Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Just where do Rangers go now?

There is no denying that while our club hasn’t gone anything like as close to the pit of despair we teetered on in 2012, the past week or so has to have gone down as probably the worst modern period in the history of the club, as my colleague Robbie discusses.

In truth, it’s not absolutely miles off the dark days of 2014 and fan protests at the board –and right on cue silent protests are being planned by the UB. When that sentence was originally written last night, we assumed we had not quite descended yet to protest levels - well, bingo, following day, here we are!

The past week has been up there as close to as toxic a period as we can remember, and every day has seen something new dominate the back (and front) pages of the tabloids.

The bulk of this piece was written last night, and we were only too well aware something could have happened overnight to descend events into further misery and the Rangers support will wake up to some latest utter dread coming out of Ibrox, as evidenced by the second paragraph.

And we just have to wonder what is coming next – what direction is our club going in?

For a couple of months we flirted with being a Rangers the fans were starting to believe in, yours truly included, but that has unraveled more spectacularly than we can remember since 2012 and while the levels of grim have not gone as low as that was, this certainly comes close to the worst since.

We just don’t have any clear path forward right now, although we did propose that 10-part strategy to restore something like our old selves.

But with recent events, who knows what will happen?

We can’t even predict if Murty will be kept on or not as things stand – despite the mutiny against him and his completely losing the dressing room, in-fights and uproar among the squad, the board has backed him and suspended players.

That is a big statement. Maybe because we can’t actually afford anyone better, and Murty is as good as we can cough up for.

But either way, there is a long tunnel in front of us right now, and anyone who can see the light at the end of it is doing better than we are.
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