Thursday, 12 April 2018

The Old Firm week from Hell?


Sometimes on this site we’re lost for words, but we’re going to try to fumble our way through this one without losing the plot entirely.

Have you ever seen a worse Old Firm build up than this week? A more anti-Rangers disaster-filled Old Firm week?

First it was that horrific ST renewal statement by Dave King.

Then it was David Weir and his constant smears about everything Rangers except Graeme Murty.

Then it was Dorin Goian going on about a drinking culture at Ibrox.

Then it was Ally McCoist with yet more ‘advice’ for the club.

Now it’s the breaking story that after other ‘sources’ reassured the punters that David Bates would sign a new deal, the 21-year old is confirmed off to Hamburg.

Now we are left with anti-Rangers sentiment proliferating through the media (by most of our own for heaven’s sake) and just three (atrocious) defenders (Alves, Cardoso and Martin) because we can’t see Bates playing for Rangers again.

We almost don’t know what to feel right now. Anger with the media for being so blatantly warped against the club, or frustration that our defence is now beyond pathetic, or defiant that we can still get a result on Sunday.

This is clearly the worst Old Firm build up we can remember – the press wheeled out just about every anti-Rangers sentiment there was, while Dave King shot us and himself in the foot, while David Bates’ duff foot is now effectively on the plane to Germany.

Therefore everything is set nicely for a truly defiant Old Firm win against every odd possible.

My colleague Robbie set out a decent selection to try dealing with the threat of Celtic, but there is no getting away from the defence, and we must win in spite of it.

The Scottish press seem to want the worst for Rangers – every negative has been used this week and will continue to be.

Best to shove that where the sun don’t shine.
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