A who’s who of the confirmed (and not-so-confirmed) departures from Ibrox


With Russell Martin’s belated confirmation this morning that he has left Rangers, that now takes the official number of departures to three with more to follow.

We expect that, like with Clint Hill, there will be no club announcement to wish anyone the best, and that departures will only become absolute once the player themselves has corroborated it.

Currently the Jason Cummings situation looks bleak for the striker, with no information or progress pertaining to any deal being confirmed. He has returned to the City Ground with little hope of a future there, having already admitted he is not in favour and wants to leave. Forest, for their part, are securing a replacement as we speak. So while Nottingham are likely to let him go, it doesn’t appear that Steven Gerrard and Mark Allen are interested in making the deal permanent.

Meanwhile Kenny Miller is gone – his deal technically expires on Friday, but there is no word of interest from the new management about offering him an extension, while a host of SPL clubs absolutely are interested in a fine free agent, including Hibernian whose manager Neil Lennon has made no secret of his admiration. Miller is certainly weighing up his options. The closest we got to confirmation was Josh Windass’ social media post mourning over the lack of proper send off.

David Bates, as we know, left for Bundesliga 2 side Hamburg, leaving Rangers with just two senior defenders as things currently stand. But at least he got a club announcement!

Sean Goss too found his time in Govan ending with a whimper and suffering gross mismanagement. But QPR were never wanting to sell.

Youth player Jordan Thompson also headed off for pastures new – his contract, like Miller’s was not renewed so the midfielder is a free agent for anyone who fancies signing him up.

Meanwhile Ryan Hardie is in the same boat – contract expires at the end of this week and no word on a new deal – we cannot see him retaining his shirt at the club.

Lee Wallace is another whose future is uncertain at best and bleak at worst. Having consulted a specialist earlier this month, the prognosis for the club captain is not ideal – further surgery makes him harder to sell, due to his inability to pass a medical, while in the best case scenario he is fit for pre-season training but doesn’t have a club – Wallace has one year left on his deal and Rangers would likely sell if a buyer came in.

The definitely gone:

David Bates, Russell Martin, Sean Goss, Jordan Thompson, Kenny Miller.

The almost definitely gone:

Ryan Hardie, Jason Cummings.

The unknowns:

Lee Wallace.

Expect further turnover in due course.


  1. So with a few more loan deals and the rest staying so are we going be stronger than we where?i thought we where going change,replace most of the playing staff with better than we had i just think by now we should be seeing SG football team taking shape.

    • The transfer window hasn't opened yet. You can technically only announce signing free agents or pre contracts before then.

  2. Good luck to them,

    But this a different level now we require,Our season ticket holders want to see results and new faces,not the same old shite

    This the biggest show in town now and only 100% week in week out will do,no more hiding places here and any backchat your out the fuckin door

    Stevies not here to make a cunt of himself🏋️‍♂️

    WATP🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧LETS GO!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  3. If Lee Wallace proves his fitness then I would keep him. Also I would offer Hardie a new contract.

  4. I think the silence around Kenny Miller and Lee Wallace suspensions is quite shameful, and sadly an incitement on how the current Board has let Rangers standards slip off the field as much as on it. If there was any wrong doing on the players part any investigation should have been swift and appropriate action taken. Windass was right Miller has been a great servant to Rangers and deserved a final bow at Ibrox but it is Lee Wallace I really feel sorry for. He stayed loyal to the club when many left and he deserves respect and better treatment from the club. This Board swept in on a promise of transparency and yet again this is another occasion where they have failed to deliver on that promise.

    • Dexter.
      Nobody gets suspended for nothing mate!!

      We ain't heard nothing from Kennys wife or agent💣
      Does that not surprise U??

    • News circulating today, if it is to believed, is Dodoo will be getting a chance under Stevie G. I for one applaud it if it is true. I have always thought that when he was getting a chance he played well, but then fell out of favour for some reason.

      I believe Dodoo, with the correct coaching and in the correct system, could be a really good player.

  5. Hardie going is so weird… he’s a good player. Bet we have to pay a few million in a season or two to get him bk. so stupid

    • Don't get this fascination for Hardie. He was Livvys top scorer with EIGHT goals. Had he been a Livvy player do you think we should trying to sign him based on that record?

  6. I would hope a Hell of a lot more to add to that list.

    Whoever's getting punted will be told next month when they get back from their holidays.
    Buy that time Stevie will be settled in.

    Got to love King calling for calling out the SFA for a full enquiry into a conflict of interest. Let's all fuking Go!!!

    • Well, its one thing telling players they're not wanted and quite another getting them out the door, as they are never gonna get better contracts anywhere else. Some will likely go out on loan, but guys like Pena and Eduardo will hang around like a particularly noxious fart, milking it for all its worth.

      As for King, the guy's a fucking embarassment every time be opens his gob. A convicted criminal fraudster lecturing anyone about integrity and transaprency, when he runs our club like a banana republic? Do me a fucking favour – nothing but bluster and deflection from King, Donald Trump style, to deflect attention from his lack of progress with the share issue, takeover panel requirements etc.

      SPFL have already confirmed that the Board were well aware of MacLennan's new position before he assumed it, and saw no conflict of interest. I don't either – pure horseshit with no substance whatsoever. Typical King/Traynor nonsense…

    • Never mentioned Pena he's in rehab and Rangers now have duty of care towards his welfare. Get well soon son.
      The rest will be told they are surplus to requirements and placed on the transfer list and will train with the U-17s till they find a new club.

      Dave King an embarrassment??
      Not in my book has Not, he's taking the fight to these c**ts and defending our Club that he also loves. If you are gullible enough to think there is no conflict of interest between seltic and the SFA & SPL just leave the fight to Mr King.
      U think he's going into this blind without a loaded gun???
      Deary Deary Me!!

  7. Ive never liked Wallace as a player, he's been the captain etc and through the leagues hes stuck around but he wasnt good enough when we signed him, the fans always backed him but he was never a good enough defender. Imo.

  8. I would agree on keeping Hardie – no harm in giving him a 2 yr contract and 12 months to fight his way into the team. If he fails, sell him. Cheaper than Cummings, no worse
    Wallace depends on what actually happened, which we don't know. May depend on whether Murty stays or goes, if rumoured arguments are true
    Would like to see others move on too, such as Herrera and Cardoso if he is not going to get a shot under Gerrard.
    I am also a little disappointed we are looking at £3-4 million defenders on £20k a week when Bates couldn't get £7k a week. Not saying Bates is the answer, but Kipre or Souttar are proven in Scotland and cheaper options. Don't fancy McKenna myself but others might. All cheaper options, so why not?

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