Sunday, 29 April 2018

Rangers Ultras storm POTY awards in protest

To add insult to Rangers’ many injuries, the club’s Ultras the Union Bears stormed the ill-planned club Player of the Year Awards tonight.

After receiving hefty criticism for going ahead with the ceremony, it had been hoped the night would pass without much incident or embarrassment, following the day’s horror show at Parkhead.

Alas, it was not to be, and the club’s more ‘extreme’ fans (without whom Ibrox would be a complete morgue at times, it has to be said) decided to make their displeasure heard, as you can see:

It has been reported they threw flashbangs in, which, if true, is hardly behaviour we can condone and we naturally hope no one was injured in the chaos, but it is a grim slide back to the days of 2014 and protests against the board.

As yet the suits have been able to avoid too much hostility, but if they don’t get the Steven Gerrard appointment over the line over the coming days, it may well get aimed in their direction.

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