Sunday, 15 April 2018

Was THIS startling Rangers tradition exposed by Celtic ?

It is hard to know where to begin with the wreckage of today’s annihilation at the hands of Celtic. The display ranks up there as arguably the worst modern Rangers performance against them, including the 6-2 at Parkhead, 5-1 at Parkhead and the 1-5 at Ibrox.

This was a sorry, sorry afternoon in which the name of Rangers was 100% disgraced by a pitiful display which shamed the jersey, embarrassed us fans, and will disturbingly live long in the memory as managing to go lower than the worst of Pedro and Warby put together.

And yet the angle we are taking for this piece? Just what do Rangers mean to our fans any more?

No, I don’t mean the loyal supporters who showed up in their thousands and cheered the side on as much as they could till understandably giving up, nor those who stayed to the bitter end, admirable though such perseverance and loyalty was.

No, I mean that for the first time in as long as I can remember, Rangers lined up with at least four dyed in the wool fans in the team – Graham Dorrans, Greg Docherty, Andy Halliday and Jamie Murphy:

Yet with an abundance of guys who ‘knew what it meant’ we actually proceeded to get the least passionate Rangers display in living memory.

This thing was paltry. There was no fight, no spirit, no movement, no pace, no energy – for the most Rangers-centric lineup this team has actually had in an age, the complete absence of evidence of that was stark.

Not even the normally fight-filled Greg Docherty looked fully up for it, never more summed up more than when he and Brown finally went head to head for a ball and the Celtic captain destroyed him.

And the rest? Halliday might have had a tantrum in the dugout but like the rest of the team his fight was saved for off the pitch, rather than on it, while Murphy and Dorrans barely even touched the ball. For all of Murphy’s previous fight and getting back to support Declan John, we barely noticed a single instance of it today.

This was a match which truly disproved the old cliché that ‘Rangers men’ in the team are what we need.

Do we really need players or a manager who ‘understands’ this club and what it means? We thought we did – but today’s performance from four players who are supposedly one of us each and all did not vindicate that.

There was no heart, no grit, and no sleeves got rolled up.

This was, frankly, a disgrace of a display – regardless of the tactics, which of course were a shambles too (more of that another time), the basics from the players were absent and their desire to win followed suit.

A truly horrific afternoon and it will take a long time to come to terms with it, never mind improve from it.


  1. Leadership is a void throughout the club. Robertson to King, they couldn't burst a paper bag and their teams performance is woeful. They ARE responsible through their feebleness in their respective jobs.
    Season ticket sales? Not for these two Neanderthals. More passion in a dead lump of wood and this club will die with these guys.

  2. I’ve never saw such a bad Rangers performance in all my 45 yrs.

    You’re right about the being Rangers men too in your article. Dorrans was almost playing as sweeper he was that deep, Docherty at least put a tackle in but yes not his best showing, Halliday if he’d been that aggressive to Brown but wasn’t, Murphy had his quietest game yet.

    So many failures today in that Team it’s inexcusable. The Board must have the Manager situation sorted before the end of season it's that simple. Feel for Murty but it’s destroying him and the press asking him about his position going over the same shite doesn’t help him either..

    Embarrassed watching that today feel for those loyal boys staying right to the death respect 👏🏼

    Massive work to be done to stop that lot next season... Over to you Rangers Board

    1. Really Billy? I know we are all mad as hell but I have seen worse. The Breadmans 5-1 was worse and there are many more unfortunately.
      I agree I feel for Murty. He took those questions well and with dignity. People need to remember the size of the job he was given. He's up against a guy who's managed 5 clubs and one of them is Liverpool but we expect him to beat that guy...and Murty has only been a 'manager' for about 20 matches...the board are responsible. Murty has shown much more dignity than any of them.

    2. At Hampden aye that’s worst I’ve ever saw a Rangers Team perform Blue Blue.

      Murtys hurting mate even my wife felt for him during that interview - she says he’s very emotional and you can see the effect it’s having on him. Got nothing but respect for the way he’s carried himself throughout its just above him at present..

      The Board are responsible but if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. Can’t see the major finance that’s needed to overhaul the the current squad and Manager of course. Too many risks taken with Warburton Pedro and his signings..

