Friday, 20 April 2018

Rangers star officially denies bust up

Greg Docherty has formally diffused any ‘rift’ with Alfredo Morelos and denied there was a tunnel bust up, according to manager Graeme Murty.

The 21-year old was seen in a colourful disagreement with his Colombian team mate, and the two had to be separated by defender Bruno Alves; claims were then made that the pair had to be separated again by the same man in the tunnel as they allegedly came to blows, but the ex-Hamilton man has denied this entirely and said it’s a pile of fiction.

He said the young midfielder told him:

“It was nothing. There’s nothing there. It’s people making more trouble for us than there needs to be.”

Given the fact a number of red tops use Rangers for sales, this isn’t hard to believe – no one from the club has confirmed anything happened in the tunnel, and despite Sky Sources claiming there was a fight in the tunnel, their later information then said there wasn’t.

Frankly, we have respect for Docherty and if he says there was nothing else in the tunnel, we are happy to take him at his word.


  1. Nicely done son, takes a 21 yr old to make the mature comment

    Future captain

  2. Bottom line and EVEN Sky admitted this, there are cameras in the tunnel and NOTHING went on: end off!

  3. Can we get Arsene Wenger for a couple of years to stop the molesters getting 10.Just a thought.

  4. Class Act by Docherty!
    Hope He Stays at Rangers til he Retires

  5. The promise shown by young Greg Docherty is a rare bright spot in a very dark period.


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