Could Stevie Gerrard make stunning move for Liverpool Legend?


Over the past 24 hours an-ex team mate of Steven Gerrard has been making quite a few bold statements about his old stomping partner’s chances at Ibrox, with Jamie Carragher believing Stevie Ger can be a huge success with Rangers as long as he is supported.

Well, with Carragher himself unclear on his future at Sky Sports following that ‘incident’ earlier this year, could the former defensive titan be a fantastic addition to Gerrard’s coaching staff as Rangers’ defensive guide?

If there is one area of Rangers that desperately needs wisdom and experience both off the pitch as well as on it, it’s the back line, and with Gerrard and Carragher being as close as they are, it’s not beyond the crazy realm of possibility that Stevie could want his old mate helping out with getting the defence sorted.

If there’s one thing we know about Carragher, it was that he was a world class defender, and thanks to his performances as a pundit, his communication skills have vastly improved and he could well be an outstanding fella to get in at Ibrox and help fix the rearguard.

With Gerrard’s connections, quality guys like these are the kind of prize Rangers have real access to now – rather than cast offs from Brentford or Pringle SL in South America, we can now call upon top quality from the English Premier League.

And Carragher fits into that category.

Would he want to go into coaching? Who knows. Right now his employers are holding him to moral ransom over a moment of absolute madness, and personally we find that almost as tasteless as his actions themselves. But if all we remember about Zidane is the headbutt or Totti the spit, we forget just why these guys became legends.

Carragher could be a brilliant addition to the backroom staff and the perfect guy to bring the defence into line.

Maybe Gerrard and Mark Allen feel the same.


  1. I'm afraid that anyone who spits on a little girl isn't made of the type of stuff required to move Rangers forward whilsy honouring our fine traditions.

  2. No! No and No!
    He is a Disgusting Pathetic Human Being!

    Spitting on a Young Girl cause your Team Lost! …Pathetic
    …Get a Grip!

  3. Sorry…. do NOT let him anywhere near Ibrox. Whatever the provocation etc, I have to agree with Lex, anyone who spits on a wee girl is NOT what we need or want at Ibrox. Aside from that, can you imagine the FREE ammunition it gives to our enemies who dont even need facts to have pot shots at us??

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