“Sack the board”?


 Article by: Robbie

An address to the growing concern amongst our support that our chairman & board are not delivering for the Club or supporters. Also no transparency from anybody whatsoever.

Sack the Board.

Get King to F**k

Ok, fine so if we oust the above mentioned and then what? I’m all ears and the floor is well and truly yours, unless I’m missing something and there IS a plan B, I am totally lost!!

People just printing the above and then do not elaborate on it, are mindboggling, please advise on plan B.

Transparency: No arguments out of me whatsoever.

Our support wants instant success as does yours truly, BUT before you build a house you have to put foundations down. In the last two years the board and King have been doing that in the shape of getting the roofs fixed, making the match day experience a better day for all. They also had to upgrade the training complex which certainly doesn’t come cheap. Especially when you’re paying off lumps of wood to boot!!

The above mentioned have done a great job in completing that, only because they are businessmen and that’s just second nature to them.

Football wise: they don’t know what the hell they’re doing simple as that; the Bread Man and Bullfighter, I need say no more. I think they did the correct thing in giving Murty the job till the summer as the names getting bounced about at the time weren’t any better than the previous two.

Luckily enough we dodged a bullet with DM. It also buys them time till the summer where the choices will be tenfold if not already agreed in principle. I would like to think Mr Allen is in advanced negotiations with our new manager. If yours truly was in charge Allen and our new manager would be working together right now identifying new players and deciding who’s surplus to requirements.

Mark Allen was taken in for obvious reasons. He’s had one window and for me did a fair job considering it was the winter window where most teams get panic buys, not Mr Allen “try before I buy, if no good return to sender”. I like Mr Allen because he’s a football man not a businessman, he’s the one now calling the shots behind the scenes, and he obviously has a plan and direction.

Getting rid of Wilson and Bates is down to him, we can’t say much till we see what he’s delivering to replace them come the summer. In my opinion and mine alone the club will also get rid of Miller & Wallace, so that’s five gone with Niko and there will be plenty more to follow. Before you all start jumping down my throat, I don’t know where all the replacements are coming from, you will need to ask Mr Allen as that’s his remit.

Mr King:

For Mr Allen to deliver, our chairman needs to invest. Everyone thinks he’s skint, I know different ‘he’s a rogue of Arthur Daley proportions, time to get long arms and short pockets Del Boy’.

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Ok it’s his net worth, But if he can write a cheque for £50M for the South African tax man he’s anything but skint. Offshore family trust funds my backside!!!

Sick to the back teeth of all the negativity surrounding the club; give Allen a bloody chance that’s all I ask!!


  1. Agree. Next manager and transfer window is the most importan. To still be in 2nd place after the turmoil we've had is an achievement, whether we finish there who knows? But one positive from this season which isn't mentioned enough is that we're still the top scorers in the league. The team lacks balance, leadership and a strong defence. If this gets fixed and we get a decent gaffer, who knows what can happen next season. Unless celtic start spending £10m on players they're not going to get much better. In my opinion there's an upper limit of how good you can get in scottish footbal, and they are pretty much at it

    • I'd agree with that. The beggars were their for the taking this season and if we just had a good manager, who would have picked better players, we would have been there or there abouts for the league this season.

  2. Well said, fans have short memories Mr King has put money in like others, the club were rock bottom being ripped off by the previous key holders. Sure there has been mistakes on the football side, we will come good.

    • What money???

      Where is the money HE said HE was going to put in???

      LOANS are NOT investment. Even most of the LOANS have NOT came from him.

      Open your eyes… He has turned our great club into a shambles and a laughing stock.

      I hate to point out the obvious…… Its a FOOTBALL CLUB he is running…. SO making mistakes "on the football side of things" is just a tad bad.

      HE is the head, HE was behind the BIGGEST mistakes made….

      The shambles that was Warburton

      The shambles that was Pedro (Hell he wasnt even interviewed properly – tad basic me suggests)

      We call for the head of Murty, a guy who stepped up to the plate and has done is level best TWICE for us, but a guy who was not ready for such a job (BIG RESPECT!!!) Yet, King put us in that situation. King is ultimately responsible. The buck stops with him.

      Even the others on the board have little faith in him – FACT!!!!

    • Did you read Robbie’s article properly Graham? If you did then you’d have noticed the part of King giving Warburton an improved contract through gritted teeth – it was the support that wanted that not King fact. He did it to keep the support onside look how that turned out eh..

      . Ohh and the Shirt Deal that fucker Green signed us up to with Sports Direct – King got that shit sorted with the rest of the Board in Rangers favour..

      Further more Robbie’s main point was rather than come on here and just swear & shout about King – then enlighten us all with who and why your correct person for the Club should be!?

      Answer in your own good time….

    • IF you actually noticed, my reply was UNDER that of the statement made by William.

