First shots fired in all-out-war as Rangers start to fight back…


 Article by: Robbie

Yesterday Mr King fired the first salvo on all-out war with the Celtic board, the SFA and the SPL.

He has thrown a grenade in the bedroom window to see what the fallout will be from our media. No surprise then this morning that our media gives the three above mentioned full support. (Anybody Surprised? No!!)

Anyone thinking this has come at a random time please think again, three days before Stevie becomes our manager with the world press descending is no coincidence. When going to war you need allies. The world press reading what our gutter press says regarding our Club is also no coincidence.

Anyone thinking Mr King will turn up to a gunfight with a knife is truly way off the mark. Yesterday was just the beginning; Mr King has already threatened them with a dossier of when they threatened us with title stripping, and the emails that Mr King allegedly purchased for £20K between Craig Whyte and a third party. Would be a great read for us all methinks!!!!

Would love to see what else he has in his ammunition box……

We as Rangers supporters must back Mr King 100% on this issue no matter our differences; the thing that EVERYBODY hates about Rangers is our togetherness and loyalty. They absolutely deplore it because they know it can never be broken down. “No one likes us we don’t care”. That alone sets us apart from the rest and believe me that will stick in their minds till the day they die.

They Truly Hate Rangers!

The gloves are off Gents, Yours truly does love it, no more capitulation to these people who want to destroy Glasgow Rangers, we tried to build bridges but alas that will never come to fruition when only one builder turns up!! 


  1. Agreed 100%! We are stronger together and need to get behind the chairman, we have been crying out for someone within Ibrox to fight our corner and I don't care what anybody says…Dave King is the best man for the job! #LetsGo

  2. Fairly certain under data protection laws the acquisition of those emails is fine, but the use of the data within isn't.

    I might be wrong but there's probably a reason he hasn't used them as the ultimate trump card yet.

  3. It’s the sheer stupidity of SPLF and SFA. Scottish Football has gone downhill sinceRangers were knifed , starting back in 2008. Hopefully some members will come to their senses. I am not a great fan of Dave King but he is doing right thing. Giving Celtic free access to Europe out of spite to Rangers has cost Scotland dearly.

  4. Mr King has clearly just given the SFA the opportunity to do the right thing and commission an independent investigation and sack the clown who called us the great unwashed (oh the irony)

    Now they have rebuked that notion, I have no doubt King won’t go away and now he’ll take it to the next stage of independent legal actions. That will be messy and potentially damaging to Scottish football ……….. ….but then again they had the opportunity to avoid it and have only themselves to blame. Fuck them all..we’ve been battered incessantly for years…now it’s payback time.

  5. I agree they all hate us and that we need to stand together.
    Wish it didn't gave to be this way. I can respect other teams – they call that condescension. But they cannot and will not give an inch.

    So we must take it this way. Whatever anyone thinks of King, as IN says, we stand together or fall apart.

  6. united we stand divided we fall – lets go Stevie G. WATP

    As well as getting behind Dave King – it is essential that we all give Stevie G the four years he has it could take a couple to get rid of the deadwood and pick up the players he can most certainly bring to the club

    patience is the key here – we will struggle to replace SG but he needs time to clear up the mess…….

  7. I wish we would just concentrate on the football lads. We have a new manager starting in 2 days.He must be thinking,What the hell have I got myself into here.

    • Big jim Ifyou think being a rangers man is just about the football u are wrong. Would say grow up but that would be childish eh.

  8. Quite a while back I wrote on this site about the "dynamite" content I was told was contained in the emails that were allegedly "obtained" AND alleged recorded conversations. I have NOT seen or heard either, but have been told, in general terms, what they are alleged to contain. If they contain anything anywhere near what I was told they do, they really could cause a lot of damage.

    There are 2 problems however to using them…… 1-As Lord bull stated their is a question of Data protection laws AND 2-the laws concerning the secret recording of conversations, to be considered.

    That said its all a bit of a pandoras box type situation, once the information is out you cant put the information back – the damage is already done.

    In all things like this, there comes a tipping point where the damage getting done to your business is outweighed by any damage done by say breaching a law.

    There can also be the situation where despite breaking a law or two that the sympathy garnered by the truth coming out outweighs the damage caused by breaking the law.

    Is the content of the alleged recordings and emails as explosive as rumoured? Lets say it is, and something certainly seems to exist (they were mentioned prior to one of the court cases, if memory serves correctly) But lets say they do exist and are as explosive as alleged……

    Is there a lawful way around using the emails – Who knows? I would suspect that legal opinion has already been sought! So maybe there is a way around it?

    Could the information "somehow" be made public, by accident??

    Is King prepared to make them public and take the consequences???

    What if the original "receiver" of the emails used them in some sort legal proceedings, came into the public domain legally, and THEN used, by Rangers, in separate proceedings. Would it be in "anyones" interest to do this for there own means, whilst acting with Rangers… maybe for some financial consideration?

    Who knows? But one thing is certain…. If they do exist, those on the other side KNOW what they contain and KNOW just how damaging they could be. That being the case, they really do have a problem… They have to consider all of the above questions AND ask themselves if they are willing to take the gamble on the info not going into the "public domain".

    Something else of interest though…… These alleged emails aside, at the time when everything happened, there was, allegedly, a route that Rangers had of going after the SFA and SPL and others, through a legal route. It was however, allegedly, felt at that time Rangers couldnt go that route as it could have caused a bigger problem.

