Murty: “I got the team right against Celtic”


While admitting he ‘made mistakes’ on Sunday, Graeme Murty has also stood by his team selection for the match against Celtic and says they should have done better.

The Rangers manager has been under fire for some curious selection decisions recently, particularly picking Andy Halliday for the cup semi and keeping Graham Dorrans as defensive midfielder, but the 43-year old remains happy with his selection and reckons they essentially let him down.

He said:

“If I looked back on it, there are things I would do different. I feel I am learning in the most public environment. I will make mistakes.”

This we can respect, an admission from a manager, who has rarely conceded any responsibility to date for weak displays on the pitch, that he may have got things wrong on Sunday.

Unfortunately, when pressed on his formation and selection, he reverted back to type:

“I think there was potential for the team to do better than it did – I think there was potential for the guys on the pitch to do better than they did. They were fully aware of their positions and roles.”

In other words, after admitting the potential for mistakes on his part, he regressed again and effectively blamed the players for not following his instructions.

It is certainly true they were horrendous, no argument here, but Murty seems contradictory in wanting to take some responsibility for his own errors but then denying these ones in particular.

If he is to defy the odds and become a successful Rangers manager, he needs to hold his hands up more to specific errors rather than palming it off on the players every time.


  1. Starting to seriously dislike this guy… want him replaced now not at the end of the season. He’s going to destroy the squad before he goes

    • If Rangers finish in second place I think Murty will be manager next season.
      The board have went for all or nothin'.
      Let the games commence.

    • Stuart,its already destroyed but more importantly the Board have destroyed the club more due to employing..The Bread man, The Bullfighter, and now an under 20s coach to 1st team coach..Sounds more like a Pantomime than anything to do with Professional Football….The Laughing Stock of World Football,but hey it is a Pantomime after all….watp Helicopter 2005

    • In fairness to him, destroying the squad is a feature, not a bug. And I must say we may be better off sticking with Murty for exactly that reason. Too many players in the squad shouldn’t be wearing our uniform. Like, just sayin…

    • I don't think you can blame the breadman. He was told to put together a team to get out the championship, which he did with a team playing, good, attractive football. he then never got backed in the transfer window when we got promoted. that left us with a championship team to compete at the top end of the premiership. king with all his shite about over investing, what did we get? Older players here to pick up a final wage & loan players. We have fuck all players that anyone would want to buy for decent money. We have lost all our best young players in the past few years for well under the market value.
      I am not looking forward to next week

  2. Sounding more like the loaf man every week……same pish we always here "guys have trained well,rested well and look ready for the challenge"!!…… Fucking step aside ya clown !!!!

  3. I said it when he got put in charge and u can look back my posts and see it that this guy is out of his league,ok its not his fault its the people upstairs who are to blame,and now he has came out and says he picked the right team that got thrashed 4/0 and u know what else its not just upstairs that's to blame its also us because we have sat back and accepted it,kept filling the stadium the old watp shout and no surrender,do u people think that u know who from the east end would have accepted what we have been through no chance, they would not even have accepted going down to the lowest league never mind putting up with a trail of failed so called managers for the last six years or more, the sfa and the league and the polis and the media we just sit back and take it whether its true or false,its not no surrender now its just surrender.

    • Spot on,Time for them at the top to grow a pair of balls and start fighting back…watp Helicopter 2005

    • Are you for real, read the rules of Scottish football do you see a rule that allows a club to be put to the bottom tier, NO because it doesn't exist. Are you suggesting that Rangers and their Lawyers wouldn't have fought this all the way to the highest courts if it had been unfair? The Club/Company holding the licence was liquidated and had to re-apply for one. The SFA actually fast tracked Rangers by ignoring the need for three years auditable accounts.

