Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Crisis at Ibrox; are the board being held to account?

Ok ok. Enough is enough. Long-time readers of Ibrox Noise know only too well that we were never in favour of the current board. That while we were less negative about the Easdales and Llambias regime than others (hard to 100% condemn guys who kept us afloat with interest free loans), and ultimately knew they’d served their purpose, we really didn’t want the current lot in Govan.

The majority of fans didn’t agree with us.

They were vaunted as kings, and that they had saved our club from the ‘spivs’.

After all our opinions previously, we gave up on preaching them any more.

This morning’s latest shambles down Edmiston way has fans once again aiming ire at this board, and demands at this site to speak up.

So, we shall. Again.

Following what happened with Mark Warburton, we are in disbelief to see lightning strike twice. An ignominious departure with different sources claiming different events.

What it boils down to is a board who don’t understand how to run a football club. My colleague Robbie makes a very fair point – they are businessmen (albeit how good they are at that is rather unclear too), and not football men.

They have done some good things at this club, albeit not an overwhelming amount – but the stuff fans care about isn’t the roof at Ibrox or the wifi – these are standard things any club should have. It is also over three years since they took charge and that is enough time to get infrastructure sorted.

The stuff fans care about though they have spectacularly failed at, and that includes managerial appointments.

It is on the board and no one else that they appointed Mark Warburton – a manager who left us weak down the spine.

It is on the board and no one else that they appointed Pedro Caixinha – a manager who should never even have been in the picture of contention never mind the hotseat.

It is on the board and no one else that they promoted Graeme Murty in abject desperation, a youth coach who was never cut out for senior management and who struggled badly with the job.

It is on the board that Rangers remain unlisted after years of unfulfilled promises to the contrary.

It is on the board we have had no outside investment in three years and only a Close Brothers credit facility to ‘boast’ of.

It is on the board that Rangers have no independent fan voice thanks to appointing Club 1872 as an official group. There is literally no group (other than us) who actually says anything.

It is on the board that the voices like Sons of Struth who held Easdale, Llambias and Somers to account will not say a word against these incumbents – because they helped get them in there.

It is on the board that Rangers fans go through the humiliation of ignominious manager after manager departure.

It is on the board that after decades of literally five managers between 1991 and 2010, we have now had six managers in less than six years.

Many are calling for this board to move on. We can’t say we blame them. We also can’t say we didn’t warn them.

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