“No deal agreed” – Hull claim McGregor may stay


Hull City’s assistant coach Andy Crosby has created confusion over the breaking news yesterday that goalkeeper Allan McGregor has either agreed any terms for a move to Ibrox or undergone a medical.

Crosby claimed the Scotland international was at training yesterday contrary to tabloid reports he was north of the border undergoing a medical, but did admit he has offers on the table including one from City themselves.

Presumably one of those other offers is from Rangers.

He said:

“Contrary to reports Allan McGregor wasn’t at Rangers yesterday and wasn’t having a medical and hasn’t agreed terms with Rangers. Allan was in Hull yesterday.”

The reports have centred on the 36-year old’s desire to return to his family in Scotland, and no amount of a lucrative offer from down south can change that if it is the case, but one thing is clear by Crosby’s account:

Allan McGregor has not agreed anything with Rangers nor has a medical taken place.


  1. It’s all a smokescreen there will be no Shagger or Gerrard it’s a ploy to get record ST sales again. Also Rangers want the supporters onboard for the Parkhead encounter hoping that it will inspire the players the make the unachievable so far happen a victory over Celtic.

    I’ve also been told by a very reliable source that Robbie Neilson is being shown behind the scenes at Ibrox..

    • I was waiting for somebody to 🎣 a bit better… Been some shite reported in both the usual suspect papers mate!

      I noticed in the vote in the Liverpool Echo for Liverpool supporters to be happy for Gerrard to join Rangers was 75%

      I got a gut feeling he’ll be confirmed before Sunday’s OF 👍😊

  2. Good he can stay where he is as he's not welcome among us. He's a rat and is 36! We are showing massive lack of ambition signing a 36 year old keeper!!

    • He never slated the Club not like some of them at the time! As for his age that’s out the window he could play until he’s 40 as most keepers do now.. Just look at Gordon at the other mob

    • I'm with you on this one Blue Blue. He is mince at cross balls and never comes off his line, a liability. Not any better than Fodders, and I don't even want him either!
      Mark Allan will need to do a bit of digging for a keeper and centre halves, thats got to be our priority, as well as getting rid of the dead wood!

    • Billy he walked away…do you walk away? No. Did I walk away? No! Rangers supporters didn't walk away…he's a RAT and past it.

      It shows a complete lack of ambition.That seems to be us now a days.

      10 in a row is on its way!

  3. Of course hes gonna say that if Hull City wanna keep him 😂👊

    Shagger is coming Home ⚽💙👍

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