Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Rangers let slip their new kit partner; reports

Unconfirmed reports have suggested that Danish sports manufacturer Hummel are to be Rangers’ new kit manufacturers after eagle-eyed fans spotted the German-founded company following Rangers on social media.

With the club alleged to be announcing a new kit deal over the next few weeks, speculation has been rife with regards Puma or alternatives, but it seems little-known Danes Hummel got the gig and will be the club’s official supplier.

Of course, the social media interaction could be pure coincidence or for another purpose – after all, the world got very excited when Argentina’s Lionel Messi followed Chelsea on Instagram; not a lot came of that!

Nevertheless, this could mark a change of direction for the club, and perhaps not an entirely welcome one given Puma were already hardly a marquee supplier and we doubt many fans have heard of Hummel at all.

We will see in due course if this story grows legs.

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