Tuesday, 17 April 2018

What on earth is going on at Ibrox? Key duo banned...

Yesterday Ibrox Noise was heavily critical of the growing Celtic influence at Ibrox, and got castigated for it by many who failed to grasp the point.

Today two of our senior players, Kenny Miller and Lee Wallace, have been banned from the club for calling into question Graeme Murty’s tactics.

This is a further worrying state of affairs for a once-dignified club which is in serious danger of falling into a rabbit hole of its own making.

There is no question both Miller and Wallace are true Rangers men – while Miller’s star and ability faded desperately the past year or two, few could ever make a case he wants to hurt Rangers. The man only wants the best for this club.

Meanwhile Lee Wallace, club captain and the guy who sacrificed his career with both Scotland and a higher level to give Rangers the best years he had has said many times it’s all about Rangers for him. He is truly one of us even if, again, his ability was on the wane.

So for these two to get suspended for criticising the manager after an absolutely shambolic afternoon in which Murty was exposed for the inadequate that he is, borders on the comical.

No suspension for anyone else, despite, for example, Greg Docherty and Alfredo Morelos clashing in both the centre circle and, reportedly, in the tunnel, but because the two most senior Rangers men questioned the coach, they’re out.

And this time Miller’s suspension is not by the coach, as it was when Pedro did it, but by the board.

The rumour mill knew something was abuzz yesterday with reports Murty was out – that information, at this time, appears to have been wrong about the identity of the personnel given his/their marching orders, but right that someone was indeed out.

Something is endemically wrong at Ibrox now, it is plain to see. Whether it’s a minority of Celtic minded men having more influence than they should, or pure incompetence from the board we can’t truly say, but the rot is setting in dreadfully and we are deeply worried about the direction this once-proud club is going in.

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