Odds slashed on former Rangers star as new manager


Frank de Boer has seen his odds on becoming the next Rangers manager slashed to a very impressive 13/8, with reports continuing to link him with the position this summer.

Whatever happens, there will definitely be a vacancy come June, with Graeme Murty’s deal running out at that point, and Rangers’ board is under pressure to get the right man at the helm, be it their decision that’s Murty or anyone else.

De Boer had a superb spell at Ajax, winning multiple league titles, but struggled with the expectations at Inter then equally struggled with the relegation battle at Palace, but many would be happy with him at Ibrox given his knowledge of Scottish football and of Rangers.

For his part he’s interested, and is on record as saying so, and now that he’s close to 2-1 it seems many fans and punters have high hopes that he is the man to take Rangers into the new season.

We shall wait and see.


  1. He’s prob my fav for the job right now with a good football brain. Some won’t like it but I’d like Barry or McCulloch in the coaching staff to kick some of the players back sides. A strong ex captain that would hold no barrows is what some of our players need

    • I’d rather have John Brown for the arse kicking position Stuart mate! If FDB is picked as Manager I’d back him all the same just not personal choice….

  2. Ostersund manager graham potter is the new 2/1 favourite for the rangers manager's job,with bookie betvictor!His assistant is billy reid who was the ex hamilton accies manager for around 7 years!They have done a superb job in sweden!

    • Deboer13/8 anybody that has the rangers knowledge is welcome manky mob got beat 2.1 by the Easter road mob NSW

  3. Hire Frank, and you might as well hand the beggars number 8!! He is another who's management will not be suited to our game. If we have that kind of money for a manager, then Jurgen Klinnsman is my vote, always has been. German never say die attitude, was a world class player, great tactical ability which took America to dizzy heights. He's available! Frank?, not a chance!

  4. What the hell has De Boer DONE as a manager???? Feck all.

    Here we go again…. "Ah he is a Rangers man!!!!"

    Bollocks he is… He played for Rangers, he might even think highly of Rangers, but he aint no "Rangers man". In any case, we do NOT need a "Rangers man" as manager. We NEED a person who is a very good manager, with the correct qualifications, experience etc etc.

    Its so called "Rangers men" who have helped put us in the position we are. Its a so-called "Rangers man", who is a fraudster, liar and a spic who currently sits at the top of the tree.

    Give us people who are suitably qualified, and able to conduct themselves in a way our great club expects them to conduct themselves.

    • Eh? He won 4 titles with Ajax. Build a pretty decent team. I'm sure ajax had a been on a poor run for the few years before hw became manager

    • Completely agree with you graham ….DeBoer is not a Rangers man ,he may have played for Rangers along with thousands more .He played one season for us appearing 15 times scoring 2 goals in the twilight of his career.What is with the mentality of "the Rangers man"syndrome.I don't rate him as a great manager either.He had a good spell managing Ajax in fairness but the Dutch league is similar to ours ,its monopolised by a couple of big clubs then fades away ..Inter were dismal under him dropping to 12th . He was even worse at palace losing the first 4 games without scoring.Maybe a bit of research is needed before appointing our next manager instead of using their loyalty to Rangers .We need a manager who has no connections to Rangers what so ever ,but a good with a good track record

  5. I’m sorry his last two jobs don’t fill me with confidence and he’d want major finance to overhaul the Team. Another rebuild and more risk. Alex Neil or Stephen Robinson for me to get the best out of players and build on that..

  6. NO – FDB, A.Neil, S.Clarke, G.Hoddle, R.Neilson, G.Potter, S.McLaren
    W.Smith – No, Leave him Be!
    G.Murty, A.Pardew, B.Davies, D.McInnes, B.Ferguson, D.Adams, M.Hughes, M.McCarthy, R.Martinez, J.Staam, P.Lambert, M.PreudHomme, P.Kluivert, S.McCall, M.Arteta, P.Viera,

    Maybe – N.Wanock, GVB, J.Ross, M.O'Neil, A.McLeish, S.Billic, M.Silva, S.Dyche, A.Wenger

    YES – ???

  7. No thanks Frank. No chance Alex Francis Neil or Robinson. This is Glasgow Rangers, we cannot get this one wrong or its dire, we need the best we can get regardless, even if it costs £3M per year. Success and experience of the top level must be the minimum requirements. Gers man doesn’t even come into it and counts for nowt.

  8. We have no chance of stopping ten in a row with a tippy tappy manager like Frank de Boer. There is only one way to beat a tippy tappy side with a superior budget for players and that is to play pragmatic, direct football. Warnock, Allardyce or Pulis are the type of manager we need to be competitive. When Advocaat had us dominating Scottish football playing tippy tappy football, O Neill adopted direct tactics and started to beat us with an inferior budget. We could do the same to them by adopting similar tactics!

  9. Steve Clark is the man for me. He has been schooled at Newcastle, West Ham, Liverpool, Chelsea to name but 4. He’s getting a tune out of Killie and he knows how to set teams out, tactically and mentality to win big games in this country against teams he knows.

    • Look at his record in England when he had to stand on his own 2 feet. Less than 40% win rate at both clubs.
      He has done a good job at Kilmarnock but his record is only 55%. Murty's is actually higher than that and remember it's not his squad

  10. This is becoming a joke. Why continue with speculation. Murty for me but he needs to become ruthless with the players. Tell them to shape up or ship out. For today's game I would play
    Hodson Cardoso Alves John
    Candieas Holt Dorrans (Goss) Murphy

    Dorrans (Goss)

  11. Not for me, since Ajax he's done nothing. Also, we do not have the calibre of player needed to play the way he'll want to play.

  12. We do not need a manager from our own League unless he is winning it,look we are second so why do we want a manager that is behind us 3/4/5/6 none of them are better than Murty our own League shows us that,we need a big name so the players know we mean to stop 10 and any one that is not up for it will be shown the door.

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