Ibrox battle cry as war begins in the SPL…


 Article by: Robbie

Well yet another interesting week being a Rangers supporter.

Quick one on Martin Skrtel, he bumped his wages up by at least 20k a week. It was pretty conclusive that we weren’t getting held to ransom by a 33 year old. Forward we go>>

Rangers are showing interest in two young boys at the moment one from Arsenal and one from Liverpool. Charlie Gilmore & Ben Woodburn. Early doors, we shall see……

I covered it in my last entry, after fresh charges were set out against the club, my sources only had 3 words for me; “Enough is Enough”

Couldn’t elaborate on that simply because that’s all that came out of Ibrox!

The last few days have certainly shown a different approach by the club:

Dave King has demanded that Gary Hughes be suspended by the SFA pending a full inquiry. Comments allegedly made by the above mentioned whilst the CEO of a publishing company were claiming that we are the ‘great unwashed’. Talk about the kettle calling the teapot black? I’m sure we will revisit this in the coming days.

King is also calling out the whole SFA cartel on whether they knew about the comments Mr Hughes allegedly said about Rangers. He went on to say that any other individuals who knew prior to Mr Hughes’ appointment should be held accountable for their actions, which is a breach of the SFA’s duties & responsibilities to not just our club but every club in Scotland.

Looks like it’s “Let’s Go” on & off the pitch. This could escalate into the realms of all our war between our club and the SFA. The licence for European football could just be the declaration of such!? Mr King love him or hate him you have to admire his actions in the last few days. “King when you’re winning” if you like?!

One thing on a personal note, I would like Mr Robertson to be  replaced on the board with a stronger man who is actually up for the fight and will come out and defend the club and also US!!! Don’t know how you all feel about that but he’s a bit of a woos in my eyes?

Celtic kicked out of the Broomland Road stand.

Again for me more great news, got to give the board credit where it’s due, we all wanted this and there it is, their allocation reduced to 786. One for MOH and the other thirteen for Lee Griffiths’ weans! Gets us up to 800.

Lots of supporters want to go further and give no allocation to any away support? That would truly give us a Blue Sea of Ibrox!!

Others want us NOT to travel to away games altogether; nobody gets the Blue Pound apart from the club?

Another one is that the board themselves refuse all ticket allocation for ALL away games, instead either screen away games on a PPV basis through Rangers TV or screen it at Ibrox with a £5 entry fee; put the money in our pocket instead of others?

Another one is moving the TV cameras to the main stand so as not to screenshot any of the away supporters?

I will be very interested on how we feel on site about the above proposals, in fact if you have any other options I’m all ears gents………

Looks like it’s gum shields in on all fronts!


  1. I think that we should no longer take tickets for away games, for 2 reasons
    -Why feed the need for the Blue Pound when they hate us. It was different when we were coming up the leagues, they wanted our business and appreciated it. No more. I can understand that this is difficult for those fans that want to support the team home and away, but I can see this being the future
    -The fact is that some of the singing at away matches embarrasses our club. I understand the wish to sing traditional songs, but all this is doing is giving our enemies ammunition to attack us with. The same people, presumably, don't sing these songs at Ibrox because they would be identified. So they understand what they are doing. Until or unless these songs become accepted as only songs without bigotry, they will have to go
    Personal opinion only, others may disagree

  2. I would think there are more than one at the SFA a new blue print is needed,i have read so much about players coming and going i have now just giving up on who we will get in and who we push out of our club,the ones we need out we all know who they are ones we want in again we all know them,but we are never going change things we must let what happens happen and enjoy.

  3. Love it! It's about time we came out fighting, we have let everyone walk over the top of us for as long as I can remember. I think it stems from the idea that it's not PC to support Rangers.(especially in Scotland). It's ok to kick, abuse and bully big bad Rangers! "Enough is Enough" indeed! People can say what they want about Dave King but he's just the man you want for a fight. If he can take on the south African government, Fat Ashley and win then corrupt cretins that "run" Scottish football will be a walk in the Ibrox park! Agree with your point on Robertson, he may have good intentions but he makes me cringe everytime I see him. I've said for years we should boycott away games and do the beam back to Ibrox again. Unfortunate that the players wouldn't have the away support but what a financial boost it could be to us. #LetsGo

    • King lost to both Ashley and the South African government, terrible example.

      Only people he's beaten outright in a fight has been the previous board.

    • Lost to Ashley? But beaten the previous board?? Contradiction there? Lost to the south African government? Had he lost to the south African government he was facing about 30 years in jail? He is a free man able to conduct his business in south Africa, he is chairman of Rangers so I don't know how you can say he lost to them! Lord bullshitter more like!

    • Ano who are u Bullshit whatever !!! I will always stand alongside King ..He and the 3 Bears did save the board and the club from those who would seek to destroy us !!!

    • Hey Stevie, the only reason King is not currently doing porridge in a South African prison, is due to the fact that he paid a princely sum to avoid that. About £40 million it cost him, hardly a result by anyone's standards. He also had to pay Ashley £3m to terminate the contract, but now has noone to sell the new kit. Yea spot on, the guy's a genius!!!

