Would Steven Gerrard be a success as Rangers manager?


The biggest outcry we’ve been seeing from punters over the news about Steven Gerrard as potential new manager is ‘no experience’.

The appointment has been disregarded due to lack of experience in the managerial hotseat, and it is also true that great player does not always mean great manager.

But sometimes it does. Sometimes you get a Carlo Ancelotti, a Diego Simeone, that Catalonian guy that managed a Spanish, German then English team…

You get the drift.

The experience question has also been related to Rangers, and to Graeme Murty. Some fans questioning Gerrard as manager because look how poor Murty has been.

We find this comparison absurd, embarrassing, and simply ridiculous – comparing Graeme Murty like for like with Steven Gerrard?! It doesn’t deserve the dignity of a response.

As for the Rangers angle – well, the last time we took an ex-Liverpool legend who was actually still playing (Gerrard has only recently retired) and made him manager it really didn’t work out too badly did it?

Sure, Souness had a few quid to spend and English clubs’ absence from Europe to help him, plus a very wily assistant in the great Walter Smith, but his contacts were priceless and the guy was a born winner who understood Rangers from the moment he made his debut at Easter Road.

There is no obvious reason why Gerrard would be a failure and a bad appointment. There is only subjective opinion about him and his chances – and when it comes to the world of football the guy really does know his stuff and what he’s talking about.

Gary Neville showed that a great player can fail as a manager, but Jose Mourinho showed a bang average one can succeed.

It really is about the right moment for the right man – whether now is the time for Gerrard we don’t know, and we know if he did take over and was a success, we would lose him to Liverpool at some point.

But it beats Pedro Caixinha.


  1. Might be a good appointment but think he needs a few years to learn his trade first as if we appointed Gerrard and he was a Disaster …we would be further behind "Them"

  2. No body can knock his playing career, but why would we take the risk? have we not suffered enough the last few years taking a risk with the bread man and then Pedro and then wasting the current season using a rookie manager.
    Are you really willing to risk another year while the board "try" another rookie that just might make it or might not?

  3. We need experience. Even a small amount but something you show there is potential in that manager. I would argue and I Woud be correct that Murty us more experienced. You rightly site Sounness and the circumstances surrounding that. Those no longer exist. Scottish football is so backwater it needs someone who has shown he can lift and push forward. Gerrard as much as it checks the big name box has zero managerial experience to create confidence from the fans

  4. No thanks …ever He is not what we need Jack Ross would be a better option than him…Warnock would be my choice …He has all the right credentials …Maybe Walter is ready to give us 2 more years !!!

  5. Would be high risk. Personally think Potter Reid combo would be less risk and has better track record with limited funds and have decent if not impressive CV at many different levels. Could they transform that record to Rangers. I have no idea? Gerrard might turn into a great manager. But with no experience he would be learning on the job which isn't really what Rangers require. Does he understand Rangers again no idea. Personally the net Rangers manager needs to have transformation track record of being able to psychologically build up bunch of inherited under performers unless he given funds to bullet and build his own team with decent warchest. The gerrard rodgers connection would be an issue that might be problematic too. I would be surprised if a big club wasn't ready to take Potter and Reid to see if they can continue their impressive CV together.

  6. The managers position must be decided already surely if these targets put pen to paper. Has walter challenged the board to secure targets before restoring natural order.The only one for me with the knowhow to topple celtic at the first attempt.can't see it though!

  7. We need an Experienced Manager who takes no Nonsense and can put the Fear back into the dressing room!

  8. You’re got to be having a giggle ffs… Aye he could be superb on the other hand he could be pure Dot Cotton.

    If you’re going to go down that route then Mikel Arteta is hands down a far better option as he’s working wonders at Man City and is highly rated for his work down south…He knows what the Club is all about too not like Gerrard who’s a Green & White man

  9. My money is on coco the clown at least we could get a good laff after every game to cheer us up when we get beat of the diddy men

  10. Ok you can't compare him to Murty, but equally, you can't trust that he's experienced enough, so why take the chance?? What is wrong, with a tried and tested Manager?? Why are we always going for youth development coaches? Does Celtic take on inexperienced Managers? No. He might turn out to be good, but is it a chance we can afford to take? I say, no.

  11. Why would he be better than GM? Come to that if and when we get tanked and hand over the premier pennant to Brown, i cant believe GM will be able to survive. He’s run out of rope. We need an upgrade; terrible pressure on the board now!

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