Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Would Steven Gerrard be a success as Rangers manager?

The biggest outcry we’ve been seeing from punters over the news about Steven Gerrard as potential new manager is ‘no experience’.

The appointment has been disregarded due to lack of experience in the managerial hotseat, and it is also true that great player does not always mean great manager.

But sometimes it does. Sometimes you get a Carlo Ancelotti, a Diego Simeone, that Catalonian guy that managed a Spanish, German then English team…

You get the drift.

The experience question has also been related to Rangers, and to Graeme Murty. Some fans questioning Gerrard as manager because look how poor Murty has been.

We find this comparison absurd, embarrassing, and simply ridiculous – comparing Graeme Murty like for like with Steven Gerrard?! It doesn’t deserve the dignity of a response.

As for the Rangers angle – well, the last time we took an ex-Liverpool legend who was actually still playing (Gerrard has only recently retired) and made him manager it really didn’t work out too badly did it?

Sure, Souness had a few quid to spend and English clubs’ absence from Europe to help him, plus a very wily assistant in the great Walter Smith, but his contacts were priceless and the guy was a born winner who understood Rangers from the moment he made his debut at Easter Road.

There is no obvious reason why Gerrard would be a failure and a bad appointment. There is only subjective opinion about him and his chances – and when it comes to the world of football the guy really does know his stuff and what he’s talking about.

Gary Neville showed that a great player can fail as a manager, but Jose Mourinho showed a bang average one can succeed.

It really is about the right moment for the right man – whether now is the time for Gerrard we don’t know, and we know if he did take over and was a success, we would lose him to Liverpool at some point.

But it beats Pedro Caixinha.

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