Thursday, 5 April 2018

Where will Rangers finish this season?

Where will Rangers finish this season? Up till three weeks ago there were flirtations of actually making a title fist. However, with the downturn in fortunes since, re-evaluation of those goals has become stark and indeed in concert with Hibs’ form, Kilmarnock’s, and Aberdeen’s restoration of their second top slot, Rangers fans have started to really worry about the split.

With Dundee buoyant following their point at Parkhead, another scalp for Neil McCann’s men is quite possible on Saturday and that would be deadly for Rangers going into the five hardest matches of the season.

Some fans even have some small fear that fifth place this season is becoming worryingly possible; Aberdeen have their tails up and will be tough to catch, even if we miraculously beat them, while we would already write off Celtic, Hibs and Killie in terms of picking up a single point.

Hearts is the only post-split match we have any belief in getting something from, given their form of late is quite poor, and that means in a worst case scenario Rangers may only get three points of a possible 15.

And if Dundee are on their game they could well shock Ibrox too, giving us, possibly, four points (or less) of 18.

Meanwhile Hibs are a certainty now to surpass Rangers and take third, while Aberdeen are unlikely to falter and lose their second place.

Which leaves Killie. They are a fair way behind us, but they will pick up a lot of points – while it is remote that they could actually win every split match, their form forces the possibility.

If that insane ending should happen, and even if it doesn’t, Rangers could actually finish this season the worst position (fourth or worse) since that horrific 5th in ’86.

Quite simply, Rangers are in the worst pickle they’ve been in 32 years, and based on current form are back in the early 80s where third, fourth and fifth place finishes were common. But of course back then we had a much better squad – Cooper, Russell, MacDonald, Johnstone, Parlane, Jardine et al.

Now our squad, while not horrific, simply doesn’t have that quality. And a worryingly low finish is quite possible.
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