“It’s Old Firm week Jim, but not as we know it”


We have to admit to something intriguing here at Ibrox Noise. Last time there was an Old Firm match (not exactly long ago), the press was filled with constant anti-Rangers jibes. From Dorin Goian slagging off drinking culture, to other ex-players having a pop, the press seemed to be filled with constant slurs on Rangers.

“Must be Old Firm week” we said. We all said.

And yet look at the build up to the most significant Old Firm match since 1999. The media has been absolutely jammed with good Rangers news, Steven Gerrard this, Allan McGregor that – there has barely been a bad word said about the club the past seven days.

The only negative Rangers stuff has been on Celtic-minded websites – well, all these sites ever do is talk about us!

Why is this? Why have the mainstream media gone from dishing the dirt to bigging up all the changes at Ibrox?

Even well-known anti-Rangers rags are doing nothing but positivity on Rangers, which is even more remarkable given what Celtic are 99% certain to achieve on Sunday (notwithstanding an unlikely win for Hearts).

There has been so little mention of the Old Firm and even Rangers’ chaos from the past two weeks has barely merited a line.

We welcome this. We welcome positive portrayals for once – papers bigging up things down Govan way and speaking highly of what is happening.

Perhaps the Steven Gerrard story has been the difference – with arguably the biggest British football legend over the past 20 years very likely to be the manager, the press are unable to slaughter Rangers, and instead his influence, reputation and legacy have forced our normally vicious press to behave themselves.

After all, our press would want to be very cosy with someone like Gerrard, much like they are with Rodgers in the East End.

And that can only work in Rangers’ favour.

Whatever the reason, the change in tone from the press has been as stark as it has inexplicable. We usually expect a tonne of negative slurs by Friday on Old Firm week, but there’s barely been a single one.

Maybe things are changing…

We’ll see.


  1. As i said before its all been overshadowed by the news that the big man is coming in🇬🇧
    Tims are in a stunned silence🤔they would have loved to have him😂
    What title all forgot about now😂,they know the end is near😥
    The Gazza days are back🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 lets all do the bouncy!😂😂😂🍺

  2. And the McGregor story in the Sun is apparently bollocks as well, as Allan was in Hull all day yesterday, when they alleged he was getting a medical at Ibrox.

  3. im not fooled by this, or any other bluenose, as for gerrard and clarke f**k that. Is this board at the f*****g wind up with all these celtc minded c***s. pedro's links then murty's family. Is it a ploy to fuck us up and hand them 3IAR? get a f******g grip GERS!

    • Well said Scooby. I think one of the tea ladies' uncles once went out for a drink with a woman who had shared a room with a girl whose half brother was once engaged to a girl who was seen at Parkhead twice. Twice! Effin' disgrace. I for one won't be going back till that tea lady is sacked and banned from Ibrox.

    • Get her out, she's aggies sister who hit souness wae a cup and serves green tea? oh the glesga banter!

  4. So the U20's coach didn't work…lets try an U18's coach…

    Who the hell is in charge of the mad house!!!

  5. Gerrard said last year he wasn't ready for a manager job at MK Dons a year OK and they are a league one club. He then joined Liverpool as a u18 coach.
    How does this make his qualified for a massive club like Rangers.

  6. Hey Murty is after the job he could still be manager next season and handed big money for his own players you need to listen to him.

  7. Hoping for a Result this Sunday
    And I hope whoever the new manager is that he can stop Celtic getting 10IAR

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