What on earth is going on at Ibrox? Key duo banned…


Yesterday Ibrox Noise was heavily critical of the growing Celtic influence at Ibrox, and got castigated for it by many who failed to grasp the point.

Today two of our senior players, Kenny Miller and Lee Wallace, have been banned from the club for calling into question Graeme Murty’s tactics.

This is a further worrying state of affairs for a once-dignified club which is in serious danger of falling into a rabbit hole of its own making.

There is no question both Miller and Wallace are true Rangers men – while Miller’s star and ability faded desperately the past year or two, few could ever make a case he wants to hurt Rangers. The man only wants the best for this club.

Meanwhile Lee Wallace, club captain and the guy who sacrificed his career with both Scotland and a higher level to give Rangers the best years he had has said many times it’s all about Rangers for him. He is truly one of us even if, again, his ability was on the wane.

So for these two to get suspended for criticising the manager after an absolutely shambolic afternoon in which Murty was exposed for the inadequate that he is, borders on the comical.

No suspension for anyone else, despite, for example, Greg Docherty and Alfredo Morelos clashing in both the centre circle and, reportedly, in the tunnel, but because the two most senior Rangers men questioned the coach, they’re out.

And this time Miller’s suspension is not by the coach, as it was when Pedro did it, but by the board.

The rumour mill knew something was abuzz yesterday with reports Murty was out – that information, at this time, appears to have been wrong about the identity of the personnel given his/their marching orders, but right that someone was indeed out.

Something is endemically wrong at Ibrox now, it is plain to see. Whether it’s a minority of Celtic minded men having more influence than they should, or pure incompetence from the board we can’t truly say, but the rot is setting in dreadfully and we are deeply worried about the direction this once-proud club is going in.


  1. Can't help thinking this latest episode is an attempt to deflect attention away from the real problems on the park, murty and the boards inability to hire a decent manager after 3 failures!

    • I got to agree with you but we could get a decent manager in if we offer 1.5 or 2 million a year plenty would jump at the chance,and that is top managers from down south and around the world let them all know the contract on offer with a min 3 year deal to a max 5 year deal.

    • Aye your totally right. The beggars have proved that a genuine world class manager is the most important appointment to make. We can't scrimp on this, we need to pay big wages and get the right guy. Look at them, they paid big money for Brenda but he has turned an average squad that Delia had into comfortable league and treble winners.

    • Trust me stevie, he's no top class or he would be back amongst the big boys despite managing a club he loves. h was appointed to progress in the CL and no much better than deila and nowhere near lennon's CL record. fuck!pedro could win the league his shoes.

    • Scooby I don't like giving them credit for anything but he is a top class manager, he toys with someone like murty! He managed them to that unbeaten run and pretty much guaranteed back to back trebles with virtually the same squad as Delia had plus a couple of his own signings. He will go back to a top 6 club in the premiership..sooner the better! As for Pedro winning the league?? Let's not go there!

  2. Sorry but this whole thing is a total embarrassment. No wonder we get classed as the laughing stock of Scottish football.

    Murty has done a job in difficult circumstances. Obviously no one knows the reasons behind they're suspension but as you rightly day these 2 players are through and through and probably voiced what we are all thinking. Murty got it totally wrong and most likely voiced this in the angry manner in which we where all feeling.

    Wallace in particular has stood by us from the get go when things went tits up all them years ago. To suspend him after all he has done I think stinks of complete desperation to throw the blame st others people's door rather than shoulder the blame themselves. Murty and the board are the ones to blame for the shambles that happening.

    I only hope that things get sorted and gets sorted asap as with what's going on just now is just going to get worse and worse.

    We will never catch the Manky mob with the arseholes we have at the club. Robertson needs to go asap this guy was the main player in wanting pedro and we all know how that worked out. We are still dealing with the mess Ped left behind. Stevie wonder could see he was the biggest mistake made by these wankers at the top.

    Any body got a magic want coz that's the only thing that's going to fix this mess that's happening just now.
    We all know the players have got to shoulder some of the blame nut it's starts from the top.

    I read your article about to much influence on our club from the bheast from the east. I couldn't agree more. It all started wit craigy the scamming wanker whyte. Ever since then these shower a shite have had an influence on our great club. Hope Walter says right fuck this I'm going in to sort this shite out and taking my good friend and fellow blue nose Sir Alex with me.

    A MAN CAN DREAM!!!!!!

  3. If they go then something is seriously wrong. Two rangers men can’t be sacked especially the captain and vice captain over not being happy about the weekends performance. Murty needs to be sacked now!!

  4. I don't believe Murty would sabotage Rangers because he is a Celtic fan. As was Neil McCann. Any more than McDowell sabotaged Celtic when he worked there.

    As for what happened in the dressing room, I don't know. So until I hear from someone who does know, I would just be guessing wildly. Which will not help us

  5. Told U all months & months ago there would be a massive clear out and plenty of our own will be on that list.
    5 down 8 to go with Murty.

    Miller has now fell out with the last 3 managers, everything's tickety boo when he's playing, soon as he's dropped straight to the DR.
    Read into that anyway U want!!
    FFS his wife wants to pick the team.

    Wallace has been fit for 3 weeks and withdrawn himself from the squad for some reason, I don't know why perhaps this has been brewing for weeks behind the scenes.
    Should have stayed in the stand!

    They are not disrespectful of Murty they disrespectful of the Managers position.
    That is not acceptable no player is bigger than GLASGOW RANGERS!!

    Don't worry about transparency gents, Millers Wife is on the phone to the dr and sun as I post.
    Will be on the back pages first thing in the morning!!

