Lies and counter-lies – what REALLY happened in the tunnel?


As we know, the fallout from Sunday’s Old Firm continues to rumble on, with reverberations being felt starkly among all of those of a Bluenose variety, but one of the biggest talking points was an alleged bust-up between Alfredo Morelos and Greg Docherty.

This set-to was the talk of the tabloids yesterday morning, with a red top claiming the altercation had spilled into the tunnel and Bruno Alves had to play peacemaker.

What we do know is this:

Docherty and Morelos had to be separated in the centre circle by Bruno Alves after clearly having a vocal disagreement on the pitch.

However, Rangers have denied formally that there was any further brawl in the tunnel in contradiction to both the early morning rags, and more interestingly, Sky Sources, who claimed a very interesting piece yesterday afternoon:

“Sky Sources: Rangers to take no further action against Alfredo Morelos and Greg Docherty after bust up in tunnel.”

Later on that day, Sky changed their story to claim that their sources now assert there was no bust up at all.

Who to believe? Sky Sources 1, Sky Sources 2 or the rags?

Whether or not a true fight in the tunnel did happen, at least four Rangers players were clearly involved in aggressive behaviour against either each other or Graeme Murty, and the whole experience was one of the most sour in many years.

Halliday’s tantrum in the dugout at Murty to Candeias’ angry vocals at the same man and electing to go straight up the tunnel, while Morelos and Docherty are at war with each other.

It isn’t good. It isn’t right.

And it isn’t the dignity Rangers should have.

It was an afternoon which sullied the Rangers name, and we sincerely hope it was a turning point.


  1. You can believe this we all can see it for our self we need change and fast first we need £30 million plus and then we get a top manager then some new players but we must ask the board to tell us the truth no more lies we need them to be open up and tell us the facts we can handle it.

    • John
      It would be nice to see £30 million slapped in the table, but it is not going to happen. Remember the board backed last manager with more than £10 million last summer.
      If someone wants to buy King out that will take the thick end of £30 million too. If there were people out there with £60 million they wanted to invest in Rangers they would have done it by now.
      We march on with what we have.

    • Mike Ashley. Maybe King needs to talk to him rather than get rid. Ashley is interested in seeing the Sports Direct brand all over Europe. It's not going to happen at Newcastle. Maybe go back cap in hand ??

  2. They had a argument at the end of the game but nothing happened in the tunnel as they never went up it at the same time, More Lies!!

    Pretty sure that is true about Miller & Wallace.
    Yesterday we heard someone had been sacked and all thought it was Murty, perhaps it was Miller!??
    It's all over Sky and other media that don't hate us!!

  3. Enough with the in fighting murty is not the manager for us and the board need to accept responsability for the dismal performance by the team the whole team deserved to be fined from the manager to the under performing squad we should just make a scape goat out of our elder statesman what was said between the to is probably as much as the fans want to say to murty I would also say it to the board king sort it out before we oust you and your pals enough is enough.

    • Are you talking about Miller here. If he has overstepped the line then he deserves what he gets. Maybe Caixinha was right last season when he did what he did with Miller. Also his wife comes out and gives it on why her husband wasn't playing, now is that the sign of a wife or just a …… as she has that reputation.
      Murty for me is a good guy, just needs the backing of our support who are fickle. If he beats Septic in their back yard he will be a hero. We will finish second so job done for this season. Our main contender is Hibs not the sheep

  4. "Celtic will have the chance now to build on last season's achievements by becoming the first Scottish team to win back-to-back trebles." where was the passion and professionalism too stop this? from the board down thatss where it needs too start. shockin season too much of feild sh*t, was clingin on too2nd not sure its eenough noo. BUT I WILL STILL SUPPORT OUR TEAM
    morelos too score nxt game defo

  5. I don't really have any issue with the players arguing about the game. I'd be more pissed off if I'd heard that they'd been for a round of golf after.

  6. When we thought the team on the park had sunk to the lowest depths we find that off the park we have plunged into the abyss.
    I remember Richard Gough stating after a dire performance, as captain was asked by the media why a few players had facial scapes and bruises, his reply was bluntly that a few of the guys in the dressing room had a disagreement after the match, but we are all focussed now in turning the club around. He also said it was due to players hurting.
    Players like Halliday, Docherty and Murphy will have felt this hurt on Sunday more than those players who didn’t grow up Rangers fans, however what has transpired in the past 48 hours, brought to light today in the suspension of Miller and Wallace, neither of whom was a Rangers fan prior to signing for us but, the were obviously hurting badly. In Miller we see his professionalism and passion, with Wallace his professionalism for sure but maybe not his passion for the club, yet he sacrificed potentially a huge salary move when we hit rock bottom, became our captain and never shirked his commitment to the club.
    I have never criticised Murty for his efforts, but is he hurting as much as the two players suspended? Is he hurting more than the lifelong Rangers fans who play for the club? Is he hurting more than the near 25,000 fans at Hampden? Is he hurting more than the millions of Rangers fans and followers throughout the world?
    The answer in a resounding NO!!
    This matter has to be resolved quickly by the board, by all means punish the players but do not expel them from the club.
    Murty got it badly wrong on Sunday, the players knew, the non-selected players knew, the board knew and everyone at the game knew, including our fans, their fans, pundits and millions watching it on tv knew. Murty blamed the players, so did I at the time, but before a ball was kicked I thought his team selection was very wrong.

