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 Article by: Richard

The present situation at Rangers continues to be in chaos after the disastrously poor performance against our bitter rivals from across Glasgow’s east end, during the 4-0 trouncing in the Scottish Cup semi-final at Hamden Park last Sunday. Celtic turned up – we didn’t!

Ex Rangers captains and other ex-team mates have been quick to side with Kenny Miller and present club captain, Lee Wallace who believe that our club may well have been in the wrong with their decision to suspend the pair.

The Board controversially decided to suspend them pending an investigation into events after they were allegedly guilty of saying too much against Graeme Murty, who did manage to get every decision against Celtic – WRONG!

Even the fans knew that Murty had picked the wrong team along with his naïve tactics.

The players’ union must step in immediately to sort this extremely sad situation out and not let the Rangers board be allowed to drag this sorry event on for too much longer.

Ask Richard Gough, Terry Butcher, Barry Ferguson, Derek Johnstone, Lee McCulloch and many more ex-skippers, what happens when it comes to very heated exchanges and different player reactions after an embarrassing heavy Old Firm defeat.

It certainly didn’t always lead to suspensions, but with this current board, the system seems to have changed.

My personal opinion is it would have been better if they could have shut up and swallowed their words, but when you are a true blue and care so much – you just can’t stand by and say nothing.

Both of them obviously knew the performance and lack of fight was totally unacceptable to anybody at Rangers and they were simply giving their personal views and just wanted the best for the club.

If the players’ union find that they have been punished and suspended for doing no more than give their honest opinions and observations, then the board should be ashamed of themselves.

They should already be ashamed of themselves for gambling with all the Rangers season ticket money by hiring the inexperienced Mark Warburton, Pedro Caixinha and Graeme Murty.

Meanwhile Kenny will be a free agent in a few weeks, and he will have Aberdeen, Hibernian, Motherwell, Hearts and Kilmarnock all vying for his services while Lee Wallace may opt to try his luck in England should a bid arrive and the situation doesn’t change at Ibrox.

However, there may well be a case for a union to step in and sort this out. We really would rather not see such an ignominious end for both players.


  1. Hard to give an opinion to be honest, when I don't know the facts.

    But I will be a Rangers fan and the club will still be there, long after their careers have ended. If they are innocent, get it sorted. If they are guilty, tell us what of.

    While the club is making statements, I would like to know if we really offered David Bates an extra £250 per week pay rise. And from what to what? An extra few thousand for dominating Dembele in an OF game? Really? When no other Rangers defender seems to be able to play him, including McCrorie? Statement please, board

    • I wasn’t impressd either when I read that about Bates and the so called £250 a week extra. Hopefully Robbie can get some intel on that one as to the truth of it..
      That said it would’ve made no difference last wk as Bates still out injured..

      If I was Bates I’d be pissed too when he saw other players getting tied up with improved contracts and he was getting dingied..They’re chasing two other CB’s think they need more than that now in all truth. Can’t see Alves staying around and don’t blame him either from one clusterfuck to another at Rangers..

    • Billy.
      I think it's as simple as this Wilson & Bates were not part of Allens plans so got rid, they won't be the only 2 on that bus.
      Allen did ok in the last window, in the summer there will be 10 times as many players avalibile and he must have his own players and direction of thought.
      We can't really slate him or give it high 5 till we see what his direction is.
      Waiting game I'm afraid Billy he keeps his cards close to his chest does Mark.
      As a DOF should.

  2. If there is any truth in what we are hearing in that the other players who were in the dressing are baffled by the decision to suspend the players is true then surely the union rep will ask for them to be witnesses in any disciplinary hearing and if it turns out to be factual what happens with the dream team Murty Robertson etc will they be suspended or disciplined for being incompetent and rash for their actions and decisions Like many other fans I have bought shares and season tickets for many many years but until I can see progress and stability I will not be renewing my season ticket they have taken me and all the other fans loyalty for granted to far this time even though it means having to go to Silverburn Braehead etc with the wife on a Saturday and that is a really serious decision

  3. Im not that bothered about Miller but I would hate it to be the end of
    Lee Wallace's Rangers Career

    …Literally Wallace is one of my favourite Gers Players from the past 10yrs…He has given up so much for us…And He Stayed! 👍⚽💙

    Id like to see them both reinstated with Murty Sacked and Kenny given a Coaching Role 🤔

    • I admire your feeling regarding Lee Wallace, however – Kenny Miller has serious issues with his overall attitude here and historically, so I can not endorse your wanting to keep him in a coaching role. Can you imagine him passing on his memoirs regarding run ins with managers to youngsters ?

    • Yeah thats true
      With Kenny I was more thinking of the ability & longevity 😎👍⚽

      I agree with you though his attitude is Out of Order 😐💙

  4. I have to applaud the board and Murty for deflecting the heat of the shambles our club and team are in the wake of the old firm, by ensuring Miller and Wallace make the news as opposed to highlighting their own incompetencies, well done sirs!!!

    • Jimbo UR alive!!
      Thought U had emigrated??
      U don't think we're on a crest of a wave then No!??

    • I am Robbie, I'm utterly speechless and still recovering from Sundays farce of a Rangers performance. Murty will be a hero within his own family household though, his father must be very proud of him!
      Murty should have been sacked immediately after the game had finished and put Jimmy in charge for the rest of the season.
      As for the Miller and Wallace gate, thats a big smoke screen to hide the Boards and Murtys face in the media!
      The beggars would be happy to get beat by Hibs, just so they can win the league against us!, very sad and doleful times still ahead Robbie.
      I cannot foresee us improving anytime soon. We are a laughing stock within our own league and indeed the world!!

    • Agreed fibs at 9/2 a great bet.
      Can only hope things change for the better in the summer.
      Massive change of direction required in the summer.
      This is defo the last chance saloon!!

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