Monday, 30 April 2018

Rangers' dramatic loss of form - is this the REAL reason?

Going back to early March, Rangers appeared to have a real shot at beating Celtic. Indeed, even the media was genuinely excited about Rangers’ form and the upcoming Old Firm at Ibrox, and cited a very genuine possibility of Rangers finally taking three points from their bitter rivals for the first time since 2012.

As we know, it didn’t pan out like that, even if the team fought better on the day than expected.

However, one thing stands out about early February through early March which may have been a precursor to the utterly dreadful form which followed:

The flurry of contracts.

Over a few weeks Josh Windass, Alfredo Morelos, James Tavernier and Daniel Candeias all signed new longer (higher paid) contracts, and is there any coincidence every single one of them has been absolutely diabolical ever since?

Of course, you could argue the whole squad has struggled recently, and that is true, but there is something rather nauseating about the great form all of them showed earlier this year, to then be rewarded with higher salaries and longer deals before borderline downing tools and selling the shirts.

Is this an attack on their professionalism? Absolutely.

We demand the highest standards at Rangers, and a huge number of the players (as well as management) are evidently letting the club down following a wage rise.

It is an extremely sad state of affairs to watch Rangers’ supposed best players fail to deliver after only recently getting an extension.

It cannot be a coincidence?

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