    • £40 million to to a multi millionaire or 30 years in a south African jail? Aye I reckon he got a result there considering he's still multi millionaire businessman. £3 million to ashley for cutting their ridiculous deal short by 7 years? £3 million we would have got back as soon as we got the go ahead to buy merchandise? £3 million we will make how many times over every single year as opposed to 10 p for every pound or whatever it was? Nobody to sell it? I will send another message to you when I'm sat with the new kit on! Wake up FFS GENIUS!

    • It's fine Rob. People would rather smash their face off a keyboard than face up to facts.

      I appreciate your support but I shake my head st the brainwashed morons amongst our own.

      Who am I? A well educated and informed individual.

    • With a propensity for self promotion. Perhaps if this site is not to your exacting high standards you should go elsewhere.
      We are all on here because we are Rangers fans so enough with the "morons" talk.

  4. I do enjoy hearing The Bears singing louder than everyone else at the away games. I think we'd only be harming the team if we stopped the fans attending the away games. I'm also fairly certain that the committed away fans would not be happy about it.

  5. Dave King once again shows he is Rangers through and through ..He does it with his brains and his cash . The whole of Scottish Football hate Rangers especially those at the SFA . Funny how the Rotten Mob come out with same statement regarding allocation Season Books etc…Oh and by the way we think it's because of the Double Treble …Give me a break ya shower….The smiley faces will disappear soon BRINGITON WATP

  6. Agree 100% with everything above especially with ScotsWhaHae,and what about that piece of trash neil Cameron from the evening times/herald and gary Ralston from the daily rebel according to them we have now ruined the old firm atmosphere at Ibrox and for what for giving our own support tickets,nothing about the atmosphere being ruined at scum city where we are squeezed into a corner, lets go.

  7. I am a Celtic fan so do not expect anything but abuse about this comment, from both sides of the fence!

    Having opposition fans at the games is what makes the match and the atmosphere.

    I have been at Ibrox and Parkhead leaving sick to the bottom of my stomach at loosing, seeing the fans celebrate just twists the knife in the wound!!! But this is part of being a fan. It makes the winning times sweeter. Everything goes on a cycle. The loss of opposition fans will make it less of a TV spectacle as well.

    Cut the bigotry – can't speak for Ibrox but I know it is night and day at Parkhead compared to the late 80s when I was a regular. Still progress has to be made as you still hear the outdated chants now and then. The noise and passion can still be kept without reference to the past (both sides).

    I feel the game is being ruined at the highest level with more and more money going to fewer clubs. Champions of individual leagues should not have to go through qualifiers for the group stages. If you want to expand it fine, make all the teams who come 2nd and lower in the respective national competitions go through qualifying. Try and spread the money rather than focus on the few super clubs.

    Whilst I am delighted (and will always cheer the hoops on) at Celtic's success I do worry about the overall state of our game. I am encouraged with what I see at Aberdeen and Hearts, team improving overall and investment in the stadium and infrastructure.

    I remember the days when Aberdeen and Dundee United were challenging for the title, I enjoyed the football just as much then as now. Neither Rangers or Celtic have any rights to claim "what is rightfully theirs" – cups and leagues have to be earnt.

    I followed my team through the days after being sold for a "£1" – I remember following the hoops when Tommy Burns was the manager – some of the best and exciting football but won nothing!! Because or defence was rubbish and drew too many games.

    The difference between Celtic and Rangers (ignoring the debate about old club/new club!!) is that the Management at the board level of Rangers has been diabolical and who pays? The fan base of Rangers. Start getting that right and then improvements will flow downwards onto the pitch.

    To summarise – keep opposition fans at games and I hope that all teams can improve the level of football and challenge for cups and titles. But always cheering on your own team.

    I hope people find this a balanced discussion.

    • Tim….It is a result of the shoddy treatment at Parkhead and disrespect shown by your lot that hastened this decision …its the same allocation we give to all …Deal with it

    • PT, we have many fair fans, as do your side. I suspect we can agree to disagree about who has worse fans 🙂

      On attendance, we both have to deprive season ticket holders to accommodate opposition fans, yet home fans buy more bovril and jerseys. Yes, it may diminish the atmosphere, which is strong and nasty. So be it.

      I agree that Scottish football was a stronger proposition in the 80s, but we cannot go backwards. Only the Old Firm have any limited financial strength, that will not change. So all clubs must spend more on developing youth. Other countries do it. We buy from them. Why not do it ourselves? Make all SPL clubs play minimum of 50% Scottish players, including the bench. Make all other leagues play 60%, 70% and 80%, in order. If they already do, increase slightly and slowly. That way all clubs understand they have to grow local and buy local. When other countries come in for our players, make them pay. Right now, teams sell to England cheaper than they would to Rangers, ask Hearts and Aberdeen. Can't speak for Celtic, don't follow them.

      As to your point about our board(s), I agree. But not now. I am happy with the progress over the last few years. They have made mistakes, yes. But I can't blame them for that because I am not perfect. But they are trying, they spent a lot of money last summer – poorly but they backed their manager.


