Rangers’ dramatic loss of form – is this the REAL reason?


Going back to early March, Rangers appeared to have a real shot at beating Celtic. Indeed, even the media was genuinely excited about Rangers’ form and the upcoming Old Firm at Ibrox, and cited a very genuine possibility of Rangers finally taking three points from their bitter rivals for the first time since 2012.

As we know, it didn’t pan out like that, even if the team fought better on the day than expected.

However, one thing stands out about early February through early March which may have been a precursor to the utterly dreadful form which followed:

The flurry of contracts.

Over a few weeks Josh Windass, Alfredo Morelos, James Tavernier and Daniel Candeias all signed new longer (higher paid) contracts, and is there any coincidence every single one of them has been absolutely diabolical ever since?

Of course, you could argue the whole squad has struggled recently, and that is true, but there is something rather nauseating about the great form all of them showed earlier this year, to then be rewarded with higher salaries and longer deals before borderline downing tools and selling the shirts.

Is this an attack on their professionalism? Absolutely.

We demand the highest standards at Rangers, and a huge number of the players (as well as management) are evidently letting the club down following a wage rise.

It is an extremely sad state of affairs to watch Rangers’ supposed best players fail to deliver after only recently getting an extension.

It cannot be a coincidence?


  1. Something has happened with the players and murty after that defeat because the form before that game was good and we should of won that game. I think having a proper manager would solve half the problem and by getting rid of players like halliday Holt martin herrera hodson o'halloran dodoo and replacing them with atleast 10 quality players would also help

    • The run of six results was our high point of the last 3 seasons bt look at the bigger picture .
      Our players are of limited quality all of them
      Now these players can be well coached and filled with confidence and they will slightly improve
      Flip side is these type of players can't handle a loss it dents their fragile egos and they revert to type and the improvement and confidence goes out the window

  2. I don’t think them signing new deals has anything to do with it. Surely signing new deals show they want to be here for the long haul.
    I think the big problem is they have no idea what’s going on with the club! The club need to come out and just say once and for all who will be the new manager!! As for Murty well he should be asked if he would like to go to his old job, he’s been there twice to pick up the pieces, so he’s helped the club out. He’s a good manager for the future but it’s just not the right time for him.

  3. Could it be that the players, by becoming friendly with Murty has lost all respect for him, club and fans. A case of too many chiefs etc. (Miller for eg.) For any club or business stability is required and as for the past few years Rangers have not had that. The merry go round of management and players need to stop or we will be in for many more years of this farce.

  4. The reason is an incompetent clueless naive manager that doesn't learn from his past mistakes, can't control motivate or get the best out of an average squad. Docherty, Tav, Goss, Morelos.. everyone, he's making them worse than they are! If a player is fit enough to be on the bench he's fit enough to play so Rossiter should have started. We know they can over run our midfield so we should have a packed it out. I know Im like a broken record but Dorrans isn't a defensive mid, mcrorie isn't a CB, windass isn't anything! Announce a new manager that has half a clue!

    • So so true Stevie. How anyone can defend Murty, or even suggest that he could be a manager in the future, is beyond my comprehension.

  5. You see great players look after them self and keep there form to very high standards,young players lose form throughout the season some good players do lose form like the younger players,but some players are just a hit or a miss and nothing the manager does can keep them at high standards,at some smaller clubs those players can hide on the pitch and go through a season looking like a good player,the managers job is to weed those out of a big club like ours and that is some thing we have got plenty of players below a standard a big club needs.that needs sorted and fast.

  6. Something must have happened,i dont know what,because murty was winning games he even broke the cant win 3 games in a row hodoo,he even got us within 6 points of lynx mob then the arse fell out it,so wtf went on is the question,was it miller the sweetywife causing bother undermining murty,or was it king hinting that murty was out at the end of the season regardless so he gave up,king was an arse for doing that btw fanny god knows watp

  7. This is what happens when you throw your manager under a bus not once but TWICE just before hugely important games against our biggest rivals. How do we expect our players to respect our manager when he's been hung out to dry by our incompetent board? Rangers always used to try to conduct ourselves with the utmost class. Refusing to speak to the media afterwards suggests an infantile mentality that is way beneath us. We deserve better! A better board and better PR!

  8. Look at the teams we beat to get to 6 in a row. After getting well beaten by Hibs we beat Thistle, Ayr, Hamilton, Hearts, StJohnstone and Falkirk. With all due respect these teams are poor. 2 from lower leagues and only Hearts just scraping into the top 6. When your on a winning streak any manager can motivate a team, it's when things don't go so well that a good manager can turn things round quickly and get back to winning ways. Murty is not to blame as he should never have been in that position but he doesn't have the knowledge, experience or the standing to pull it off. Once the bubble was burst Murty was not capable of fixing it and he should never have been expected to.
    Unfortunately that situation hasn't changed and without a bit of a miracle we'll be luck to end up third.

  9. It is murtys fault. He wanted the job, he still wants the job. He was backed in the transfer market, the players brought in were decent. He can't manage them, he's watched that mob over run us everytime we played them yet he still refuses to change his formation, tactics or stupid decisions to play players out of position. He needs to go now and he can take his pal Windass with him!

  10. I don’t agree with the suggestion that a pay rise brought about a loss of form. Windass, Morelos and Tavernier have flattered to deceive and the latter should be sold to the first, never mind the highest, bidder. He was a disgrace to a Rangers jersey. He isn’t fit to play for us never mind captain the team.
    The suspensions of Miller and Wallace rightly or wrongly has knocked the stuffing out of this inexperienced lot.
    Murty has most certainly been thrown under a bus and now any slim ability he had as a coach has been shredded! Our board are 100% culprits.
    The eleven we had out yesterday were I’ll prepared and incapable of matching up to them. The only one who did his job, apart from a few dodgy kick-outs was Jak Alnwick. When you look at our bench who would have honestly made a difference? MOH, Hodson, Goss, Rossiter?
    Our focus must now be about getting our house in order. Manager, players, board and a clear 5 year plan. Forget them and their 8, 9, 10, 11 in a row. All they’ll do is qualify for CL, get humped and then fritter the revenue. Onward and Upward!

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