Gerrard’s changes; two out, one in and one given a new chance?


Another day, another bunch of eventful developments in Steven Gerrard’s much needed Rangers overhaul.

Let’s break it down as simply as possible and sum up just what’s gone on today to try to make sense of a lot of personnel progress.

Firstly, Turkish giants Besiktaas are reportedly trying to get Alfredo Morelos on the cheap. With a 2M Euros figure banding around, it would ironically still be around £.12M profit on the £800K signing from HJK, but given the hysteria over January’s alleged Rehne £11M bid, while this board do seem to be doing some good things at the moment, that one would look like a huge £9M failure.

Hopefully they hold out for at least £5M. Incidentally, it would be extremely poor of Morelos to go to Turkey seeing as his ambition was the EPL. That’s what he demanded, and if he now goes off chasing the £££’s in Turkey’s rich top flight, it would be extremely disappointing.

Meanwhile some Portuguese paper is claiming Vitoria SC (not to be confused with Fabio Cardoso’s old stomping ground) are making moves on Bruno Alves. If the Portuguese clinch him, it literally leaves Rangers, right now, with only Cardoso as a defender. In all fairness for the right price Alves can go – he’s been disappointing.

Over to other unfavoured squad members and the wire claims Stevie G is interested in making a man out of Joe Dodoo. Frankly we welcome this – this lad, like Jason Cummings, was grossly mismanaged, and sorry, but you don’t nail a hatrick in the EFL League Cup for Leicester if you can’t play.

He’s shown, on the rare occasions he’s been set out as a striker, what he can do for this club – he has good positional sense, he’s physically strong, he’s quick, he reads the game well and he’s a clinical finisher. Just needs better coached, or, well, coached, period.

If Steven Gerrard thinks he’s worth a punt, who the heck are we to disagree.

Meanwhile on incoming, SG appears to have taken interest in Everton youth star Alex Denny, with the 18-year old struggling to agree terms at Goodison. While his first choice is said to remain on Merseyside, the lure of Stevie and a huge club the size of Rangers could force the lad’s hand, and it would be another minimal outlay with good old cross-border rules cropping up again.

More as we get it folks.


    • What Colour were the Drugs you took? 😂

      I Agree to punting Morelos
      £5-6mill Minimum!

      …But I dont agree with Signing Moult and Maine…fckin Shite! 😂

      Moult and Maine wouldnt get us closer to "Them"

    • blues!haha, bit ye wid need tae be oan somethin tae think we'll be signing real quality unless the inheritense is spent. im tellin ye mate these two wid cause any team problems, as ye said it's only an opinon. anyway SG will determine what happens wae any challenge.

  1. 1. If we are to Sell Morelos,
    (And I Hope we do) we should get at Least £5-6mill for him …and even tho his head has gone from Ibrox, id be disappointed to see him go.

    2. I wanted Alves to Succeed!
    …We All Did… 🤔
    For the right price, Let Him Go
    (We should have Kept D.Wilson 👐)

    3. We should SELL Joe Dodoo!
    …Why can SG not See That 😣🤔???

    4. Hope we Get This Lad Signed! …And Maybe 2-3 other Young Boys from Down South 🤔⚽👌

    And My Final Point 😀👍

    LETS GO! …Get John Terry!!


  2. The same colour you've been taking Stevo!!
    Moult 7 games & 1 goal for Preston.
    Like Cummings failure in the Championship.
    Drugs are Bad just say NO!!

    • No been taking any drugs mate 😂
      Moult is Shit
      Cummings is not 👌⚽

      (Just my Opinion)
      Chillax we are all bluenoses here 😁🔴⚪⭕

  3. If this doesn't get your hairs standing nothing will!!

    A message from the Gaffer,

    TOMORROW, June 1, is the day I have been waiting for and I am absolutely desperate to get started officially in my role as the manager of Rangers Football Club. Just saying that excites and motivates me so much.

    Although the players won’t report back from their breaks until later this month I am looking forward to meeting them and also welcoming some new faces to this fantastic club.

    Along with Mark (Allen) and my backroom team we have already been working on our plans and strategy for the new season. We know what we want to achieve and we also know what will be required to meet the challenges ahead, but we will be ready.

    Indeed, over the next week or so, I will be engaged in work and activities outwith Auchenhowie which I hope will be to the benefit of the club. We will also be putting the final pieces in place for our pre-season training camp in Spain.

    Having already taken the opportunity to assess our Auchenhowie base and also facilities at Ibrox, we are focusing now on being ready for our first real challenge, a Europa League qualifying tie in early July.

    We need to give the players every chance to perform at their best as often as possible because that is what fans demand, and rightly so. I must say that I have already had such a warm welcome from supporters across the world and this has served to confirm my belief that it’s the fans who make this football club great.

    Everything we do will be for them. It’s time now…lets go.

    Steven Gerrard
    31 May, 2018

  4. Yes we need a striker good one at that but top priority is a centre back who will command the 18 yard box like ammo did maybe even two centre backs

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