How Steven Gerrard has only one player to call on…


If Mark Allen’s testimony today is entirely accurate, and there is no reason for us to suspect otherwise, Steven Gerrard is on the verge of a clearout and overhaul which compares only to what Souness did in ’86 and Advocaat did in ’99.

In short, the only player we know is (probably) in Steven Gerrard’s plans is new signing Scott Arfield.

Beyond this, all bets are off. Every single one of them.

With a bunch of loans expiring for a start, Norwich’s Russell Martin, Forest’s Jason Cummings, Brighton’s Jamie Murphy, and QPR’s Sean Goss are all headed back to their parent clubs, with the prognosis for a permanent deal being uncertain for two and effectively zero in Goss and Martin’s cases.

David Bates is now a Hamburg player, more or less, and no one else under contract is anything like a sure-fire first team starter under Gerrard, making it as clinical a clean slate as it gets.

While it is true Rangers fans feel like we’ve been through this every summer since  2012 (outwith the embargo), something feels substantially different this time. This is Steven Gerrard with a genuine remit to completely scrap the underperforming squad he has and compile something truly capable of competing with Celtic.

Warburton thought he was nailing it with Kranjcar and Barton. Very wrong. Pedro thought he was nailing it with Cardoso and Herrera. Wrong again.

This summer once again sees someone rip up the old regime and start again – and for the first time we look like we might actually get a serious shout. For the first signing to be an EPL regular who his ex-club’s fans are sorry to see go (unlike Dorrans – big red flag there) shows the statement of intent.

Gerrard is looking at a high-quality British core, with a select choosing of marquee imports. We don’t care what nationality players are, but there is no doubt signing half of Mexico and Portugal or the English lower leagues isn’t the direction to go in.

And Gerrard’s reputation will secure better players than we have suffered of late.

There is no one player we owe loyalty to (apart from, in one or two’s opinion at Ibrox Noise, Lee Wallace). We at the site do like Rossiter, Docherty, et al – but we don’t owe them a thing. Our club is the priority and as long as we have a Rangers fit to challenge at the top of the SPL, that is all that matters.

Whoever wears the shirt.


  1. Were in this mess cause of McCoist. We had the chance to build from the youth up in 2012 and didn’t. Sadly we’re still the same Stupid club signing other clubs youngertsers and then trying to sign our own youngester back after releasing them. Bayern made the change about 15 years ago. And now they have a core of German players. It’s time we did something similar and stop wasting money on an entire team every summer. If we can get a core of good players from the top league around the world and mix it with our youth players then we will get better now and on the future.

  2. Ally was damned if he did & damned if he didn't…he had to guarantee promotion each yea& couldn't do that with a bunch of kids…can't blame him for all our ills…I personally blame SDM…

  3. I think the difference this close season will make to Rangers will set us on track for the next 3 years at least. I think Mark Allen Andy Scoulding both who have known Gerrard for a considerable time will get the signings right first time and will have a clear plan on the next Transfer Window too I'm confident they will see what the opposition is and the demands

  4. I think if you look at the January signings, you will see Mark Allen's influence. Docherty and 4 loans. If they work, we can have them eg Murphy and Cummings. Other two were short term to fix a problem area. Martin didn't work, but minimal cost. If he had worked, we could have worked out a signing over the summer. Goss, not so sure but probably. Doesn't matter because we want neither.
    I trust them to find decent players, major struggles may be losing men from the squad. Need to make it clear they won't be playing and let them find their own clubs, anywhere. Barjonas and Burt from youth, Rossiter, McCrorie, Arfield, Jack, Docherty. More than enough without Holt, Halliday, Windass and Dorrans. I accept latter two could be seen as second strikers. Doesn't include Murphy, Middleton, Candeias and Atakayi on wings. That's a lot of players for 4, max 5 slots.
    Time for at least a few to move on

  5. Foderingham – Sell
    Tav – Sell
    D.John – Keep
    Cardoso – Undecided
    Wallace – Keep
    Jack – Undecided
    Dorrans – Sell
    Windass – Sell
    Dodoo – Sell
    Herrera – Sell
    Halliday – Keep
    Hodson – Sell
    Rossiter – Keep
    Morelos – Sell
    Candeias – Keep
    Alves – Keep
    Holt – Keep
    Alnwick – Keep
    O'Halloran – Sell

    Kids —
    Hardie, Kelly, Wilson, Barjonas, Beerman, McCrorie Bro's, Burt, Atakayi – All Keep

    Docherty – Keep
    Arfield – New Signing …Keep
    Forrester – Sell
    Thompson – Keep
    Pena – Sell

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