    • BillB – think you are missing my point – I believe we are all losers with this, nothing to do with point scoring.

      ScotsWhaHae, appreciate your points. Not sure i completely agree about your board going forward from what I read, even trying to strip out the nonsense you read out there. Actually hope I am wrong as seeing Rangers going downward again does no one any good, four or five teams challenging for the title would be good for the game. Good luck to Gerrard, meant sincerely.

  8. Proddytim,
    Rangers are keeping opposition fans at Ibrox albeit on reduced number. Why? To accommodate ST holders who twice a season gave up their seat to opposition CFC fans who had a better deal than Rangers fans squeezed into a corner out of sight….. deliberately and out of sight. CFC react with a churlish statement and hopefully considered fan safety when making their decision.

    • To my mind both clubs are being churlish – both sets of fans are losers in my opinion. As Jock Stein said, and I paraphrase, football is nothing without supporters and I take that as both sets. Both teams will now have fewer supporters at these "away" games, the atmosphere will be the loser and the opportunity to go to one of these games as an away supporter will virtually disappear. I have visited Inbox on a (very) few occasions with mixed results! The one constant at both grounds was the atmosphere. And I can assure you the Rangers fans were not out of sight or unheard at Parkway. Not interested in tit for tat moves just the interests of the game on a greater scale which both clubs miss on this instance to my mind.

  9. Its just good to see the Rangers being back in charge of the Rangers!🇬🇧
    We have the power now we will tell them spl cunts what to do now!,
    Years of taking and accepting the shite,well no more enough is enough!
    We're the fuckin boss now,they will answer to us and do as we demand,WATP🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    Its a full house all in Blue🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🍾🍾🍾🍻🍻🍻

    LETS GO!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  10. This has been caused by popcorn lennon taking the piss with seat allocation for the 5 each game,we didnt forget this and we said we would take action,we are now in postion to do so,so we have,

    LETS GO!🇬🇧

  11. Appears another side show to me!,, We have signed 2 average players in Arfield and McGregor, and a glut of the utter dross still at Rangers,
    Our team is still garbage, and that should be our priority!
    As for the fans debate, I wonder what Sky and BT Sports have to say about it?!
    I will wait and see when Gerrard and staff start next week, until then, our team remains utter mince and need to get rid of the dross, and start signing players that will win us the league!!!

    • Give them a chance. Gerrard doesn't start till next week. And I don't consider Arfield and McGregor average. Both have held down places in the EPL and have international experience. I don't think either represents a gamble. It's not like we've spent lots of money on them.
      Sure I'd like to see even better players come in but you have to be realistic about what we can afford.
      Agree we have a lot of dead wood but it will take time to move them on unfortunately.

    • GJ,
      Arfield and McGregor are average? I agree, Messi and Ronaldo would have been better, but that is Playstation. In the real world, perhaps you could identify better players that we could have signed? You could have made an arguement for the Hearts keeper, for instance, but I am happy with McGregor who knows what it takes to play at Ibrox.
      As Robrob says, we have a lot of dross to get rid of and we can't keep doing this every summer. It will take 3 or even 5 windows to totally fix things. All we can do is try to get it right each time

  12. I have said it 100 times before and just stated it on another thread today in IN (before I read this article)…

    We the fans hold MUCH more power than the board on this subject… We , the fans can cause more damage, quicker and easier than the board can AND do it without the board being an easy target for the almost certain fall out from the usual suspects if we did it…….

    STOP BUYING TICKETS FOR AWAY GAMES !!!! Simple as that!!!!

    Those clubs who were quick to send us to the bottom tier and said they didnt need or want our money…. The fans of certain clubs who were prepared to see their own club go down the toilet if there chairmen STOPPED our club being demoted etc etc…. GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANTED!!!! Let us see them survive without our "Blue Pound", or at the very least, let them have to cut their budgets accordingly due to the lack of the "Blue Pound".

    If we did that you would see a radical change in things. I guarantee you. One season of that should be about enough.

    Would that bring bad publicity and the usual Anti Rangers stories in the press etc, Yes undoubtedly. But if it is, we, the fans who take the step, it reduces what sticks to the club. Anyone in P.R. could easily deflect AND defend the fans at the same time… easy sound bites….

    "We cannot force our fans to spend there money on away tickets"
    "We believe the fans feel that they are merely acquiescing to what other clubs said they wanted. Rightly or wrongly, that is THEIR right to exercise that decision"
    Any P.R. employee with a modicum of knowledge could bat any such drivel back. If the board took the step to not take away ticket allocation (aside from the point that there may be rules in existence (I dont know) that clubs have to take a certain number) it is far harder to avoid the s**t storm that would be directed at the club.

    As a lifelong bear, who used to follow follow home and away, I just cannot get my head round putting our money into our enemies pockets. Hell they dont even try and hide it anymore. Some of the money I used to spend on away tickets I now spend on Rangers….. Rangers TV, more merchandise etc… I actually spend less, BUT Rangers actually get more benefit.

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