Forest boss takes barely-concealed jab at Rangers


Nottingham Forest boss Aitor Karanka has taken a thiny-veiled swipe at both Jason Cummings and Rangers (not to mention the ex-boss) by attacking his striker’s loan spell in Govan.

The 23-year old suffered a frustrating time at Ibrox by being ignored and mismanaged, but played mostly well when featuring, but this hasn’t stopped his parent club’s manager taking a jab at the club and his player with a frankly cheap shot:

“If they were unable to play at Bolton or at Rangers, imagine how difficult it is going to be for them to play here.”

Where do we even start with this?

First off it’s evident just why Cummings doesn’t want to be at Forest any more, with a manager who shows such utter disrespect for the clubs giving his players experience.

Secondly, to suggest it is harder to get in the starting XI for Nottingham Forest than for Rangers, or to imply Forest are a bigger club, is, absurd at best and insulting at worst.

Thirdly comparing Bolton Wanderers with Rangers is absolutely staggering.

Lastly, if he had been a half decent manager paying attention (he’s actually managed to be worse than his predecessor Mark Warburton – taking Forest from 14th to 17th) he’d have seen how well Cummings actually did when given proper chances, but evidently he didn’t pay attention.

Cummings has stated he wants to stay, and Forest fans have taken to social media to smear the lad and say how badly they want rid of him as well, so frankly the sooner the club can get this one wrapped up, the better.


  1. They were moaning last week and saying hands off, and then they seemed to remeber we had a but out clause and now they are slateing him and us.

  2. Spot On! 👍👌⚽💙
    Get Him to Govan and be Done with that Bampot Karanka

    #YourJustASpanishWanker 😂😂

  3. We're used to this sort of shite another fanny

    Sign here and move on🏋️‍♂️

    Lets go!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  4. I think he's referring to the standard of football. After last seasons show, theres no way Rangers could live in the Championship. Hopefully next season under Gerrard (sigh) Rangers will get back to be the #1 team in Scotland

  5. Another piece of poor opportunist journalism pitched once again at Rangers . Karanka is a failed manager who can't cut it .. Who really cares what he says Just like the so called comment by the ever panicking Brenda …Praising the Sheep Shaggers and loser Mc Innes when asked about Steven Gerrard . Its pathetic.. Everybody will see when he gets in place what is coming . The Glass Cathedral is cracking slowly … and We will bring it crashing down and put them in their place . I cant wait … if we could get close in some games with that poor team from last season… what will do this coming season !!! … Sheep Shaggers and the rest No Money …. so its left to us once again

  6. Another piece of crap that the Rangers P.R. machine should start firing back at. Once they start doing so, and keep doing so, people will think twice.

    Also, if the "quote" is indeed accurate… If I were the owner I would really start to worry about a manager who puts my team in a weak bargaining position.

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