  4. If thats him getting the team right how bad will it be when he gets it wrong about eight nil probably that statement just sums the guy up he cant see where the mistakes are in team selection and tactics and man management he has to go sooner than later we are fed up with the same crap that comes out of his mouth every week about great in training everyone is working hard and we are up for it

  5. So, is he saying that he told Dorrans to go out and play in behind Morelos, generate forward play and annoy Brown when they have the ball? And Dorrans ignored him?

    Or is he saying "I told an attacking midfield player who can't defend to sit in as a defensive midfield player" I can't imagine how that could have gone wrong.

    I have been writing on here for months defending Murty. Then he sells me down the river with inanity like this. WTF?

    • I stopped defending Murty after the Dundee game when he played Dorrans in the exact same position. I will not defend him anymore…

  6. It's wonderful, sitting on the sidelines and criticising Murty all the time. He is not, and has never claimed to be, a first team manager. He stepped into the breach when no one else would do the job.It is too much for him undoubtedly, but he is to be commended for giving it his best shot. In all honesty were never going to catch Celtic this season, but we are a hell of a lot closer than we were last season. If the board make a sensible decision for a change on a new manager for next year, and back him with the funds, then I do believe that next season we might be able to mount a more exciting challenge.
    Murty is doing his best. Get off his bloody back

    • Fair point. He didn't miss any tackles, fail to match runs, pick up players. I don't think he should have played Dorrans where he did, but the players were on the pitch.
      Did Halliday, who I like, really think he gave a brilliant 40 minutes?

    • Because Celtic have come back to the chasing pack not because Murty has improved anything. Look at the points total this season compared to last, not a great deal of difference is there? Still could finish 3rd or 4th so don't talk about improvement.

  7. And he's still our manager after saying he got the team selection and tactics right? And it was all down to the players not performing their roles as he had outlined? My God, do our Directors have not one brain between them? Sunday was ALL down to Murty. He chose the wrong personnel and idiotic tactics: using a formation he has never used before and one I personally believe he had no faith in. But because of the (justifiable) criticism that he doesn't have a plan B in his locker, he thought he would try something different. Something that was clear from the first minute his players had no faith in. Please stop this man uttering such nonsense. Put him out of his miseries and let him go. Please!

  8. Cant agree….with Murty…..right from start of game,we played shit…we have to be able to FIGHT the Scum,..we certainly dont have players who REALLY know how to bottle it..Murty has to take blame as major fool,his tactics were WRONG for the full ninety minutes…and he certainly doesnt know the RIGHT subs that should be able to alter the way a bad game is going…

  9. Its Plain and Simple what has to happen!

    1. King/Park/Robertson Get Lost!
    2. Murty…Fuck Off, No1 wants You

    3. Would you like a Job in Glasgow Arsene? 😂😂…Not Likely but Can Dream!

  10. If Murtry is second then he must have case of being manager next season he has put us second and some would say in a better place now than before he took over,the board did sack two who had it out with him for last sunday before that game was Murty the man for the job?look we must get better players in keep some of the good ones we got here now get rid of the dead wood and add three or four more good players but bring on our own young lads do not sell them.

  11. I wont be back until we sort what is wrong, which is Mr K, Murty is doing his best with the squad he inherited and the funds he was given. Unless King goes, we will get more of the same. If you think we are getting closer, I think you are missing something that with the present set up we cannot match, a plan, a plan that clearly continues to evolve and grow (not just their bank balances, not just the quality of youthful players or the quality of their board and manager) no I think it would be called respect and honesty which by Sunday we had lost the former, the latter went a few years ago, but still some talk about Helicopter Sunday in 2005, we are indeed the people eh!! J

  12. Murty should put his hands up and truth ly tell us he got it wrong tactility and by selection he has made several bad decisions since taking over we need investment murty has cooked his own goose the board have got to sort it out before we don't have a club to support if murray wants to invest let's take his money he owes us after the white debacle and let's get a manger has a winning mentality who can put a consistent winning team on the field and will challenge the green half of Glasgow and to all your true supporters let's make it happen we are fed up being the laughing stock of scotish football and the bias media and it pundits

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