“I want Brendan to stay”


 Article by: Richard

The cock-a-hoops Celtic fans (see what I did there), will be desperate to try and hold onto their record-breaking manager Brendan Rodgers for several more years, and so am I!

When Rangers were eliminated from the SPL in 2012, it soon became bhoys against boys (I’ve done it again), to continue winning the most uncompetitive league in the world.

Celtic don’t even need the help of our abysmal referees to assist them, but Rangers could certainly do without their continuous hindrance. Shocking penalty and red card decisions were piling up against us over the whole season. All we ask for is honesty, so it must stop.

Brendan, or whoever took over managing Celtic, would have been able to work wonders against, “Non-competitive opposition”, especially with the financially impoverished Ibrox club finding it hard to attract a top class manager, to make them competitive again.

Celtic’s notorious fans, who hate everything Rangers, are now convinced that Brendan will remain in charge for many successful doubles or treble years to come. If he does that, he will have absolutely no ambition left.

Since Rodgers took over the reins at moneybags Celtic when the light blues were down and almost out, any team finishing 2nd were miles behind the east enders. To the Proclaimers, they were 500 miles behind the Parkhead club!

We had to endure the incompetence of Ally McCoist, Mark Warburton, imposter Pedro Caixinha and interterm manager Graeme Murty. In fairness to them, I am sure they did their very best, but ultimately each succumbed to failure.

Rodgers has had an easy ride since he arrived – not a single side in Scotland has been close – meanwhile his feeble management has been exposed in Europe on embarrassing levels – far too good for Scotland, a shambles on the continent.

But now, at long last, it looks like the light blues will resemble a good footballing side full of players who know how to win games consistently. Especially if Gerrard can pull off most of his identified signing targets and improve the rest of the Rangers squad still at the club.

All the bluenoses will enjoy hearing Brendan’s lame excuses if he has to deal with Stevie’s new Rangers side, displaying real opposition and closing the gap this season!

Stevie Ger might just have broken the limbo state of Scottish football, and we can’t wait to see our Rangers go toe to toe with Celtic at long last.


  1. So very true a guys…The whole conspiracy to down us has allowed this bland inevitability that is Scottish Football…I even found the Livingston Thistle thing more exiting……just !!!!! Steven Gerrard will definitely change everything and with the correct support from the board both in support/steel and financially we will change it all …and quickly…I note McGinn's imminent move to the Rotten Mob it was obvious…I doubt they will be able to thwart our transfer moves as they did with Allan…but I'm sure they will try …Twats BRINGITON WATP

  2. "But now, at long last, it looks like the light blues will resemble a good footballing side". On what basis do you make that comment? I remember creaming my knickers when Dorrans and Alves signed, plus Rossiter. Look how they turned out.

    I sincerely hope I'm proved wrong in my pessimism, but I've been heavily optimistic only to be heavily let down for the past 5 years, as have we all.

    • If you were really creaming your knickers, you probably don't know as much about football and Rangers as I do.

      I simply cannot see a world class midfielder managing a team that will play poor to watch football.

      I never said we would win the title but resembling a good footballing side is the least we should expect from Stevie G.

    • Nae bother bud (or fud would probably be more apt).

      You trying to tell me you weren't excited that a proven Premier league player centre mid, a highly rated Liverpool youngster and also the Portugal captain were inbound to replace the likes of Halliday and Kiernan then I apologise for not knowing as much about football as you claim to know. I will think twice about posting my opinion now that I know I'm in your company.

  3. Watch how quick the unwashed turn on Brenda as soon as were perched at the top of the league, I doubt U will get UR wish when we win the league hopefully next season. They think 10iar is a gimmy, can't wait for it all to fall apart just like their stadium.

    Our supporters are nuts moaning about the lack of signings, Goldson is close so that would be 4 before Stevie has even walked in the door FFS!!
    Deary Deary Me*

    3 Sleeps 》》》》》 Let's Go

    • Well I'll sleep better tonight knowing that Goldson is close to signing for us. Never fucking heard of him!

  4. Yass!! BUUZZIN!!! 😃😃😃⚽💙👌

    #SteviesGonnaTakeYee 😂👊👌⚽

  5. I've said this before this is brendas last season,out of europe,then humpted by us🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    WATP LETS GO!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    Not long now to the big man arrives🥁🥁🥁 drumroll🏆

  6. For me,i would like nothing better than BR gone that would make Selltic weaker for sure,if we like it or not he is a top manager and could get a better job down south if he wanted to so go get that job BR,but if you read the paper stories of signings he is going for older players now he could be trying to shut the door, so SG we need to beat BR i hope you know how to do this.

  7. Gerrard’s job would ultimately be easier if Rodgers took a job back down South. Hands up he is a good manager and if you don’t see that Richard then you don’t know as much about football as you think! The irony is that the more titles/trebles Rodgers accumulates here without a strong Rangers challenging then the more his stock nosedives in England – so at some point he will have to walk. The interesting thing is I think taking on Rodgers was part of the attraction for Gerrard.Rodgers effectively ended Gerrard’s time at Liverpool and Gerrard is very scathing of Rodgers in his book. So I think Gerrard will be desperate to topple Rodgers but he will need help (cash) from the Ibrox board and the one thing all the failed managers you list (with the exception of McCoist) has in common Richard is that they have been appointed by the current Board. This time they have to provide the backing or be more open to bringing in those who will – Gerrard and the fans expect!

  8. Lets face it. The longer BR stays the worse they will get. Don't get me wrong thw guys a decent coach. But he can spot or sign decent players. His successful season at liverpool was with Dalglish's team when the finally gelled minus andy carrol. Is most successful season so far was with celtic with Ronnies team & possibly his signings in sinclair and dembele. 2nd season only demeble was getting a regular start. All his signings were on the bench, sinclair included. I expect a few more duds this year. We'll be closer than we think once stevie sorts the defence and gets a bit of grit in midfield. We were the highest scorers in the league with a fairly young attack. We're only going to get better. Not long till were simply the best.

  9. Who else thinks these REFS should declare their religious denomination, as well as the usual declarations? I believe most, in the Scottish game, are anti-Rangers and this declaration, would lessen their bias on the park.

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