Yet more bad news – SPFL to take action against Rangers?


After yet another Old Firm shame game, we have yet more chaos and fallout.

Ibrox Noise did not discuss the media blackout by the club yesterday, as frankly we had enough on our plate without going there too, but reports are the club called a boycott on all media duties post-match and denied Graeme Murty a post-match interview.

Quite honestly this probably wasn’t a bad idea – Murty’s media performances have been every inch as horrific as anyone who went before him, and they have deteriorated wildly in recent weeks as the crisis ensuing around Ibrox deepened, so we are actually glad we didn’t get to see a pretty plain meltdown by our manager on national TV.

That said, Rangers have also violated SPFL rules in mandatorily always providing a representative to perform said duties after every match, and while we can understand Murty not being fed to the wolves, it is going to be held against us.

We know whoever went out on behalf of the club would have been ridiculed, slaughtered and trashed, no matter what they said, such were and are the emotions currently flowing through everyone of a Rangers persuasion at present, but we cannot help but feel the calming voice of Jimmy Nicholl might have been a prudent solution.

As it is, we await potential punishment for these actions, which for once we have absolutely no defence against.


  1. This was a good move ..Murty is finished he has to go ..I really hope Steven Gerrard comes as we need this huge injection of positivity …The Board are almost getting things right off field Kit Deal Tec…Longer term contracts to move on those who may bring in money ..They will also have told Steven that he will have free hand with Allen and the money to make most of it happen…Please let's not get back to the bad old Green or Whyte days…even as bad as we are we are still as good as the rest …Steven Gerrard would take us to the next level #Season Books 40,000

    • Listen to yourself. Gerrard has never managed anything in his life. So why would he take us to the next level. I hope he rejects us after yesterday. And the club directors can wallow in their own self pity. You seem to know an awful lot of any deal, my arse

    • This is no time for a novice manager. Ask John Greig or Ally McCoist.
      What we do have is a novice Board and until that changes, until they stop denigrating fans with " ahead of the curve" comments and no shows after the most horrible performances in history, forget it. They bring nothing but ridicule and shame to our club. Robertson, King, the mute PR that promised open and honest dialect with us fans. Give me a break. I've had it.

  2. It’s a nothing story with little repercussion.

    Blanket ban on staff talking to the media for them to head home and get shifted for a night of back slapping and awards. Dozens of players and staff earning fantastic sums of our money and not 1 is deserving. That’s the disgrace in all of this.

    I could have saved them the trouble.

    POTY – Not Applicable

    Players Player – Not Applicable

    This year awards are a fucking farce and should be stricken from the clubs records permanently.

  3. fcku the spfl just septic puppets. our answer to them next season is every away team coming to Ibrox get 50tickets and thats it

    • That's unbelievably stupid given that there are rules in place over ticket allocations, not to mention financially disastrous.

      Rangers will make anywhere between a £7-9m loss this season, you can't keep ignoring it, and reducing ticket sales would push that over £10m next season.

    • Go away you sad fellow….we only had 0.9 loss in the last quarter..once the kit deal Tec kicks in …Steven Gerrard going for 55

    • That's not how it works, Bill. I'm not trying to antagonise, but there needs to be reality about the situation because it's fixable if built from the bottom up. You can't just ignore the losses.

      The 0.9m loss you refer to was for the 6 months to 31 December, which includes all season ticket money, sponsorship, advertising etc. The remaining 6 months from Jan-Jun has very little income, but the wages still need paid along with stewarding, policing, electricity, transport etc.

      In the year before, the 6 months to Dec had a 0.5m loss and ended up with a £6m loss by June. That's just how it works in football.

      The new kit deal will be in next year's accounts.

    • nay cunt buys raffle tickets anymer……………..and green shield stamps huv been oota circulation since soooooooooooooooooooness goat the job…bie……back in the mid 80's……you shoooodnae be able tae prifit if yae canny make a profit and thats comin fae a prophet…………..hail fuquin hail

  4. It has become clear since the 2-3 defeat at Ibrox that Murty is all about himself. Talks about his own pain(really?) rather than that of the team, club & fans. He's in the wrong movie.

  5. Honestly think it was a clever move by the board not to let anyone to talk to the media.
    Just take the fine.
    If there going to punish us there's ALWAYS a retort.
    Send out the kitman or such like with a broad Glasgow accent, and make sure he takes his false teeth out.
    Been saying it for ages now, total media blackout and ban the dr and sun from anything to do with Rangers, and I mean ANYTHING!!

    • Why because we are Rangers! You are a condescending prat. Rules are there and it is the bigger person that deals with it. Maybe they were scared Murty might bad mouth the board, but I think he has little bit more class than that unlike our Directors

    • Agree with you totally regarding the board. How anyone can still believe anything that comes out of their mouth pieces just astounds me, fans have to realise that these guys will take our club nowhere fast.

    • BillB you are a total bell end, seriously look at what you post, absolute fuckin drivel either post something that we can actually discuss or get tae fuck ya knob

  6. What keeps ringing in my ear is we take to much on to fast i would go for SG he will not cost as much as some managers and could bring in some good players it may mean we do not need to throw £50 million in for next season maybe £15 to 20 million will do to close the gap,i just think if we go for it with out the right funds we could go bust and that i would hate to see,so SG and some millions and lets get some cups back in here and win the League,they buy young players we want good old heads and plenty of them for next season and turn this around.

  7. I hope if they do they do the same to Celtic. More Celtic flairs again… oh and a Celtic player taking a policmans hat. Do that anywhere else or if any of the fans had done that they would have been arrested. Yet when a Celtic player does it it’s just a bit of fun

    • What about the fan on the pitch taking selfies with the Cetic subs warming up at half time, and the steward just letting him go further around the circle rather than removing him or getting police to physically remove him from the pitch?
      What about the fans making rude gesture towards Rangers players at throw ins?
      What about DC getting things thrown at him at the corner?
      All they are interested in is Rangers being held accountable for us not wanting our players or manager to be asked questions about Murty position cause lets face it no one would have asked about the game now would they??

  8. I'd rather the board just admitted, they're stalling for time. Not that they would ever. How much are we going to get for Morelos, now? He's almost goal-allergic. What a sad state of affairs. Third or fourth, embarrassing. It's just bad management. I trust Dave King, less and less.

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