Could Steven Gerrard bin star performer?


If Ibrox Noise rated one player consistently this year, it’s been Jamie Murphy. The on-loan Brighton winger was overjoyed to get his dream move to his boyhood team in January, and started as he meant to go on, with consistently improving displays which had him nominated for February’s club player of the month award.

He was absolutely tearing up the left wing with something to spare, giving defenders the run around and cutting inside like it was going out of fashion.

He also helped back with Declan John in defence, doubling up just like happens on the opposing flank, and often covering for him. In short, he was the complete left-winger.

Unfortunately, although he continues to work hard, Jamie Murphy has been badly affected by the post Ibrox Old Firm hangover which has seen the side’s form crumble and his own along with it.

Last night’s trip to Pittodrie was another example of his struggles; barely visible in the first half, he picked up a little in the second but still got nowhere near his lofty standards of earlier in the year.

From being a surefire candidate to be part of the Steven Gerrard revolution, a lot of fans are now having doubts that the 28-year old is good enough.

It’s not completely his fault – he is suffering from the team’s general malaise these days. A lot of ripping up and starting again is going to happen this summer, and we need those who remain to get a new lease of life under the new manager.

But Murphy hasn’t helped his cause much recently – the guy is playing for a permanent transfer this summer and right now, given they’re all trying to impress the new (probably watching) boss, his drastic loss of form could not have happened at a worse time.

We really like Murphy. He’s one of us and absolutely loves life at Ibrox. He’s playing for his team and desperately wants to stay.

But on current form he’s an outside bet to do so.

We really need the Murphy he was a couple of months ago to reappear.


  1. His problem is he acts like someone that’s just broke through the youths. He sticks to that line and doesn’t come close, it makes a lot of balls harder to get to him, and then can only go down the line when he’s does which all full backs know he’s going to do. He’s a lot more effective when he cuts in and does a lot better when he does.

    On a side note and supprised you haven’t mentioned it, for all this season is a downer I’m dead looking forward to next. If we can turn ibrox into a fort again then we will win the league. We’ve lost 7 at home, if we had won all of them we would have been 7 points ahead of Celtic right now (including beating them twice) but even if we had still lost to them we would be 3 ahead (with them playing a game less) and with out conceding 9 against them in the league we’d be top with goal difference too. All if and buts but we can do it though I do think some of the fans at ibrox need to stay away next season. There has been far to much booing with in the 1st 15 mins.

    • made the point previously about lovenkrands stuart, different threat when put through middle.

  2. yes please .on last nights showing keep mcrory, alnwick bin rest ,all my life ive never seen so many duds at the one club ,heres a few that cant even trap a ball.herrera, pena,cardosso, cadyass,ohalloran, halliday,martin ,dorrans,forget it be here allnight, r,t,i,d looks like this bunch have surrenderd , fans will never surrender w,a,t,p

  3. where do you start after lastnights pish,i think theres a few to bin,
    SG not long in sorting this lot out,we need a striker that can score goals for a start,
    I said 4th for us and its certainly looking that way now

    Lets go🇬🇧

  4. His best moments in the game was when he was running at them from the middle of the park. When Dorrans went off I was hoping we would do something different like..bring on hodson (shit I know) at left back move Halliday to Murphy's position (hallidays natural position plus he was having another nightmare at left back) then play Murphy in the number 10 position. But..we brought on Goss instead! Roll on 1st of June n please have some tactical imagination Stevie G! Oh and get some throw in training done.

  5. Good managers can make average players look better bad manages can can make better players look average. deila and brenda the answer to the question. NO

  6. young mcCrorie showed the rest what's needed in desire to fill that jersey, another 10 of him would do. that boy gave me hope, give him the armband unless SG pulls the boots back on.

  7. Oh dear I'm sorry but I thought the was the 2nd worst man on the park..Goss was worse just !! Not sure he is athletic enough ..he is talented ..depends what money they want

  8. SG could bin who ever he likes,he is the manager and he will have plenty to say if he picks you and you under perform in front of him,yes he will bin you am sure before next season starts there will be some who will find them self binned and they never played a game i would think big changes are coming and if SG wants to be a manager then he must show every one he is the boss and any one who under performs is not part of his plans and why not we want to be top so no hiding places for any one any more.

  9. What is the cause for all these players going to sleep, during games?? This rot, whether a player is behind it or not, must be cut out viciously. There is no place for sentiment when trying to catch Celtic, next season.

  10. Hope Murphy Stays!
    Like it says Hes One of Us and is Magic on the Wing! And hes been a lot better than most 🤔⚽💙

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