Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Jason Cummings and the media hogwash...

We know here at Ibrox Noise we can often be a little guilty of mild clickbait. That sometimes the headlines are designed to attract people to read – and we make no apology for that, because we strive to always substantiate the headlines with articles which justify them. All websites live on the traffic they generate – and more successful articles justify those topics. We’re no different.

But today a story about Jason Cummings has been doing the rounds, and most fans have not gone beyond reading the headline, and frankly the media groups doing it are shameful and are taking clickbait to a new level.

In short, the headline is that Cummings is headed back to Nottingham Forest this summer.

Where do we start with this?

First off, by default, he has to – Rangers are likely to sign him permanently, especially in the event of selling Morelos, but as of right now and until he signs a permanent deal, he has to go back to his parent club at the end of the season. And the permanent deal may require a little negotiation on both sides, so during that time, he will return to England. No story to see here.

But the more bewildering angle the tabloids are taking is the claim that because Graeme Murty’s own position is looking vulnerable, Cummings would be forced to return because the man who signed him may lose his job. Where do we start with this?!

Firstly, nothing is confirmed about Murty yet – it is likely he will either return to the Academy or move into a different job in management. But we don’t know that for sure. It is indeed possible he will stay.

But, and this is the crucial part – it is Murty who has systematically set about ignoring Cummings, and simply not using him. Two league starts and a few sub appearances since January is all Cummings has to show for his efforts. Murty doesn’t like the lad – so frankly Murty’s departure is likely to keep Cummings AT Ibrox rather than being the reason he too would head off.

We are astonished by this story which is contrived from absolutely nothing – zero, zip. A truly made up story which has no basis in fact.

It is true that Cummings may return to Forest – just like all the loanees could go back in the summer. But to make it a headline based on a statement about something else completely really is stunning.

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