    3. Blue Blue, I agree with a lot of your comnents. But , this was FAR worse than the 5-1 the Bread-Man experienced. In that game we anticompetitive for the first half, playing some decent football and were only soundly beaten when we lost Senderous and had to put Barton at centre half. Today, from the first minute we never competed. I can't remember an Auld Firm game like that. And I go back 63 years supporting the Gers! Even in the 6-2 trashing in the O'Neil era, we were well beaten but competed nevertheless.

  3. This is Doran's 3 or 4th game back after almost a season out injured. Young Doc tried and was still trying coming off at the end but he's only been at the club 3 months. Murphy had a little go but never really got up and running because of how the team was set out. Andy Halliday I'm sorry he maybe a blue nose but we all know he is not a Rangers player. How he got on the pitch I have no idea. And with his performance when subbed he should have his contract cancelled and told to go away.

    So we had 3 Rangers men on the pitch. Not sure the best 3 Rangers men ever would have been able to drive a team when the other 8 players were useless. We do need Rangers men but most of all we now need to find a way in the summer of finding someone who will come in and raise the standard, to the Rangers standard. That man may not be a Rangers man but he has to be a top, top professional.

    Someone who will be happy to go head to head with Brenda. We can afford it. Take the wages played to Alves, Pena and that other useless centre half must come to £40k to £60K a week. That would get you a Brenda level manager. That would get us someone like a Sean Dyche an up and coming young manger who is unlikely to get a big club in England so why not manage a club in to the Champions League. This is ambitious and its what we need...please lets show real Rangers ambition ....Steve Clark is not don't start with him. Lets show the same ambition that got the Souness revolution.

    1. Delusional. We need a change of board before we even discuss next season.

    2. Don’t think the article was a dig at the Rangers boys in the Team but just stating a point.. This having to be a Rangers man pish is what’s killing the Club going forward - what we need is winners from Management trough to players that’s the be all and end all of it...
      As you rightly stated Souness was a serial winner that’s why he was a success.. Wee Mo wasn’t a Rangers man either but a winner...
      It can't be allowed to be a Team of losers at Rangers but that’s whats happening..

    3. You need money to start a Souness Revolution Blue Blue and that’s something we don’t have. I can’t believe your talking about Champions League after that today. Sean Dyche will NOT come to us,Let’s keep it real.

    4. Blue Boy I have said all season, if we want a manager to developer Rangers back to where we’re were and should be Sean Dyche would be my choice. We should try all we can to entice him to Ibrox, but I doubt he would give us a second thought.
      Murty has had his chance, I like the guy but he was outfoxed at Ibrox against a 10 man Celtic team and has been sorely let down today by the players he played today. He has been unfortunate not to have a full squad of players at his disposal but at Ibrox he made poor substitutions and today again made the wrong choice in bringing on Windass, he had to bring on Alves and too late to bring on Holt.
      In my opinion Alves, Miller and Holt should have played from the start with McCrorie playing in front of the back four, Miller linking with Morelos and Holt in place of Docherty, Dorrans dropping to the bench.
      What did Holt ever do to be discarded from the team, he captained us for a few games and never stops harassing and pressing players and his movement , not always something supporters ever realise draws players away creating gaps for others, he is a sore miss when not in the team. Young Docherty an McCrorie will suffer from the result today, McCrorie was dire today, it didn’t help playing beside Martin and this is one old firm game Docherty shouldn’t have started.
      It is nigh impossible to give any player a pass mark today, my only player to attain any appreciation of merit was Declan John, who impressed me for most of the match snuffing out Forrest and as much as his slight frame would allow show some sort od drive, dig and effort.
      The worst thing about today is that we have yet another season to come where we find ourselves in transition when we we should be in stabilisation.

    5. Alex are we going to change the board? Its a company, it doesn't work on the basis people don't like the people on the board. They all own parts of the company. They only way it will change is if they sell their shares....not likely considering they have all sunk ( litteraly ) millions of their own money into the club in 'soft loans'.
      So we cannot change the board. That is not delusional...