    That being the case, maybe now, with the passage of time, Rangers are now in the position of going down that route. That, in combination with the emails etc could be a very interesting situation.

    IMHO, King is either just putting on a "show" and letting us fans see him "doing the business", OR has decided that enough is enough.

    Everyone knows I am not a fan of King, but I wouldn't think that if it is the latter option, that he will play games and will really go for it. He doesn't seem to be a person who would "bottle out" of going the full hog when he decides to go down the legal route and will play hardball. Indeed, if anything I believe he would go further than most, even if advised otherwise.

    THAT, if it is the case, SHOULD make them all worry.

    • I told you about 2 weeks ago mate.
      Enough is Enough was the only 3 words coming out of Ibrox.

      💣💣Much more to come Graham💣💣

    • If the emails were stolen from Craig whyte, any information will be about rangers & maybe the sfa. I think if would just damage our club.
      Dave kings statement about the spfl has just made himself look like a fool when it transpires that our managing director, robertson, along with everyone else on the board knew as soon as he got the job.

    • Well put Graham.

      I’d love to know what’s on those tapes & emails like every other Bluenose in the land. You’re right there was talk of using them in the case against Whyte, not sure if they withdrew them for the Data Protection Act or a moment like this. Or the Court said they couldn’t be used for the DPA.

      Who knows a hacker might lend us a helping hand and hoy them all on the Dark Web for all and sundry without Mr Kings permission of course..King stood his ground with Ashley and got us a better deal when many laughed and said he was all talk.

      King is a strategist I think and will play his own game when his bits are all in place. It’s certainly going to be an interesting time between now and the start of the new season.

      Mr King your move 👊🔴⚪️🔵

    • Lol!!! and I agreed and backed you up two weeks ago mate.

      Robbie Our seperate "sources" are saying similar same things…. All boiling down to the same thing…. Enough is enough!!! Sometimes in more colourful language lol.

      Ask about the original strategy that was considered!!!

    • BigBaws…. my info is that they were not stolen…. But daa protection and whatever could come into it.

      I would have hoped Robertson would have been asked what was said. If he wasnt and what you think was the truth he really has shown himself for what I believe. But I cannot see him make that sort of mistake. Maybe I am wrong.

    • Billy, tsk, tsk, surely there wouldnt be a lapse in security like that or a laptop being left around carelessly. LOL!!!!

      King is either playing poker with a very good hand or he is bluffing, badly…. Time will tell.

      Whatever he is doing, the "discrediting" info seems to be real, by all accounts.

    • I have been through courts recently. I obtained emails from inside oppositions company. Their lawyer objected strenuously to their use as they claimed the emails were confidential and had been stolen. After taking time out the judge allowed their use. Establishing the truth took priority. We won the case. Go for it Dave. By the way King successfully sued Gary Player in court in SA. I think he knows what he is doing.


    WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 LETS GO!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  10. The Bastards at all of the Establishments have circled the wagons again ….The Rotten Mob have too much control in Scotland ..Mr King is doing the right thing and we should all stand strongly behind it ..Its a disgrace that they see no wrongs here …working for 2 of the Rotten Mob biggest Shareholders …No Conflict …Really …!!!!!!!! It's sicken8ng..however the only real way to beat this is to beat that mob and win the league BRINGITON WATP

  11. Celtic board, the SFA and the SPL?,, You could just call it the Celtic Board, full stop!!
    We have an Englishman at the helm of scottish football and Irish sympathisers dominating the boards that run our game. All of which have no interest of seeing Scotland doing well.
    As long as Celtic are getting into the champions league every season earning millions and Republic of Ireland competing in the world cups and euros, then our game will always be neglected as they dont care about our game!
    I hope Dave Kings keeps this going and break up this rotten scam and we could get someone in who will change our game, something Doncaster has failed to do since joining the SFA, he is a fraud!
    Bring it on Mr King, Lets go!!!

    • Said it a million times. A large proportion of our support actually vote for this. Will get stick but it's my opinion and I'm entitled to it. The snp hate us and why wouldn't they? We are the only real pro British institution left in our country and if u disagree your blind I'm afraid. They want us dead but we can rise again and have our finest hour if we stick together

  12. I have to be honest, I heard things about Kingy, but when you listen to the guy, you can see he's a very competent business man. Last year, Celtic in disguise website "SPFL News" talked shit about us nearly every day. Now that Stevie G is on board, they have toned it down dramatically. I am behind Kingy and the board, 100%. These attacks carried on, because we LET them. I've always believed the SFA to be a Hibs/Celtic kind of masonic brotherhood or green support network. The Likes of Rod Petrie, for instance. A total CLOWN. But I've grown sick of their BS. From now on, you fire at us, we fire at you, right back. The coming season is a fresh slate.

  13. Agree with John ally could have told all but he got a lot more than the provebial 20 not counting all the shares he got but once a ranger always a ranger the minute lawlell got his mits into SFA we were doomed a very smart man he knew to keep us down he would gain all the glory and European money he happy to let Aberdeen be second as they are no threat proven while we were out of the league they will manipulate the rest to keep us in check

    • There is a lot of smart arses on here. It's a forum to make your opinion heard about our club not a school class ffs. I get it that we are better educated but the man is only making a point probably on his phone. Grammar was not on his mind. Bring it on Steve here's hoping your being backed as much as u were promised 🤔

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