      Who said he gave it through gritted teeth??? Were you there? You KNOW that King didnt want to give Warburton an improved contract?? This all sound like the usual diatribe of excuses for King.

      But lets take your comments as if they were 100% factual… That being the case, are you saying then that it is okay for King to do things at the behest of fans just to keep them happy and perhaps against the best for the club. Is that what you are suggesting??

      We arent talking about Green here, that is an entirely different argument. Yeah they "sorted it out" and at what cost, and how embarrassingly??? The ends do not justify the means. Oh, and if you are suggesting that the rest of the board were fully behind King and they way he did things, you are mistaken, and I know that to be a fact!!!

      Again, as I said earlier, my answer was in fact to William… Am really sorry that the picture your trying to paint of what I said and to what is, like Kings "management" of our club, flawed.

      But, I am neither shouting or swearing. The fact are whether you want to believe it or not, are he is a "glib and shameless LIAR", including during his tenor at Rangers, he has mismanaged the club, stumbling from one disaster to another. I could go on, but hey if you believe that King is the type of person to lead our great club then you wire in.

      I have said it repeatedly, I want a man/company, who have the experience, know how and money to take over Rangers. He/she/they must also lead Rangers in the manner we expect. Forget all the nonsense about THAT person/entity being a Rangers man.

      Oh and just for total transparency…. I have a 6 figure investement in our club, have been a season ticket holder for over 40 years and have followed Rangers home and abroad. I am a proud Rangers supporter and will support them till the day I die. But right now, I am ashamed and disappointed by the type of person we have running our club and fear for it BECAUSE of how and where King is taking us. So there you have it, answered in my own good time!!!

      I notice quite a large number of people who defend King, tend to always defend him by asking questions of the person going against him. Tell me what has King done for Rangers (Factual and provable)? In any other business the head is always held ultimately responsible for mismanagement and errors. Why should King be treated any differently.

  3. Robbie you just hit a hatrick mate! Another good article and once again pointing out what’s going on. Going back to your earlier piece this morning look at the Hibs performance the day well and truly turned them over..

    I can’t abide Lennon the ginger prick but I respect what he’s done as a Manager. He will not tolerate shite or trouble makers just ask Stokes. McGinn should be a priority signing for us regardless his families ties to Celtic or cost.

    Be interesting to see what MA has up his sleeve for the Summer that’s for sure. Can’t understand why some supporters are negative towards him..

  4. Wake up and smell the coffee….

    Sorry I do NOT want a liar, fraudster and spiv in charge of Glasgow Rangers. End of. I do not care how much money he has. The 3 things above are disqualification ALONE, never mind the shambolic way he has run our club.

    Get him to sell up and GTF.

    Bring in someone, with the money, the experience and the know how of how to run our club in the way our club demands.

    • Totally agree with everything you've said today graham and that mark Allen is the only positive we have at the club right now,but for how long as I feel that this guy won't want to hang around much longer with everything that's going on at our great club and with the rest of world football watching over us and being a laughing stock I certainly wouldn't want my reputation being tarnished and unless things change sooner rather than later, then I believe this guy will move on…watp Helicopter 2005

    • Dave….. THAT is my fear regarding Mark Allen too, mate. If I were him I would be thinking about my reputation. I also might be feeling that I am wasting my time too.

  5. Getting the roofs fixed as according to Mr King has cost a very big part of the £30 million that his board have raised from the investment he initially promised. This was because Rangers needed a stadium to fit to showcase the club during the high end games we are supposed to be playing. Is there anyway we can get a look at the receipts for the repairs made to the clubs facilities during his leadership. Or is that too transparent?

  6. Not as simple as sacking the board and hiring a new one. Before you can do that you need a person or group to come to the club with a plan and investment. I am not aware of a queue of people willing or capable so we are stuck. Careful what you wish for, could get another Green or Whyte…

    £15m has been given in transfer fees over last 18 months, so money has been available. It's exactly the same amount of money Celtic spent on fees for the players who played in last OF game. If we had a manager who knew what he was doing we'd have spent it wisely and won the league this year…

    • Yeah but the point is WHO's money?

      Your second point is spot on and shows just how bloody stupid and how little of a clue King has. Brilliant move… Let's use 15 million to spend on players when we dont have a good, steady manager who has a clear direction and idea on what we are trying to achieve in the long run. Lets spend that money whilst employing someone who we never actually interviewed properly and then an interim manager, cause we arent good enough to go out and get a manager fit for purpose.

    • Unfortunately Billy, though I wish to see the same, Karma does sometimes never seem to catch up with those who deserve it the most….Unfortunately!! We can but live in hope, that what goes around comes around.

  7. What the fuck are club 1872 doing against this board,second biggest shareholder and they Don't even have a seat on the board,why the fuck not ?????? No Surrender….

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