An Ibrox enigma – will Stevie Ger stick or twist?


 Article by: Robbie

If there has been a player in a Rangers jersey that has frustrated myself and I have no doubt every Rangers man woman and child on this site, Josh Windass is that player.

We all see it every last one of us, one minute we have a player who goes past defenders like they’re statues and finishes with a bit of quality, then the next he goes missing for an X amount of time. I honestly don’t know what’s going through his head or even where he actually goes for those missing minutes of a game.

The boy takes dog’s abuse from some of our fans which certainly doesn’t help one little bit, he’s also been called the world hide and seek champion, on Twitter I may add.

A lot of people complain about the amount of time he does spend on Twitter but for me he’s only a young boy and all young boys are all on social media. It’s just a way of life these days, and Josh doesn’t take the tweets he receives very well and bites back.

Stevie has spoken to him over in Dubai about his future at the club; he’s told him if he wants it he has a future at the club. I’m sure Allen has told Stevie of his ability and also his shortfalls yet Stevie still wants him, he must think he can turn him into what we have been praying for.

If Stevie gets an hour out of him playing the way we all know he can, well that would be like a new signing.

What are your thoughts on Josh, IN or OOT????

Ps. “I Know” But NO shaking him all aboot!!!

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  1. get rid, bite the hand off for any decent offer that comes in for him, he is all the player he is ever going to be, even SG wont change that im afraid

  2. Good article Robbie. I voted to keep him to see exactly what Stevie can do to improve him.

    It might be a fitness thing, because he is fast and seems to lack a bit of stamina.

    Only time will tell, but I think he has earned the right to another chance with a different management team.

  3. Unfortunately we don’t have the money to replace the whole team. People are forgetting we were the leading scorers in the spl and Windass played a big part in that. We need to spend what resources we have at the back and making sure we have a solid midfield. I’m sure Stevie can work wonders with some of our current squad… Windass included.

  4. I know hes a nightmare but he can score goals,he scored important goals for us last season,the jurys out,

    He could turn out a great player under the big man,maybe worth a punt,just needs to grow up a bit,and maybe a kick up the arse,lets see

    Watp🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 lets go!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  5. As MJ says, he was a significant part of the highest scoring attack in the league. If we can stop him fading out of games, it would add another few million to his value. Or we could keep him.
    I don't see his value going down next year as we will be a stronger team. With a stronger defence and better midfield, he should do better. So even if he scores slightly fewer goals, his value could increase.
    So no downside for me.

    • I voted to keep him ! I agree with above big season for the lad ahead hopefully SG can keep him in the game more 🇬🇧

  6. But does he have the heart? To be fair he was played out wide for a long time and that is his not his position. Let’s see who else comes in. Although we finished badly this year we did have some bad injuries. It’s difficult to know how good Jack and Dorrans are and how much they were missed. And injuries to Wallace, Alves , cardosa, Bates, McCrorie didn’t help. And dreadful refereeing decisions. First game of season against Hibs said it all. In fairness Hibs had some bad decisions in their other matches. But overall we suffered most. I don’t think refs are biased , just pretty useless.

  7. I want rid of him and fod. There bad eggs with egos that don’t match there ability. For fod to actually tell fans to “shut up” after they were seen with Allen on holiday. No respect to the fans that pay their wages.

    • Social Media snowflakes looking for offence where none exists. Keep them both. Onwards & upwards.

  8. If we get a Decent Offer, Sell Him

    If no decent offer is forthcoming then give him 1year under Gerrard to see if he improves 🤔⚽

    If he Doesnt Improve under SG : Sell

    If he Does Improve : Sell for Bigger £££


  9. I’ve been a defender of the laddie Windass for a few seasons, to the point of ridicule at times. I see the boy has ALL the attributes / tools in the box to become a top level footballer.

    Pace, Strength, good technically, first touch, awareness, shifts the ball well, good striker of a ball, finishes.

    He just can’t get them all to a level for 90 mins. Fades out of games, too easy to shut him down and can’t find a way to influence the game for long periods. All of that can be drilled into him, schooled, experience.

    If Stevie G & GMac can get him to consistently do what we know he can do, we’ll have some player on our hands. . . and a prize asset

  10. I voted keep, yeah he goes missing sometimes but where would we have finished without his goals and also morelos who receives the same amount of abuse on this site and others. Half the season he was played out wide and he's not a winger. If we get off his back next season I've a feeling he'll be a big player for us.

  11. I voted keep. goalscoring midfielders are hard to come by and i think with a good run of games and good coaching he can improve. don't like the way fans are so quick to get on his back, it's no coincidence he scores more goals and plays better in away games when 50,000 people aren't on his back every time he makes a mistake.

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