Monday, 16 April 2018

What on EARTH is going on with Graham Dorrans?

This one has Rangers fans tearing their hair out in frustration. And the curious irony is Graeme Murty wasn’t the first manager to be guilty of it. Pedro was at it too.

Why do these managers continue to waste one of Rangers’ potentially most potent assets by shoehorning Graham Dorrans into defensive midfield?!

We are completely, utterly, totally, absolutely and entirely at a loss as to why Dorrans has been forced into a role he is clearly terrible at and is simply isn’t allowed to sit in the attacking areas.

This is a guy who has done it for Scotland a dozen times, who has done it at the highest levels of English football for years, and who clearly is a cut above in quality.

If played in the correct position.

Like Pedro before him, Graeme Murty has brought Dorrans back and plonked him straight next to Greg Docherty, which has not only disrupted Dorrans’ own game, but absolutely destroyed Docherty’s too.

Docherty is deeply struggling right now, and misses having a proper DM next to him as Sean Goss was.

Instead we have Dorrans looking lost, and his only meaningful contribution yesterday was an attempted hatchet job which he failed at and got booked for.

It is simply impalpable to watch a high-quality £1.5M signing worthy of the EPL being absolutely wasted in a terrible position.

The worse irony is even when Josh Windass got injured and we at Ibrox Noise assumed Dorrans would just replace him in the number 10, he didn’t! He remained where he was, isolated and out of touch, and instead it was Kenny Miller who got that place!

It is simply unfathomable logic, inexplicable stupidity, and a perversely dreadful use of resources which are being completely ruined by horrendous management.

We don’t expect Dorrans to be Messi, but we do expect him to have the chance to play in his best slot – he can do nothing behind the centre circle, and it’s ruining him, Docherty, and Rangers as a whole.

But hey, what do we know?

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