Monday, 30 April 2018

Yet more bad news - SPFL to take action against Rangers?

After yet another Old Firm shame game, we have yet more chaos and fallout.

Ibrox Noise did not discuss the media blackout by the club yesterday, as frankly we had enough on our plate without going there too, but reports are the club called a boycott on all media duties post-match and denied Graeme Murty a post-match interview.

Quite honestly this probably wasn’t a bad idea – Murty’s media performances have been every inch as horrific as anyone who went before him, and they have deteriorated wildly in recent weeks as the crisis ensuing around Ibrox deepened, so we are actually glad we didn’t get to see a pretty plain meltdown by our manager on national TV.

That said, Rangers have also violated SPFL rules in mandatorily always providing a representative to perform said duties after every match, and while we can understand Murty not being fed to the wolves, it is going to be held against us.

We know whoever went out on behalf of the club would have been ridiculed, slaughtered and trashed, no matter what they said, such were and are the emotions currently flowing through everyone of a Rangers persuasion at present, but we cannot help but feel the calming voice of Jimmy Nicholl might have been a prudent solution.

As it is, we await potential punishment for these actions, which for once we have absolutely no defence against.

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