the park.

  13. Things we learned –
    1- Alnwick should be back up to McGregor next season with Foderingham being made available. Time and time again Alnwick came out and took the ball in the air. Can’t imagine how many goals we would have lost from cross balls into the box yesterday if Foderingham had been in goal.
    2. Yes the players found some heart and fight to come back from three down but then reverted to type and demonstrated their unprofessionalism by losing a scrappy goal 20secs after going 3-5 ahead.
    3. Tavernier inspired the comeback with his attacking play – he was practically unplayable going forward – but his defensive frailties once again surfaced and cost us the last minute equaliser. Why oh why is this guy a defender and not played further up the park?
    4. For any Rangers team to have lost 14 goals in two games to Celtic and one game to Hibs is a disgrace and let’s not forget it.
    5. Candeias downed tools in the cup semi and hasn’t picked them back up yet. Cheek to tweet after yesterday’s game that it would be better next season. Does he really think he will be anywhere near Gerrard’s team.
    6.IN favourite Jason Cummings is simply not good enough at the top level. Poor touch, decision making, and fails to lead the line.
    7. Things don’t even themselves out over a season. Rangers have been the victims of numerous poor refereeing decisions this season – Allen assault and handball decision being the latest in long line. Club needs to make more noise about this.
    8. Authorities need to throw the book at Lennon. Just days after gesturing to Hearts fans he runs on the pitch during the game towards Rangers fans. Could have sparked a riot on both occasions. Has there ever been a manager with loess class.
    9. Nicholl showed in three games what we lacked with Murty – experience. Board remain culpable for wasted season.

    • No he didn’t because the players are crap! With Murty we would certainly have lost to both Aberdeen and Hibs. My point is that Nicholl did have the experience to change things for the better on the park during the game. There was also a certain gravitas when he spoke. You could sense his frustration at the players and their lack of discipline and bottle.

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