Has landscape at Ibrox dramatically changed for two big-name stars?


If one thing has been rather forgotten in the chaos over the weekend’s Old Firm result, it has been the fallout and chaos in the chaos over the fortnight earlier’s weekend Old Firm result, whereby Kenny Miller and Lee Wallace were suspended for unknown reasons.

Officially, no explanation was ever cited, nor will it – but unofficially it ranges from a dressing room disagreement to an out and out fist fight with now-departed manager Graeme Murty.

Whatever the truth is, Rangers now have two senior players to consider the futures of.

Quite honestly, whatever you think of Kenny Miller and Lee Wallace, they really do have Rangers’ best interests at heart.

Some claim, such as Ibrox Noise’s own Robbie, that Miller threw a strop because he didn’t start aforementioned defeat at Hampden. The problem with that argument is he had no issue with not starting the one at Ibrox either.

He, and Lee Wallace, are both one of us. They are bluenoses through and through and with Murty’s departure, their willingness to stand up and protest, like Barry Ferguson all those years ago, has frankly been vindicated.

Murty did not have a clue, and we don’t necessarily blame him for that, but the players can’t exactly storm into the boardroom and whine the tactics are wrong.

The future is curious for both players. Miller had been linked with Motherwell, Hibs, Aberdeen and Kilmarnock, but we all know he would love to stay at Ibrox – would Steven Gerrard appreciate having Miller within backroom staff?

Miller has admitted he wants to play on, but his legs hardly allow it. If he does leave, quite honestly yours truly won’t be as bitter about him as some are being.

As for Wallace – with Rangers having only one (is John actually fit yet?) left back right now, three if you include Hodson and Halliday, his experience could be frankly critical in an ailing defence over the final three matches. If Jimmy Nicholl and JJ restore him (and/or Miller) to the first team squad for Saturday, that will be telling.

We have no crystal ball, but Murty’s departure vindicates a little bit of Miller and Wallace’s intentions – to speak up for the club. Murty wasn’t listening, and made it even worse at Parkhead.

We don’t condone insurrection, but we do appreciate those with our best interests at heart standing up for us.


  1. Gona say it for maybe the 4th time today… but didn’t I say this before 😂 Wallace should be back ASAP and backed when he gives the rest of the team some home truths

  2. Not sure Miller falls into the "one of us" category to be honest. He's been a good servant for the club, particularly in recent years but past actions aren't forgotten easily!

  3. I don't know what happened, so can't give an opinion on who was right, who was wrong and what should be allowed or punished.

    Amazed if anyone else does

  4. 1. Miller can Fk off bk to Canada or whoever will take him …The Sheep? 😂

    2. Wallace Must Stay!
    Literally Give Him a Lifetime Contract

    He is our true captain!
    He stayed when no one else would!
    He is A Sturdy Solid LB and could probably do a job at CB


    • Not sure Wallace is a good captain, but as you say, he stayed. I would like to try him at CB to see if he can do a job. We need 3 or 4, he could be one. But John is the better LB

  5. This story has been brushed under the carpet by the media. I'm glad you brought it up. I would start both players against Kilmarnock and give wallace the armband. My team Alnwick, Tavernier, Cardoso, Wilson, Wallace in defence. Two holding midfielders Holt and McCrorie. Miller playing in front of them. Candias and Murphy on the wings. Morelos up front. Windas and Dorrans bench.

  6. I would like to see Miller back as player coach his experience is second to none in Scottish football and lee Wallace should instantly come back as captain most loyal player at Ibrox at moment we have all been in shifty jobs where we would blow our tops when things go tits up is that a crime they are justified I doing so after what we all watched

  7. thing is,they were suspended, not for speaking their mind, not for using foul and abusive language, it was worse, how do I know this, well it is similar to anyone who believes everything that a certain Mr K says is true, you are well and truly wide of the mark. PS would it surprise you to know one of the directors who has just left the club will tell you all you want to know if you ask pps holiday will soon be on the plane, wonder who will get my seat at Ibrox, suspect there will be a few empty if Mr K sticks around

    • If we can fill Ibrox against Elgin City I'm pretty dam sure we can fill it every single week in the SPL!??
      Enjoy the Holiday and don't forget the Factor 8, U will probably need it after reading this!?🤣

  8. Miller scored against us at the piggery and run in ecstasy towards the bears. Also disruptive and finished. He’s a rat.

    Wallace is/was club captain and has allowed things get out of hand on more than one occasion. This time he’s an offender. Not befitting our club captain and his conduct it can’t be tolerated. He’s not that much of a player and was piss poor before his injury. Declan John came in and improved the position for all to see. Jog on.

  9. Dont think Miller will play any part of SGs team aslike many others hopefully clearout and new players with balls brought in from down south🇬🇧

  10. The landscape certainly has changed.
    They have dug a hole they can't get out of☠

  11. It seems quite shady that we don't know the truth of that incident, even yet. This board is riddled with secrecy and I don't like it at all.

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