Are Rangers really looking at a sensational summer signing?


It’s been a heck of a few days down Rangers way, with many changes afoot, and to call Steven Gerrard a box office name is probably understating the gravitas a tad.

However, box office names know other box office names, and while it would be a heck of a stretch to suggest Fernando Torres is joining the Gerrard Revolution, the former Liverpool, Milan, Chelsea and soon-to-be ex-Atletico Madrid striker has issued very kind words to his old stomping partner and certainly didn’t seem utterly against the idea of switching Madrid for Glasgow himself.

And before folk immediately jump down our throat like they did when we mentioned Benjamin Mendy, like the grumpy cynical bunch you are, just remember we’ve signed Steven Gerrard then let it sink in.

Now, does Fernando Torres still sound as absolutely far fetched as he did?

The Spanish star wished Gerrard the best in his new adventure as he himself looks for a new club.

Let’s not underestimate Gerrard’s pulling power – we’re talking about a global superstar here, and players will want to play for him. Naturally Rangers need the funds to support that, and we are not being silly and asking for Ronaldo. But there may just be a few sensational cases where Gerrard’s career and links give the club a pathway to certain players we’d never dreamed of before.

We will see!


  1. If We got Torres?…Holy Shit! 😅
    That would be like a Dream even though hes 34

    Torres would tear it up in the SPL!
    25goals easy!
    Still a Class Centre-Forward!

    Hope Torres & Skrtel Happen

  2. No doubt that Gerrard will be able to attract players through his contacts and reputation. You can keep Fernando Torres though. Past it. Prefer Ings as an option. Possibly the most important series of transfers in our clubs history. Simply cannot afford another round of Penas etc. Fingers crossed

  3. Torres!!! Never going to happen! Let’s start being realistic ffs! 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  4. Since Gerrard signed I must have seen at least 10 stories linking various really good players could or should sign, all of them have been attacking midfielders or forwards, holy shit the first and most important problem that needs fixed is central defence, we are pish in there and have been since Warburton had us in championship.
    We must have lost 15+ points this season just because of absolutely shocking defending in that part of the pitch, hopefully that the first place Gerrard will use his influence to start bring us back.

  5. With my feet on the ground yes Gerrard will be able to attract players but can we pay there wages?,great pals maybe but when you want to play for a pal will you take £10/15/20/30 grand or stay pals and stay where the money is £50/60/70 grand? only time will tell if any players come for less money or we stump up top wages.

  6. I think this could happen one thing is for sure Steven Andy Scoulding and Mark Allen will think long band hard about who they want but more importantly what we need ..Looking at yesterday's game which was poor again !! and match day squad lucky if 7 of them survive the clear out!!

  7. How about Daniel Sturridge? Currently getting games at WBA on loan. He'd look like Pele up here……

  8. Still no mention of what our signing strategy is??? Celtic is buy them young and cheap, sell for massive profit and then repeat. It looks like we are signing 34 year old former World Class players, pay big wages and make no profit…

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