Dave King drops massive hint about Steven Gerrard


Rangers chairman Dave King has dropped a very canny hint at a massive reason Rangers secured Steven Gerrard as manager.

The Castlemilk born businessman let it slip a little that while Gerrard ticked all the Rangers manager boxes and only lacked the experience one, there was another, very prudent extremely useful reason the Anfield Legend was brought in to become the new boss.

Regular readers will know of our 10-step plan to get Rangers back on track – take a look at numbers nine and 10 – the importance of global exposure.

Well King knows this, and we need our Rangers to grow big, and King let it out that a massive reason for Gerrard’s signature was global attention and subsequent revenue.

He pointed out the growth of fans not just in Scotland and Britain was significant, but the whole world, and that with the thousands and millions of fans Gerrard has globally, how many new fans are going to join the Rangers flocks to see how he does?

In short – star power – the sort of thing going on at Parkhead a lot, and another reason we gambled on Joey Barton. Pun not intended.

But Gerrard, on top of drawing in the punters, which he will, does actually have real clout in the game. This isn’t someone who has been inconsistent his whole career – he really is a winner.

We will see if the gamble pays off in time, and if he can translate his winning mentality as a player onto the touchlines, but as cynical as we are being with regards King’s obvious intentions here, we cannot complain about our club becoming more successful with global exposure whatever the reason.

We wanted our club to exploit global streams of revenue. Steven Gerrard will help us do exactly that.


  1. It’s not cynical thinking that of our club chairman at all. He is the top boy and and it’s his job to look at every aspect and maximising revenue by levering the profile of the Manager a no brainer.

    Be piss poor if it were any other way.

  2. 100% agree. King knows exactly what he is doing with this move and it will reap huge rewards over time, hopefully soon enough to stop that manky lot next season

  3. How are there still people that believe one word that comes out of King's mouth?
    Ticking every managerial box except experience? That's the most important one!

    I hope this doesn't end in disaster, but everything King touches usually does.

  4. We all say he has no experience. Yes he does, you dont not learn anything under the managers you had. Think of it this way…he knows Rodgers tactics and how he motivates…..! Yes its a risk but hes been giving funding, which we dont know of yet,but to say he doesnt know tactics or how a team is run is utter pish. Also, hes a leader, hes been captain of a team abd i hate to say this has same or more pressure than us bluenoses. He'll handle the pressure, he'll handle the players, he will have players fighting to work with him due to his global rep. That global rep/interest will also add £ to us btw. Yes, inexperienced but we arent getting a mexican or an under 20 coach in scotland. Will he work? Its a risk but a better risk than say le guen who had a massive rep at the time but gerrard comes across as ambitious, realistic and up for it. A 4 year deal suggests trust in him, we should do same.

  5. Scottish football is on the up now and the next TV deal should bring in more millions there is one thing for sure that SG is a winner and i wish him all the best i still think its not going be as easy as some think it will be all the teams will add new players but to take over be the best in Scotland SG is going need a lot of money i would think around £30 to £50 million for new players and there wages and we need to get rid of the dead wood we have just now,its going be good next season and the ones after it we must enjoy.

    • Yes, Scottish Football is on the up. I don't get your point, however, that "it's not going to be as easy as some folk think" I haven't heard (or seen) anyone suggest it will be easy: certainly not SG. 're the budget, I don't think it will take anything like £50M to put together a serious challenge. £20M is nearer the mark. I genuinely believe we have the core of a decent squad, already at Ibrox. The problem was that none of the previous managers appeared to know how to develop players or get the best out of them. Tactically, particularly Pedro and Murty (who employed 100% the identical formation as that employed by Pedro – which was consistently unsuccessful) were tactically naive! Gerrard will get more out of this squad. And with around 6 quality additions we may not win the league but we'll avoid embarrassing defeats to the Hamilton and Killies of this world. WATP

    • I would agree £20 million may be nearer to the mark as it stands but we all know what Selltic are going do,they are going move the goal posts when we put down £20M they will put the same or more down then we will need to go again so it will be nearer £50million we will need,i just see them doing everything they can to stop us taking over,i hope they just sit and do nothing but i can not see it happening can you.

  6. Still in Steven Gerrard dreamland awesome press conference classy like the great he is… Great Job Mark Allen and Mr David King .Imagine him walking in the dressing room the first time !!!! BRING IT ON WATP

  7. Dave king wants the best for rangers he makes mistakes but his intentions are in my opinion always to get our club back to the top , saving our club is what he and others committed to doing and I believe that job is done. Moving to the next level has been a challenge that so far they have not met albeit they have tried but the hard facts prove that this has not yet been achieved however the man will not in my opinion stop until we are on top once again. The signing of Steven Gerrard as manager has given the club more than a glimmer of hope that we are heading to the top once more,we have a massive but not impossible challenge to once again be Scotland top club cutting to the chase I personally believe that celtic have a right good manager but he is a manager who has a massive ego that needs feeding and I believe his ego more often than not gets in the way of his team selections while this might have worked for him so far against pretty rank competition this will not serve him well when the playing field is once again even which I'm sure it soon will be . On the other hand we now have a footballing genius albeit as a player who in my opinion has no ego and therefore this will never get in the way of his ultimate goal of taking our club to the top once again . I listened to a lot of managers giving opinion on Gerrard appointment most were pretty sure that he will find out just how difficult managing a club with massive expectation shall be but I'm sure 90% of them belive he has more than a decent chance of succeeding , Rodgers comments although politically correct showed how inflated his ego is , welcome to my world , my world not the world of management but my world, as the man himself said yesterday bring it on .I for one believe integrity and humility trump ego every time but I suppose only time will tell .

  8. Gerrard is a top draw for Rangers both in money and creedance. I hope Kris Boyd apologises to Mark Allen as it's clearly obvious what he and his team have been doing .#LETSGO

  9. Gerrard appointment is big news for certain. Personally I think he will become a good manager. Might even be a brilliant manager from day one.

    He might also not need any money to make the current bath of players a strong team. Who knows?

    Possibly a daft question?
    Did King say the cash for new players will come through rights issue? Sounded like that from the press conference.

    I thought the rights issue was to clear director loans?
    Can share issue take place without a nomad?
    Can share issue take place while court order in place for King to comply with overdue?
    Are Rangers in danger of administration without major investment and sustainable operational costs?

    I know sounds negative. But why aren't any of the people asking King to be transparent about how Gerrard gets better players?

  10. Agree with Everything Mentioned and also the good thing about Gerrard is that he isnt their "pal" so when they dont put a shift in, He WILL give them a fucking earful! …he wont pull any punches and also the players should be running thru brick walls to play for him!

    I mean come on!…Stevie G! …Our Manager!!! 😀👍⚽💙

    Excited to see who he brings in and who he bins 🤔

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