Gerrard confirms talks with Rangers – gives date for possible conclusion


Steven Gerrard has tonight confirmed talks with Rangers, that there’s ‘truth in the rumours’ and that he is busy over the next two days but will continue discussions on Thurday.

Speaking on BT Sport for Champions League duties, the 37-year old verified how interested he is in the job, but poured cold water over claims in the press tonight that the deal has been concluded.

The Liverpool legend has been in discussions which he says are ‘progressing well’ with the Ibrox hierarchy and if all is pure and holy we could, as we reported on the site yesterday, have a conclusion by the end of this week.

Gerrard was clearly not put off by the Old Firm disaster nor the melee surrounding the job, and indeed seems even more keen to become Rangers manager and get one over on Celtic and their manager, Brendan Rodgers.

Keep them peeled here, folks.


  1. So far today both rae and Lampard have both came out and said it’s a good move for both.. though in English publications. I’m getting slightly excited that if he understands the tactic side of things … I think he will have the man management that we have lacked in recent years

  2. Under 20s Coach didn't work, I know,, lets get an under 18s Coach in,, and if that doesn't work, we will get the under 15s and so on and so on until a 3 year old runs our team,,,, ffs,, an absolute farce with no ending!!!!

  3. Gerrard is a massive gamble. God help him if he loses two or three of his first few games.

  4. I am desperately hoping The Gerrard Move Works Out because if it doesnt We will be even further behind 'them' and i also think if we get it wrong again we wont ever catch them! 😣⚽💙

  5. I am not convinced about Gerrard being a good move, but there is a question I would love to know the truth about….

    Everyone is going on about is inexperience…. That is a concern, BUT I wonder if, and if he is, who is mentoring him. It would appear to be Gary Mc is going to be his assistant, but is there and will there be someone in the background mentoring Gerrard.

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