Rangers legend makes extraordinary claim about incoming summer signing


Former Rangers captain Barry Ferguson has made a spectacular claim about imminent new signing Allan McGregor, who only requires to agree and sign a deal in order to clinch the move back north from Hull City.

The former Scotland international has said Nigel Adkins’ outgoing number one is better than Rangers legends Andy Goram and Stefan Klos not to mention a number of world class goalkeepers the recent Clyde coach has played alongside in his career.

He said:

“He’s probably the best keeper I’ve played with, and I’ve played with some top ones like The Goalie [Andy Goram], Stefan Klos, Joe Hart, Ben Foster, Brad Friedel, and for me he is up there with the best.”

It’s about as high a compliment as McGregor could get, even if few would exactly agree with the sentiments, but there is no doubt McGregor would instantly be the best goalkeeper in the SPL again should he complete the move back from the Tigers.

The KCOM would certainly be losing a fine number one, but his contract expires in just over a month anyway and McGregor wishes to return to his family now.

Whether too many would concur with Ferguson’s lofty praise for Adkins’ number one is another matter, but he’s definitely a hell of an upgrade to Wes Foderingham.


  1. What’s not to agree with. He is one of the best keepers rangers ever had… def the best of his generation. His saves have always been great. We’ve never had a keeper command his box like him since he left, he was good with his feet. And the amount of games he won with his penalty saves was outstanding

  2. Lets see if he signs and see what your reaction is when he drops his first clanger – which he will, because all keepers do. Fod must have been the busiest keeper in the top 6 over the past two seasons, kept us in countless games and improved his game tremendously since Warburton signed him. "Hell of an upgrade"? Do me a favour…….

  3. Great move and with gerrad as gaffer others players will be more likely to say yes too🇬🇧👍watp

  4. Of course Ferguson is going to endorse his mate to get the job, the two of them are very close. Remember the bevvygate when both of them gave the V signs when they were side lined when playing for their country? So any endorsement by Barry Ferguson, I take with a grain of salt, he goes to the media with any juicy Ibrox gossip and information ffs(rat)
    McGregor is very slow getting down to his post, he is gash at cross balls and is an embarrassment to the club.
    All this birthday card pish that he knows what Rangers are all about?, Does he? Money is his priority as far as I can remember, nice wee retirement cheque and we suffer his poor goal keeping for 2 seasons,,waste of money!! I'd rather keep Fodders and invest in much needed centre halves.
    As for the Steve Gerrad gaff. I remember when Liverpool legends John Barns and Kenny Dalglish went to manage shellic. Remember the headline "Supercallywentballisticcelticareattrocious"
    That's what "Legend" Gerrard will bring!!!

  5. Glad to See McGregor Return Home!
    McGregor is a Class Goalkeeper
    Definitely up there with Klos&Goram


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