    • Both these players are ramgers men. I think if they are sacked when Murty isn’t going to be around in a couple of months is wrong. Maybe it’s cause Murty is about to get the job long term

    • An awful lot of words. Look back to last season when Caixinha banished Miller. Now don't try and say there is not a common denominator here. Miller proved against Dundee that he is obviously not got it anymore, he missed 3 sitters and at times in the game it looked like we only had 10 men. Because of that young Docherty had his worst game for us because he was trying to cover his and Miller's position.
      Just think back to the Souness days, if Miller had tried what he has supposedly done Souness would have knocked him out. Just look at Robert Flecks demise at Rangers …..
      The bottom line here is respect the manager. Nobody apart from the squad knows what happens but I'm sure it will come out when Kenny shows his lack of professionalism as he did after Pedro was sacked.
      Good riddance to him!!

  7. Club 1872 , the so called voice of the fans , will you come out of Dave Kings back pocket and condemn this omnishambles that is Rangers .

  8. Kenny Miller has probably done what murty should have done after the game and read the fucking riot act after a performance like we had, he's shown more of a fight after the game than most of the player did during the game, absolute fucking shambles right now

    • I think Miller did do that. However I also think he read the riot act to Murty also. And that was 100% necessary. He knows more about Rangers, has more commitment to the cause. And perhaps most damning of all, he knows more about tactics than Murty EVER will!

  9. Question: All these so called true blue players venting their anger and fighting after the game. It would have been much better to see some fight on the pitch.
    I personally am fed up hearing about we should sign him or him because he is a fan. I want the club to sign anyone and everyone who will lift us ut of the mire and put us back where we belong

  10. our so called manager and the board have brought their demons home to roost the abysmal performance on Sunday was coming Murty is a poor manager he makes bad choices and not for the first time this season. We seem to have a team who would capitulate rather than play as a winning team .We have a manager who has lost the respect of the team . we also have a board who are willing to standby and watch players failing to give 100% in every game but yet they still expect their big wages . We need our so called board to act for the greater good of the team they maybe throwing kenny miller and lee wallace under the bus when the real culprits are standing on the touchlines and warming themselves in the stand . to move forward we need investment and right now we aint looking a good investment prospect we need a winning and pushing our oldest rivals for the premier league title we will be lucky not to get knocked out of the champion league at the qualifying stage providing we do qualify for it. We firstly must sort out what has gone wrong with the team your fans believe we have the wrong manager secondly we need investment and we need to cut out the deadwood such alves ,dalico pena,rossiter . but firstly bring walter back to help win the dressing room back and finish the season in second place . I would appreciate reading the views from other supporters on this matter.

    • We all agree that bringing back Walter until the end of the season to help secure second place, is what should happen. He won't, however, touch it with a barge pole!

    • Why should Walter come back. He has done more than enough for our CLUB. Get rid of the poison from the dressing room, Miller and Wallace, remember the Pedro escapade with Miller when Wallace was outspoken. Maybe if people like you actually backed the manager we would have something to start with. The days of the Gazza, Laudrups, Albertz et al have gone. The manager can only put on the park what we have as was proved in January, all loan signings. If you don't have any cash it's difficult to attract good loan signings also.
      We need our Directors to sort things out at board level, either get an INVESTOR/S OR SELL TO SOMEONE THAT WILL.

  11. Amidst all this abysmal turmoil going on just now, one thing is abundantly clear: Murty has lost the dressing room. I firmly believe that not one player has faith in him. Yet….And unbelievably, he is still the manager. That is complete disgrace.these players, who also have to look themselves in the mirror, will not burst a gut for him now. Yes, some of these need to be shipped out come the summer. But Murty MUST GO NOW!!!

    • Absolute garbage. Did Dorrans not come out and say that the manager had the full backing of the squad. As someone once said being Rangers manager you are only 90 mins away from a disaster or something along these lines. I think it was either Smith or McCoist

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