“You’re not a real Rangers fan”


We got a bit of flak yesterday for an article pointing out a suspicious mark on Graeme Murty’s face – a mark which, incidentally, appeared only a few days after allegations of two players physically attacking him came to light.

Some of the responses called us all sorts for daring to point this mark out, as if the mark didn’t exist – in fact, the desperation from some fans to borderline sweep sweep with regards any trouble at our club is very much behaviour we cannot abide by.

A big accusation we got was ‘sh*t stirring’, which we find rich in many respects because we are only bringing to light the same flaws the Union Bears did yesterday with their silent protest.

Two different banners for each half, both rightly castigating both the product on the pitch and the conduct off it. Were these protests also ‘sh*t stirring’? Was ‘sack the board’ in 2014 ‘sh*t stirring’?

We might not agree with everything about the UB, but they certainly aren’t taking the nonsense that other fans appear to be doing – and worse, defending it.

We consider ourselves old school Rangers fans, who expect the best from our team and won’t settle for second as long as we are around.

It’s why we are struggle to reconcile with this new age of Rangers supporter, the supporter who seems ready to smear anyone pointing out the negative while pretty much ignoring the positive.

The only way we get back to the top is by calling the negative and building on the positive. By finding the good things and highlighting the bad things. Find the good things and increase and optimise them. Highlight the bad things and bin them.

Unfortunately whenever anyone, not just us, points out the negatives, they immediately gets lambasted with every name under the sun and accused of not being a true fan.

Define ‘true fan’ then? Someone who says nothing critical and just yells ‘mon the Rangers’ regardless of what they see? We’re struggling to fathom what the hell a ‘true fan’ is these days.

If it’s about financially supporting, then every one of us has put hundreds or thousands into the club over the year. Quite honestly, anyone who likes Rangers and buys even one Rangers shirt their entire life is a supporter by the strictest definition of that way of thinking.

The point? We’re all supporters. We just have different ways of expressing it.

Some criticise. Some get overjoyed at the slightest thing. Some get excited and disappointed in equal measure.

But at the end of the day we’re all supporters. And absolutely no one has the right to tell anyone else they’re not.

We can’t reconcile with the type of fan who accepts second place, but we wouldn’t dream of suggesting they’re not a fan. They’re just a fan we can’t identify with.

We don’t expect all of you to identify with us either, but the lack of respect for anyone who thinks differently but wants the same thing really is rather disturbing.


  1. It is rare that i disagree with your posts and when i do I try to put my point across but i took a lighthearted view of yesterdays 'who hit Murty' and was very surprised at a lot of replies. Some didn't make sense. I find Ibrox noise very interesting as with a lot of replies when the are measured. I think as fans sometimes we do get carried away but through IN i feel i can relate to whats going on with our club on and off the field. Keep up the good work. Mon the Gers.

  2. ibrox noise doing a fantastic job a true supporter of the famous glasgow rangers ,think you are frustrated and angry like all off us the state our club is in .ive joined in with some brilliant articles pput out there by ibrox noise hopefully im reading them for years to come .

    • firstly the ibrox noise i have posted several times and you protect the indefencible ross lyon is leaving rangers and is talking to 2 spl clubs who are guaranteeing him first team football he is top youth trainer at 20s two footed player work ethic second to none had a hernia op went on loan revues were fantastic won every game he started true blue coaches at murray park are shocked at this as they rate him as one of the best he was superb in a closed game against actually mom so when he lines up against us dont abuse him he would not lick the gaffers arse as others thank you if you post this

  3. We will ALWAYS be Scotlands greatest supporters,,,,the famous Glasgow Rangers.!!
    We have been through, hell and back, but NO other supporters can say,they have fans as loyal as ours..Ibrox noise you have ALWAYS said things which you found interesting and as true Rangers fans,we thank you for that…

  4. protestin aint shit stirrin an article titled who hit murty thats for the shit stirrin papers not IN,
    PS fan of IN like most posts keep it up

  5. I don't disagree with a huge percentage of what you guys print.

    I DO disagree with the volume of repetition of Doom and Gloom seen this season. In that you tend to target certain players or management because of their loyalty to other Clubs.

    Sir Alex, Jock Stein, Sir John Grieg me, Mourinho, NONE Supported the team they Managed.

    H O W E V E R, by a substantial margin you guys do a tedious exercise of trying to keep the Customer Satisfied

    A thankless task. But done well imo guys

  6. IN spot on I often listen to some of our fans that sit with me and although I often disagree with what they say and get annoyed with their lack of money/business understanding I respect them as fans and love the fact they spend their hard earned cash to support the Gers ..So please keep up the good reporting and observations WATP

  7. At the end of this season and if we are in Second place that tells me we have come a very long distance next season we must push them even more.
    But with the last game on Sunday let us be stronger than we have been take the game to them and be men,it is now time to grow a pair and play to your best ever form lets do it and do it right this time.

  8. The next time you ask a Rangers player for his autograph watch out for the player who signs with his left hand! He was probably the one who gave Murty a left hook as the mark is on his right face. As for Morelos, his boots were maybe a wee bit tight for him.

  9. Ahh Ibrox Noise funny how we were only discussing the other day about Rangers Supporters and it’s dynamic… You said that Ibrox Noise has it’s haters within the Rangers Support – I find that very sad and a damming verdict against us Rangers Supporters or fans by and large….

    What happened to the Rangers Family?

  10. Id rather have a place in europe than a conviction,
    If your that worried about murty fone the polis
    Iam sure hes a big boy now,
    You talk about old school,old school used to sort it out with fistycuffs and not greetin tae the polis


  11. With Ibrox Noise, we have had our agreements and disagreements. But I have no doubt whatsoever that we both sing from the same Rangers hymn sheet on the high standards required for our club to win the league.
    I always look forward to your articles and enjoy having a debate with my fellow supporters. Therefore, I thank you for a good job Ibrox Noise. If others don't like it here, they can just go elsewhere!

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