      Bigjim1872...I'm not talking about CL now but if we were to invest in a man who would challenge Brenda and we give him money then we should at least be able to match them. The board need to find money. Its not your problem or mine as we done own the company. They have invested their own millions so far but they only way they will ever get anything back is to get us in front of Brenda and is girls. They need to find more money and apparently that is a possibility.
      Why wouldn't Dyche come? If we had the financial resources ( I know but the board need to do it to get their money back ) and paid him what ever is required would he not want to manage one of the biggest clubs in Europe? It doesn't look like he will get any of the big 6 English clubs giving him a job so he's hitting a glass ceiling. Why wouldn't he come to a massive European club? He would be competing in CL ...he's not going to get that in England

  4. I would dump everyone who has brought shame to our great club and if I were king I'd be looking for a proven manager to take us forward if we don't punish those who failed us they will continue to do so and if I were the first team players I would hand back my wages for the day and hold my head in shame for an abysmal performance get a bloody grip if you don't want to play leave now .

  5. I stayed to the end. I hate everything that team stands for so to have them laughing at us again is really hard to take. I'm not going to down Murty. King has played his part now he either needs to spend money and get the next Manager right or disappear. He must have made up the money he lost under Murray by now. Surely. Thats all he's in it for. Right?

    1. what do they stand for? and what do Rangers stand for?

  6. Souness revolution. how much u need for that!!40-60 nae chance

  7. I post as four four two and thats because I believe is the formation we should start with not rigid but with the right manager flexible its not rocket science you see where it is working and how the opposition are dealing with it and then you have the options to change it we need a manager who can recognise this type of situation and unfortunately at this present time Murty is not that person every season we are starting from scratch with a new manager when we should be improving from the previous season rather than building a completely new squad as what is happening again just now

  8. The Myth that we need 'Rangers Men' got truly Annihilated Today

    We need someone who isnt 'of Rangers' ...We need someone who isnt gonna be 'mates' with the players.
    We need a disciplinarian who doesnt accept slacking!

    We need someone who isnt gonna pussyfoot around.
    We need someone who will tell it like it is!

    We need someone to come in and take the bull by the horns and shake us alive again ...Like GS did in 86'

  9. ah but wait, we are okay really, Mr King will see us through, after all he and the board told us we turned down £11M for Morelas. On top of that our training academy is producing great assets which we will keep or sell on for more millions, just ask Hamburg. Every cloud has a silver lining, over to you Mr King J

  10. Ibrox noise you need to vet blogs like Cathal Bruga he was an ira volunteer who in their words gave his life for the cause we dont need this crap on our forums

    1. Our apologies. The occasional miscreant gets through. Removed.

  11. The Board has to be held to account, and we the fans need to let King know that we won’t stand for this crap anymore!
    Q. Who appointed Pedro and why are they still anywhere near the club.
    Q. Why the fiasco over appointing Pedro’s replacement, why did it take so long to approach (bottler) McInnes, and what went wrong in securing the deal (and yes I agree we dodged a bullet - that’s not the point.
    Q. Why was Danny Wilson allowed to leave the club to be replaced by past their sell by date loans, and why is the same thing happening by allowing a promising (but far from finished article) young player like Bates to leave for nothing.
    Q. Who is on the radar to succeed Murty and what sort of funds will they be given to rebuild the team.
    Q. What the fuck does Mark Allen actually do!
    Meanwhile we need to try and secure a decent fee for - Foderingham, Tavenier, Windass, Morelos
    Anything we can get for - Hodson, Alves, Dorrans, Herrera,
    Bin - Halliday and Candieas for their disgraceful behavior today + the lesser spotted Dodoo, Rossiter, Dalcio, Alnwick, O’Halloran,
    Retire Miller
    Send home - Goss, Martin (tonight)

    1. Totally agree we have been delusional about the quality that has been brought to ibrox for too long and we need stop accepting it , to the board either dig deep or ship out thanks for the effort

  12. Give the job to kennys wife ive seen enough,imagine what viewers thought of that match around the world,laughing stock,scottish football joke,so septic win league again go to europe and back out in first round again same old diddy league

  13. King needs to be driven out of Ibrox. Con man

  14. I have been watching rangers since 1971 and that is the worst performance I have even seen from a so called rangers team even the 6_2 and 5_1 games the team put up a fight just as you said at the start of this thread my son turned to me and said I thought those guys supported rangers dad

  15. Every one would love to play for there club those four are living the dream but they need to put in 110% in games not looking lost from kick off,we need to move on 3/4 of that team any new first rate manager will want money £30 million plus and get rid of the dead wood we have, do we have that sort of money to help a new manager change where we are today,i would like to see our own young players coming through if they are good enough then play them do not sell them they are our future...


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