Monday, 7 May 2018

Confusion over projected Rangers summer signing

Confusion reigns over Crystal Palace midfielder James McArthur’s reported summer move to Rangers.

It had been proposed the Scotland international was a free transfer in June and was ready to come back north to his boyhood team, but the 30-year old former Hamilton man has claimed information pertaining to his contractual situation is wrong.

He said:

"I've already got a contract, I signed a four-year contract two-years ago. Yep! [two more years at Palace]"

Now this is an interesting claim because confirm his deal expires this summer, and furthermore there were no press releases at all regarding McArthur signing a new deal in 2016.

We’re not calling the lad a liar, but we are very confused as to when he actually signed a new deal at Palace and why there was absolutely no report of one.

There are, even more interestingly however, reports that he signed a new three year deal in 2015. It seems a little odd that he would have signed another one year later for an extra four years.

Either way, Steven Gerrard may not even want him! We’ll see.

1 comment:

  1. If thats how hes gonna play it,
    He can Sit at Palace! 😎👍

    ...Id Rather we went for McGinn anyway


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