    They are not the last out the door, plenty more to follow!!!!

    • Robbie I heard you got Millers wife on speed dial mate! Naw all seriousness for a mo I completely agree with what you’ve said regards Miller & Wallace they’ve disgraced the Club by verbally attacking the Manager in front of the other players.. Let’s not forget Halliday will get pumped tae which is only right but not if that makes sense..

      Murty got it wrong but all the should kept indoors and out of earshot to the gutter press…

  6. There was something not right from kick off on Sunday it was glaringly obvious. The reactions of Halliday (even Nichol looked shocked at his tantrum) and Candeias to being substituted, Morelos and Docherty at the end. Alves having to calm Halliday, (it even looked like Holt was telling him to sit down and shut it) and Morelos and Docherty. Murty is working to the best of his ability, he looked shocked in his interview, Boyd questioned why he hadn't spoken to the players now we know why. There is a poison at Ibrox. Miller and Wallace have previous for this behaviour, don't forget Pedro banned them both from Ibrox. Our most senior player and our Club captain have the right to voice their opinions, but there's ways of doing it. What message does their actions send to young players like Docherty and McRorie on how to behave as a Rangers player, what message does it send to the rest of the players? Do what they've just done in your next works meeting to your manager and see how long you last. No difference, they are employees of Rangers. No matter what the manager has got wrong given his inexperience, as senior players they should try and support him. Ask yourself this, would they have tried that with Sir Walter or Souness if they'd lost 4-0? They'd have been spark out on the dressing room floor. Or Butcher or Gough would have done it for them! They have previous for undermining the managers, managers that we know are not good enough, managers that are out of their depth and weak, but as long as they are manager they should have a level of respect. I don't only believe they've damaged Murty but they've also effected the players for the run in.

    • They would never have lost 4-0 under Smith or Souness. So they would never had a need to try it on.

    • Lost 5-1 under Smith, I bet no player challenged him. True Stuart I get the feeling it was that bad he's our unders nanager thrown to the wolves. We may now even lose him as that

  7. Rangers appear to be saying it was due to lack of respect to the manager this is the manager that showed a lack of respect to halliday pulling him off 2 mins before half time we had the scenario on Sunday of two managers Rodgers of the scum directing his players and tweaking things and then we had our own Ted Rogers of the game show 3 2 1 alias Murty adding a 4 to the game shows signature to direct our players to play a 4 3 2 1 the man has not got a clue just like our whole board of directors how is Murty going to get us into second place finish at the way it is going we will be lucky to finish fourth

  8. There is a lot more going on at Ibrox ! The board are totally responsible as they appointed Caixinha and Murty . This is the root cause.. however the players too have to bear the fall out from the last few performances especially Kilmarnock and the Rotten Mob . Miller and Wallace have only come out with the frustration that probably everyone was feeling . The Board needs to change slightly obviously the Shares situation dictates any change, lets be real there will be no mass change or resignations . King has already appointed Donald Park and that is a positive move . We now need a Manager who can get things organised for next season . I do feel they need to get rid of Robertson .

  9. The board have been playing for time ever sin Pedro left. They. Must get costs down by ditching breadman and Pedro’s. Diddies. Put money aside for summer.Then new manager. Hence mostly loans in January. New start in summer. New share issue. If Murty had been successful he would have got job. Not spending money In January was wise. Murty was never going to make it. Look at our home losses. Now new manager can spend money.

  10. Murty needs to be Relieved of his Position!
    To Suspend Miller and Wallace in this way is Unforgivable
    …after Everything Wallace has done for Rangers? 😠


    • Stevo mate they’ve embarrassed the Club & Supporters that’s not the Rangers way ever!! The next Manager wouldn’t keep them after hearing this he’d have them pumped oot the door…. We all now know Murty isn’t fit for the job but none the less he’s the Manager and with that comes a degree of respect right or wrong..They both knew that as much as anybody and Wallace even more so – get them tae fuck pronto….

  11. Am with the players on this,miller and the others including ex players are oonly venting their anger as we do at the way the club is run. our rivals namely celtic have been in our position many times with players speaking out.

    • We're not Celtic Scooby lad… It’s not the Rangers way it’s that simple… You’d never get away with doing that in any other job.. I’m all for passion as much as anybody but that was wrong and they both know it.. We can say how pish it is and so on and call them useless c£&ta – but a Rangers player must never cross that line… Durrant nearly got fucked out for less under Souness mate

    • That was my point! were no celtic, the current custodians are at risk of turning our club into the basket case club that was them pre-mc Cann. for me the club is not being run the rangers way which is causing anger and resentment from past and present bluenoses .

    • Ahh my bad Scooby mate! Picked you up wrong on that..Defo agree on the anger resentment between supporters as there’s a split on the action taken with these two.. I’d say it’s split the support bang down the middle. One thing we all agree on this current state of affairs on and off the pitch won’t be tolerated for any longer…

  12. How can anyone make a qualified comment when no-one knows what actually happened?

    We may never be told the truth, but we certainly can't start making it up and claiming Miller & Wallace are innocent.

    They definitely weren't suspended for just speaking up about the game. Get real guys.

  13. Murty to be relieved, he will be, if shown the door, hung out to dry by King, savaged by Miller (wait till the truth comes out) and while some may think K is our hero, M is a true blue neither are fit to be with us any more. J

  14. Miller is a glory hunter . Very short memory Ibrox noise ,he signed for Celtic in 2006. Do you not remember him kissing the badge on a few occasions,the Celtic badge that is …..just saying

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