Wednesday, 25 April 2018

What a difference a week makes at Ibrox...

 Article by: Robbie

Seven days ago my article was all doom & gloom, in fact I was at my lowest ebb of the season to be totally honest with you all.

I’m sure you have read that I fully expect eleven to thirteen players be released by the club come the summer, looks like if we release eight more we will have our thirteen, not hard to find that eight!?

My biggest push last week was for Mark Allen, some of my colleagues at Ibrox Noise still aren’t with me 100% as yet on what he brings to the club.  Pretty sure with the latest news that Scott Arfield, (Almost over the line) James McArthur & Allan McGregor have all been approached by Mr Allen that said percentage went up overnight.

This shows so much more ambition by the club and certainly the calibre of player we should be targeting. Before everybody starts moaning it's CH’s we require, THINK if we all know that then Mr Allen certainly does. We will have to wait till the summer for them as they will no doubt be under contract.

Getting anything out of Mr Allen is virtually impossible, he holds his cards so close to his chest at all times, doubt the man would tell you the time!!!

Mr King was at Anfield last night watching Liverpool (Some game BTW) and speculation hit meltdown; he was also seen around five having a meal with Gerrard also adding fuel to the fire.

Hence Gerrard 8/1 in the morning into 1/2 by KO time. Both Dave and his son are Rangers & Liverpool supporters always have been; he’s at a game having a meal beforehand, it could be nothing but could be something. Gerrard as assistant manager would definitely be my preference, could all be pea & ham oot of a chicken!

Could live with Arsene Wenger & Steven Gerrard?!

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