Three SPL rivals emerge as interested in Rangers star; reports


Rangers’ frozen out striker Kenny Miller has emerged as a target for at least three SPL clubs, we understand.

The 38-year old forward was allegedly at the centre of an apparent dressing room altercation and along with fellow team mate Lee Wallace has been suspended till further notice.

In Miller’s case, with the former Hibs striker out of contract this summer, it appears near-certain he has played his last game for Rangers and SPL clubs Aberdeen, Hibs and Motherwell have been heavily linked with interest in taking him as a Bosman come June.

In Hibs’ case it would be a return to where it all started for Miller, a bit like fellow former Rangers team mate Steven Whittaker, while Motherwell have been trying to replace Louis Moult since he left. Last but not least Derek McInnes reportedly tried to sign him recently in a last minute effort but failed, so would be very happy to take him for free instead.

Miller going to Pittodrie would be a bit of a bitter end, such is the acrimony Rangers and Aberdeen hold each other in, and for a Rangers player who is supposedly a dyed in the wool fan, it would be a bitter pill for fans to swallow him going to such a toxic rival – it would also utterly sully any positive legacy he still has in many fans’ eyes at Ibrox.

Albeit, Hibs would hardly be much better.

Of all those options, Miller would be wise to go to Motherwell. Because it does appear his time in Govan has finally ended.


    • It will never be Motherwell. He will want to go to a bigger name. Motherwell have done well in the cups this year, but it won't be repeated. He'll want a team that can compete for second place so. Aberdeen or Hibs it will be: with the latter my bet. Also, and he's right, he'll go where the most money is and that won't be Killie or the Well. And…..I wish him (pardon the pun) well!

  1. The sooner we get over ourselfs as fans the better. Sack the board? So who's going to buy them out? I don't see the billionaires lining up…do you? If so tell me who. Miller allegedly?….Miller did he has history!! Wallace?….we'll see. Halliday another poisoness under performer. When Souness dealt with Graham Roberts, a player ten times those three put together nobody had a say, the guy was an England international. He was not bigger than the club or the manager. But now we scream after average players careers, I think Rangers have given them more than they've given Rangers. I don't care that Wallace has been on "the journey" he's the best paid player at Rangers. Never forget he makes more in wages a month than some supporters do in a year, what's he contributed this season? Miller's wife blew it with her tweets…The poison had already been spread. It showed from kick off and as supporter of the club, and not individual players I don't want their vitriol or any other players near our Club.

    • Get over yourself! Graham Roberts was at Ibrox for one season, when his career was finished. What he did in challenging Souness was FAR worse than what Miller or Wallace 'supposedly ' did. He fully admitted he deserved what he got. Plis he took on a respected and successfull manager. Not Mirth – who neither earns respect or could EVER be termed successful. And your belief that Roberts did more 'than the three of them put together'. Really? His only real claim to fame was conducting the choir. Not matter how much I enjoyed it!

    • while i beleive they do care, ur post is spot on in many ways. walter and souness's teams had their problems,it was handled the rangers way and ultimately succesful.

    • Roberts was 28 when he was at Rangers, hardly finished. Played for Chelsea and West Brom after leaving. I also didn't say he did more than them, I said he was a better player than that 3 put together.

  2. when lennon says miller is a winner and would'nt throw the towel in it's time to listen as he was referring to those who failed to fight for the jersey. fitba never ceases to amaze me, fuck! i need a drink, i agreed wae him as even he hates non – triers. doctorrrrrr!

  3. Gotta Be Motherwell
    But will probably be someone else with more money than M'Well

    There is also the Romantics of the game who say he should go bk to Hibs…
    He started there,
    He should Finish There 🤔

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